Can You Bypass A Fuel Tank Selector Valve? [Need to Follow 3 Steps]

Are you wishing to learn about the bypass of a fuel tank selector valve? you are in the perfect place. Here I am sharing the step-by-step procedure by which you can do your job very easily. So please continue my post to learn more things on this topic.

Can you bypass a fuel tank selector valve? Yes, you can. Please, Fix it all and go ahead. Having multiple tanks is quite wonderful. You wouldn’t have to bother about turning right at the filling station when you go to load up. 

Moreover, if you left the tank 1/8th, you may always depart the opposite tank. And when practicable, alternate such that the fuel has no possibility of going wrong. Or you can either fill in and walk 500 miles before you have to do it again. There are many little benefits to the operation of both tanks.

Which fuel tank has no selector valve?

On a 1995 ford f150 300 motor, there is no selecting valve. The pump power is sent to the pump in the chosen tank through the dash button. The pump then transmits gasoline to the motor. The pump in that tank must be changed if the engine does not operate on the specified switch.

Can you bypass a fuel tank selector valve?

I believe my problem has been narrowed down. Was on the front tank, turned back. gauge became insane and reads full. The truck ran out of petrol in the front tank. So I placed seven gallons in the back tank, but only one mile was running at a time. I believe the valve selector is faulty and how can I solve this problem? Follow these steps to know.

Step-1: Simply connect the input and turn back and forth from/on the motor to the feed.

Step-2: The trick should be done by two short gasoline lines and some tubular clamps, the only difficulty is that you have to cut all the plugs, so it would be difficult to put back the selection valve later.

Step-3: Perhaps you can split the wires a few inches away from the valve later. The return/feed lines are subject to relatively low pressure/vacuum (the fuel pump is situated at the motor). Keep the switch placed on the front tank and the front tank indicator continues to operate with your dashboard fuel gauge.

The purpose of the fuel selector valve?

Fuel is transported to a fuel control valve via a fuel system. This valve has a number of purposes. Firstly, the gasoline shut-out valve must be used. In the instance of an engine fire, the crew is obligated to provide a mechanism to prevent gasoline from entering the engine.

Bypass fuel selector valve ford

Then your problem will be some dude if you pull out both tanks. You can only read from one tank, first, as shown. Second, because of the fact that you suck more out of one cylinder than the other (it never sweats uniformly), you suck in the atmosphere, and that you get into your body as one tank goes down.

So the hassle doesn’t valuable. One thought you might do (would if I tried to get rid of the FSV) was detach the rear tank, sold the connection to the front of the tank, and sucked a bung at the head of the front side of the vehicle adjacent to the pull set-up.

Run a nipple with such an inner pipe between the wires and hose from the back to the front. Drain off the front tank, and switch on the ball valve when it is finished. It will complete your front tank with the possibility of overfilling as it is a tiny tank in the back there’s.

Go into it there’s plenty, and dump the tank into it in approximately 10 minutes. Only separate both caps and not force one and vacuum the others. You just have to detach the caps. Except at the top of each air transfer tank, you add a full hose to it.

Bypass Mechanical fuel tank selector valve

Between the Two tanks, I placed my standard fuel selection valve. It pulled from the front and returned back to the rear tank, which poured over the freeway and discharged 5 gallons of fuel. I grabbed the FSV, “adjusted” it with an older hammer.

And, put it into the trash after some redneck technology to come to my house and a beautiful supper at a children’s table (some of the adults were unable to tolerate my odor by dumping a gallon of diesel down my shirt).
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FAQ on selector valve fuel tank

Here are some common questions and answers that should read.

Q: When should I change my fuel tank?

A: If fuel is below the engine, as in limited aviation, gasoline needs to be pumped to the motor gravity supplies gasoline from the wings to the motor for elevated designs like the Cessna 120. A gasoline selector valve can be used to regulate which tank supplies the motor.

Q: Is it bad to switch fuel tanks while driving?

A: Absolutely, you may transfer tanks on the road without any concerns, as long as both tanks function correctly. The vehicle won’t miss, shake, or anything like this. It can be a challenge to put petrol at once for months in a tank, specifically if you reside in a cooler environment.

Q: How do I remember to switch my fuel tank?

A: It is recommended that the POH and the checklist depart and ascend to your cruise altitude and then change tanks. 1 hour fly on the second tank and after thirty min, swap. It could help to retain the fuel load in the wings even when the high fuel consumption is taken into consideration during the ascent.

Q: What happens if you overfill your gas tank?

A: The overfilling of the tank might allow fluid gas to enter the vapor-only charcoal or vent hood. System gas might have a negligible effect on the performance of your automobile and harm the motor, he adds. He adds.


To bypass, just you have now is a 3/8″ smooth, 2″ tube. I wouldn’t use a barbed fitting if you had the gasoline line of the Bundy kind. The gasoline line gasket may be damaged. The gasoline will be pushed into the line by a little air pressure into the tank.

After that, if you have any confusion, you can ask me in the comment section. I will try to give your answer properly.

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