Top 5 Best VW Jetta Oil Reviews & Ultimate Buying Guide in 2022

It was the third time of this month you had to tow the car to the garage. What’s wrong with that stupid engine? Your VW has never acted this weird before. You’ve even changed the motor oil as well, but still! Wait a minute; what oil have you used this time?

No mate! You just can’t put in anything random but the best VW oil there. If you’re experimenting with any random oil, then you better be ready for something like this too.

It’s okay! You’re not too late, at least not yet. You still got the chance to fix it all up, and you need to put some good liquid in there this time. Want to know which one? Well, you’re just about to know it all.

Top 5 Best Oil For VW Reviews 2022

The wrong oil can do a lot more than just getting you a long maintenance bill. It can mess with your beloved 4-wheeler. As we don’t you to go through anything like that, we’ve got you the top 5 synthetic motor oil that can rock your ride. Here comes the first one:

1. Valvoline 0W40 European Synthetic Oil – vw recommended oil brand

Valvoline 0W40 European Synthetic Oil

Are you holding cool metallic monsters like Mercedes-Benz VW/AUDI or Porsche behind the shutter of your garage? Well, then there’s no way you can have too many options for your rides better than the SAE 0W-40 motor oil from Valvoline. After all, what you want your ride to be on its finest phase, right?

If it’s not your first struggle with the motor oils, then we guess you already know it can mess with your engine life easily. It happens mostly when the oil can’t take a stand against the sludge and deposits. But this oil with the added detergents maximized the protection against them and increased the engine life.

On top of that, its extra wear protection makes sure that the engine parts in your ride remain as good as new. So, there goes another headache of yours right down in the garbage.

We don’t know how many motor oils you’ve tried, but this one is different. Want to know how? Well, the credit mainly goes to its full synthetic formula. After all, that’s what has made it sustain in both exceptionally high and low temperatures. You can check that out by putting it into a freezer, too, if you want.

So doesn’t matter how many European vehicles you’re ruling the roads with; it can simply keep up with most of them. All you have to do is just let it all in.

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  • Compatible with most of the European vehicles
  • Doesn’t freeze even in cold temperature
  • Protects against the sludge and deposits
  • Saves the engine parts from wearing
  • Can sustain high temperature as well


  • Not compatible with some of the models

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2. Mobil 1 Synthetic Motor oil 0w-40 5 Quart: 120760 – vw recommended oil

Mobil 1 Synthetic Motor oil 0w 40 5 Quart 120760

There’s no way of you not hearing the name of Mobil 1 if you’ve been through your share of experience on automobiles. After all, they’ve been amazingly good with their products this far. So, as another impressive addition to their product line, they’ve come up with the 120760 Synthetic Motor Oil.

But what’s so amazing about this one? Well, it all starts with temperature compatibility. Even if you’re putting your ride in an atmosphere with -40° Fahrenheit, this oil can keep running in your ride’s vein. And the same goes for a higher temperature up to 500° Fahrenheit as well.

Along with reducing your engine’s stress at any temperature, it can help your car get started instantly, even in the coldest months of the year. Doesn’t sound like your conventional oil anymore, does it? Similarly, it can get you the instant start in the hard heating summer too.

Who doesn’t crave for better mileage? We can bet that you do too. The good news is, once you put the 120760 in your ride, you’ll start to see that happening for real. Your desire to get better mileage and saving some bucks in your fuel cost won’t be too far from fulfillment once you bring this one in.

Waiting for the Wow-factor? Here it is! This oil comes with enhanced frictional properties. This means it’s going to lower the friction among your engine parts and keep them rolling for a long time.

But what about the oil change interval? You might’ve heard that in conventional oil, it takes 3000 miles to go for the next oil change. But in this one, it’s 5000! Is there anything else that can make it any better as your next motor oil? We don’t think so.

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  • Capable of keeping up with any temperature
  • Can give the car an instant start
  • Ensures improvement in fuel economy
  • Minimizes the friction among engine parts
  • Comes with maximum interval on oil change


  • Container quality has scope for improvement

3. Castrol 03037 Edge 5W-30 A3/B4 – Best oil for vw

Castrol 03037 Edge 5W 30 A3 B4

All the motor oils you see around are simply packages of features. But the question is, how many of them are containing the one you need? Can’t ensure that, can you? This is where a Full Synthetic Motor Oil like the 03037 EDGE from Castrol can change the game.

But what it actually is hiding in its arsenal? Well, the first one on that list is its fluid titanium technology. It comes with the capability to change the engine behavior under pressure in a positive way, of course.

When the pressure is on the rise, the first thing that takes place is friction. But with higher metal contact or friction, the parts of your engine start wearing. This is where this oil can get you more control in reducing the fraction. Once it’s decreased, all you’ll have ahead is prolonged engine parts life.

When the engine goes under extreme pressure, once again, it needs the oil as its savior. This is where the fluid titanium technology jumps in again to save the day by increasing the strength and also saving fuel. So, you can thank this technology again for getting you the required fuel economy.

Now let’s have a glance over one of the worst enemies of your engine. Yes, the engine deposit formation we’re talking about. This is what turns your engine response into a turtle, SLOW! But 03037 can save it all once by reducing and keeping the engine response high.

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  • Effectively reduces the friction level
  • Holds the engine behavior on a positive track
  • Maximizes the strength level
  • Capable of improving fuel efficiency
  • Keeps the engine response high


  • Doesn’t go with all the models

4. Liqui Moly 5W30 Top Tec 4200

Liqui Moly 5W30 Top Tec 4200

Why getting the right synthetic motor oil is so important? The answer is quite obvious because you don’t want your ride to turn into a junk gradually. And when it’s about keeping it on the right track, only a few options can pull that off like the 2011 Full Synthetic motor oil from Liqui Moly.

Unlike the conventional oils, team Liqui Moly has perfected this oil in every way that you can ask for in your next oil. With the use of HC synthetic technology and the latest additives, they’ve ensured the finest performance.

From the additives, this oil has hit the ceiling of efficiency with its capacity to protect your engine parts from wearing. So, from now on, you can expect your engine parts to have a longer life than expected.

And if lately, your fuel consumption is making you put your hand deeper into your pockets, then this oil can help you out there as well. After all, its functions include reducing your fuel and oil consumption too.

Along with getting you the extended oil change interval, it can easily ensure deposit prevention as well. So, rather than looking for a low curve on your ride’s performance, you can count it upward from now on.

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  • Comes with HC synthetic technology and latest additives
  • Saves the engine parts from wearing
  • Lowers the fuel and oil consumption
  • Extends the oil change interval
  • Ensures prevention of deposit


  • Not the cheapest oil in the market

5. Ravenol J1A1531-5w30 full synthetic oil

Ravenol J1A1531 5w30 full synthetic oil

Well, it’s time for our final Topper of the list, and its none other than the J1A1531 Synthetic motor oil from Ravenol. A motor oil of this standard is something that can take your ride to a level of performance that you can only imagine but won’t get from too many of the regular ones.

Rather than categorizing it as the regular oils, team Ravenol has added some impressive features on this SAE 5W-30 Oil. But before getting into a bit deeper details, tell us first — how much keeping the engine clean matters to you?

Well if the answer is a lot’, then the CleanSynto MID SAPS Technology is here to have your back. It’s the same technology that has got the J1A1531 the excellent detergent along with dispersant properties. These properties play a vital role in keeping your engine clean as new by preventing sludge formation.

By the way, this oil is capable of getting you the extended oil change intervals. So, rather than worrying about putting your hands into the pocket again, you can just focus on your wheels.

Want to know the best part? It’s the low evaporation tendency and oxidation stability. These are what can drag your fuel consumption down. Want more of the surprise? Well, these features are also capable of extending the life of your ride’s emission system components such as the DPF.

With amazing cold start characteristics, this oil can instantly start your ride. And yes, count the features of fraction and abrasion minimization in too, because that’s what it does perfectly once it goes in.

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  • Prevents the engine from sludge formation
  • Provides an extended oil change interval
  • Keeps the fuel consumption low
  • Extends the life of emission system components
  • Minimizes the fraction and abrasion


  • Incompatible with certain models

What to Look for Before Buying Best VW Oil?

While picking up the right synthetic oil, often people ignore major aspects to consider and realize that after a mess in their engine. If you don’t want to be a part of that group, then you better check them out in order to get your right motor oil. Let’s have a glance over those aspects –

Synthetic Blend vs. Fully Synthetic

They might sound similar in the first place, but they’re not. Fully synthetic oils are the pure formula that doesn’t come with any mixture. But things are quite the opposite in the case of Synthetic blend as other oils are mixed here. So, if you want to pull off the best performance, then you better get the first one.

Read the Label

One of the commons mistakes buyers usually make is not checking out the details attentively. As there’s a variety of synthetic oil, they come with different features, even if they’re from the same brand. So, read the label carefully to make sure if it goes with your engine or not.

Requirements of the Car Company

These days car companies have started taking the high road and give their cars a more sophisticated mechanism. So depending on that, you just can’t pick up any random oil and pour it in. Understand the requirement of the car company in this regard and make your move.


There’s no way to underestimate the importance of Viscosity. After all, this is what determines how thick or thin the oil will get on the basis of the temperature. To get clarity on that part, check the SAE weight out.


‘The more, the better’ is not a wise theory all the time, at least not in the case of motor oils. The right amount of additives can make an oil perform better than ever. But the excessiveness might reduce the engine performance. So, check out the additives if it is coming with at equilibrium or not.

FAQs: About Best VW Oil

Which additives are mostly useful for synthetic motor oils?

Basically, additives that can bring improvement to lubrication properties are highly appreciated. Along with that, additives for oil state preservation and fuel efficiency are considered as the most useful ones for synthetic motor oils.

Which ones are the certified categories in motor oils?

The most common categories that you’ll find among the certified ones are the ACEA A3/B3 and API SN/CF.

What slows down the engine response?

It’s the formation of engine deposits that can slow down the engine response. But a good oil can prevent that by keeping the response high as before.

What is the easiest way to dispose of the oil fluid?

All you have to do is collect the oil and put it in any sealed container. Then take it to a waste disposal site and dump it.

How often the oil should be changed?

It’s better if you change it twice a year at least. You can also change it after running every 5,000 to 7,500 kilometers as well. But to be honest, the frequency depends on certain factors like your frequency of driving and the type of oil you’re using.

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Final Words

If you’re already pissed off with all those junks in the name of motor oil, then it’s time to bring some change to that. All you have to do is just treat your ride with the best VW oil. After that, you’ll see how amazingly your four-wheeler starts ruling the roads again.

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