ESCO Jack Stands Review in 2022 | Top 4 Factors that Really Matter!

A car looks extremely fancy on the outside, but if you open the engine flap or look under the car, that is where the magic happens. All the important junctions, pipelines, and many more are under the car. So, if anything happens to the car, where do you look? Under it, of course, and also inside the engine chamber.

But what if you need to do some intricate fixing and need to lift the car? Well, you can use jacks to do that, and in this ESCO Jack stands review, we will introduce a fantastic product that will make your tasks involving lifting a car very easy.

There is also much more to know about jacks besides the fact that it can lift a vehicle, so you should follow this article.

ESCO Jack Stands Review

Although traditionally, people associate a jack with a vehicle, it is actually way more versatile. The ESCO model that we are talking about is worthy in the sense that you can use it at your garage and your cars.

This tool has a unique design with a flat top that should help to balance any flat surface. So, if there is a heavy board in your garage that needs lifting, this product can come in handy. Moreover, it is also a smooth device that will ensure minimum accidents.

It is smooth because it raises and lowers the products in small levels. So, there are no sudden movements that can cause the product to shake or fall. This factor will come especially handy in garages.

Besides, this tool is also great for cars since it can protect the car frame better. It has rubber pads that can reduce the undercoating damage and has a top platform that can cope with the longer parts of the vehicle.

Overall, it is a sturdy product that has some weight to themselves, and you can lift the vehicle more than 10 inches easily. However, it is a no-brainer that you would need more than one jack to lift a car that high.

Best Budget Jack Stand-Esco 10498 Jack Stand

Best Budget Jack Stand Esco 10498 Jack Stand

Even though we have discussed the exciting features, we believe that breaking them into certain factors will give you a better understanding of the product.

  • Stability

This factor is crucial for a product like a jack. Often the base of such tools is circular or has a single joint. Such designs make the product more prone to moving, as the pressure on one side can transfer to other sides. So, the jack can easily tilt and fall.

However, you are less likely to feel wobbliness with the ESCO product as the design is like a tripod. So, each leg has its individual grip, and even if the pressure becomes too much on one leg, the others can hold their ground. Hence, the stability is much better when the base of the product is like a tripod.

  • Strength

It is an extremely sturdy jack due to multiple reasons. First of all, it has a manageable weight, which makes it easier to carry around. But despite weighing only 11 pounds, it can lift an astonishing weight. The design of many jacks is faulty, where the tool itself weighs a lot, but it does not have enough support to multiply the loaded weight.

But this model can easily lift up to 6000 pounds, which means you can work on SUVs, cars, and other vehicles which are heavyweight. Needless to say, that you can work on smaller vehicles with this product as well.

  • Protection

A jack must have protective features because you do not want to cause more damage to your vehicle while trying to fix it. One unique feature the ESCO product has is the rubber surface at the top. It helps in creating a flat surface where any part of the vehicle can sit straight.

Moreover, the rubber provides a firmer grip, and the chances of anything sliding off the jack becomes low.

You can obviously adjust the height of the neck on the product. But to ensure that it stays on the desired level, there are hooks on the neck. So, you can extend it and lock the neck through the circular hole, so it does not slide off.

  • Versatility

As we mentioned earlier, this item is extremely versatile as you can use it for the intended purpose, which is to lift a vehicle and use it anywhere in your garage. You can take it outdoors as well since it is reasonably portable.

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  • Protective pin system for keeping the height locked
  • Offers better stability
  • Flat rubber top gives more stability
  • Can hold a huge amount of weight
  • Multi-purpose product
  • Strong and durable


  • Has the possibility of forming rust
  • Extreme height can cause problems if not careful


Frequently Asked Questions about Esco Jack Stand

Is it possible to take the neck and stand apart?

Yes, both these parts are separate, but they function together to make the product work. But if the rubber-top loses its shape, and you want a new one, you can replace it. However, finding replacements might be tricky.

How much weight can I lift using this tool?

Generally, you can easily lift 6000 pounds. But you can test and try to raise even more weight. If the product does not wobble, or get tilted to one side, then the extra weight will not be a problem.

How do I ensure that the height stays in place?

The product has clamps at a different height. So, while you cannot freely adjust the height as it has designated slots, you still can ensure that the neck does not slip off. Align the neck’s hole with the stand and attach the clamp to lock the height in place.

Is this jack suitable for outdoor use?

This product is undoubtedly suitable for any use where you have to lift off something from the ground and hold it flatly.

Final Words

Hopefully, this ESCO Jack Stands review was able to answer all the questions you had. Now you know how truly versatile and useful this product can be. So, why wait? Get yourself one of these and make the work easier for yourself!

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