5 Best PBT Keycaps In 2022 | [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Longtime keyboard engagement tasks sometimes bothering due to the quality of the keyboard or comfort level of the keycaps. To bring comfortableness to your keyboard does not mean that you have to change your keyboard frequently.

Suppose your little modification on your keycaps can bring the same feeling as much as a brand-new one. Then why a devoted typist or an ardent keyboard chaser would compromise with their keycaps by not choosing the best PBT Keycaps.

There are numerous keycaps available on the market. But why we choose only the PBT keycaps? Because PBT keycaps are standout than its other ABS and POM counterparts. PBT ensures superior plastic qualities that make it more durable and able to retain glossy effects for a long time.

Therefore, we skimmed out some finest PBT keycaps after having meticulous research on leading products, so that you discover your intended one.

Best PBT Keycaps Reviews in 2022

In this segment, we are going to represent the specifications of these PBT keycaps in order to give you a better understanding so that you can find your desired one through the buying guide.

1. Razer Doubleshot PBT Keycaps

Key Features

  • Total of 120 keys
  • RGB Compatible
  • Premium Quality
  • High Resistance
Razer Doubleshot PBT Keycaps

PBT keycaps are perfectly designed for Mechanical and Optical keyboards. Razer keyboard comes with an outstanding Razer Green double short PBT keycaps with the standard 104/105 UK and US layouts. Besides, high-quality ingredients make it sturdier for long-surviving.

Razer ensures the smooth key pressing and prolonged lifespan by putting extra-thick walls. Along with this, its oil resistance creates maximum protection for caps as well as the board.

The combination of RBG backlit can pass through the lights from the inner surface of the board to the inner top of the caps. That’ how the backlit can illuminate each key and surrounded areas completely.

These packs are consisting of 120 pieces of keycaps and a stabilizer that would be well fitted for any key switch.

By considering its durability and performing capabilities, you would love it when the RGB backlit emits a combination of lights and make a magical flow of color throughout the keyboard surface, mostly in the dimmed environment. As a result, we can conclude that It would the best keycaps for gaming.

2. HyperX Double Shot PBT Keycaps

Key Features

  • Translucent RGB lighting
  • Sky-high Longevity
  • Superb! Compatibility
  • 2-years warranty

HyperX brought scintillating PBT keycaps for the avid gamer. These double shot PBT keycaps have designed for 104 mechanical and some Hyper gaming keyboard.  Besides, HyperX considers as the best pudding keycaps due to its black/white pudding features, which brings a translucent outlook.

A brilliant amalgamation of RGB color gives you a better experience while typing. HyperX is also focused on product qualities and durability by ensuring oil and dust resistance.

The compatibilities rates are higher as much as other keycaps. This double shot keycaps can easily adapt to all HyperX gaming keyboards as well as 104 mechanical keyboards.

To assure you the maximum longevity, HyperX is giving you 2 years warranty with this keycaps pack. By examining its overall specifications we don’t have any drawback of these PBT keycaps.

3. Corsair Gaming Double-Shot PBT Keycaps – White

Key Features

  • Thick cap’s wall
  • Shine Resistant
  • Ultra-Durability
  • Multi-Compatibility

Over 25 years of experience, Corsair is one of the leading Keyboard manufacturers. Corsair designed these PBT keycaps is especially for a gaming keyboard. However, you can use it in your 104/105 mechanical keyboard and as well as for the Cherry Switches.

Since their inception, they concentrate on product quality and performing capabilities. As a result, they brought some new innovations in these keycaps. For example, These PBT keycaps formulated with a special two-shot mold process for enhancing product longevity.

Moreover, they used a double-thick keycap wall for building extra durability and bringing stability in your every pressing. For getting a glossy tint and reducing key fading, they enhance the shine resistance.

Its translucent white cap enables the board backlit to pierce each cap and keep a well light-balance throughout the keyboard.

Along with the other features, its compatibility is as higher as considerable. As a result, it is hard to overlook this keycap for its Royal-white appearance.

4. Qisan PBT Keycaps Cherry Profile – Light Grey

Key features:

  • 108 keycaps
  • Light-Grey Color
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Sweet sounding experience

Are you looking for professional mechanic keycaps with extra work-comfort? Then you can find these features in Qian PBT Keycaps. Since it has formulated in such a way to ensure the ergonomic facilities, that’s how it considers as the best PBT keycaps.

The legend of the keycaps is engraved by the laser, which makes it more resilient for a long time. The lifespan of these keycaps is quite higher because they used extremely thick PBT materials for the keycaps.

If you like cherry profile keycaps then this is for you, because they use a cherry profile with a light gray color for giving you brightest color experience. Plus, its packs include with 108 pieces of keycaps.

In contrast to the ABS keycaps, its tactile feeling and sweet-tuned sounds give you the magnificent experience of typing. That’s how it ensures an exquisite experience for the gamer as well.

Qian PBT Keycaps can compatible with numerous mechanical gaming keyboards such as MX Switches and ANSI 61/87/104/108. However, these keycaps cannot adjust with few brands namely Corsair, Razer, and few models of Logitech.

5. Glorious Aura PBT Keycaps

Key Features

  • Gaming Special
  • RGB Compatibility
  • Premium Quality
  • Extra Keys

Game lovers are continually chasing for outlandish features for their keyboards. Glorious Aura keycaps come with such a gaming keyboard that can appease their quest.

As it has designed for ultimate gaming keyboards or extreme typing, that’s why they formulated the keycaps from premium qualities of PBT plastic. Hence, they can ensure the premium quality product.

The color of the keycaps made it unique from others. Because the legend of keycaps engraved with milky translucent colors, which give you an optimum experience while turning on the keyboard backlit, plus, key legends can survive for a long time with heavy use.

The rate of the compatibilities of this keycaps’ is higher than usual keycaps because of its standard caps shaping. It can adjust with TKL, Compact, Aura Black, and GMMK.

This pack is consisting of 104 keycaps with a standard keyboard layout. Plus, it brings an additional Glorious ASCEND & ESC key.

To transcendence your gaming experience and having a smooth feeling during heavy typing, you can consider the Aura PBT caps in your next keycaps modification.

Things to Consider Before Buying PBT Keycaps

As always, you are buying a new product is equally both exciting and distressing. Because of the anxiety of choosing the intended product. You can get rid of this confusing situation by considering the following features, which will help you to pick the best custom keycaps.

Ergonomic Design

Usually, the mechanical keyboard user has to spend a very long time with their keyboards. So, it is important to think about the ergonomic features of the keycaps.

A simple keycap gives you a bad experience while typing. Your simple consciousness about keycaps releases you from future discomforts.

Therefore, it has recommended for professional typists due to its ergonomic features.


Though the mechanical keyboard has some other features, the most attractive feature is the RGB color combination. The compatibility of keycaps with RGB backlight can change your visual experience immensely.

In this instance, you have to be a little witty for not missing such a wonderful feature of PBT Keycaps.

Top surface

Though most of the brand brings a fantastic upper surface of the keycaps, but you can consider some features of the upper surface such as legends color, glossiness, smoothness, as well as producing sound by every pressing.

These are significant for keeping the glossy appearance and having a sweet tune for every single pressing.


Considering the longevity of the product is another important aspect. The lifespan of a product indicates its quality. However, PBT ensures higher-qualities of plastic than the other counterparts. But the quality can be varied from brand to brand.

That’s why to make sure the product durability if you have to focus on longevity.


The resistance of the product ensures its longevity and excellent performing ability. Sometimes, dust can slow down your pressing speed, so to get out of this problem, you have to look for the PBT caps.

Basically, most PBT keycaps have oil and dust resistance as well as grime can not stay longer on the surface of these keys.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Are they providing standard size keycaps for the bottom row?

Yes! They are.

These keycaps always come with a standard size. However, it depends on your keyboard’s models because these can only vary based on layouts.

2. Does it include a key puller?

Yes! It does. Each pack got a key puller.

3. Have the F key got additional functions printed on the key-surface?


These Function keys come with additional features print on their face.

4. What is the thickness of these keycaps?

PBT keycaps got higher-quality plastic. Most of the caps got double shot as well as a stiffer wall for better thickness.

5. Why should I use these? Any advantages?

Well! These come with numerous features.

For professional typing or extreme mechanical keyboards, require PBT keycaps. Because it can endure a lot of pressure and change your typing experience, that’s why customizing the keycaps is essential for professional typists.

The First advantage is premium outlooks, and the second one is sound, which is totally different than the other keycaps. Along with this, you can experience a smooth feeling while typing.

Final Words

As you scroll down, you have noticed that spending time with your keyboard is having fun if you choose the best PBT keycaps. As a result, these simple but profound keycaps can change your typing experience immensely.

Therefore, we have selected some best keycaps for you. Now it is your time to choose the better ones from the best.

Wish you a Happy typing!

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