How Can I Make My Small Garage Bigger?

Many people are forced to deal with a small garage because of high property rent or having a lack of space. But the good news is, you do not need a very big garage for properly working on your projects. By arranging your garage properly and utilizing the space in your garage tactically, you can very easily make a small garage seem much bigger.

If you are wondering about how can I make my small garage bigger, then keep reading this article. Here, we will discuss some methods and techniques by following which you can make your small garage seem bigger.

Garage Addition Ideas: 7 Methods To Make Small Garage Bigger

1. By Keeping The Floors Clear

Believe it or not, an untidy floor can contribute to making your garage seem smaller. A messy floor can also create obstructions while you are working on your projects. Moreover, you can trip on any object scattered on the floor and hurt yourself. Besides, an untidy garage floor doesn’t look good.

2. Getting Rid Of The Objects That You Don’t Need

Just like the previous topic, unwanted stuff lying around haphazardly in your garage can make it very untidy and make it look small. Get rid of any unwanted objects lying around in the garage and clean the garage.

3. By Making Use Of Your Ceiling

As mentioned before, proper space utilization is the best way to make your small garage look bigger. Many people forget to make use of their ceiling which in turn makes the garage very clustered.

You can use the ceiling of your garage as extra storage. By installing an overhead storage rack, you can maximize the space utilization of your garage. You can find many premade overhead racks in hardware stores or you can make one yourself. Moreover, you can also use a ceiling drawer.

Overhead storage racks and ceiling drawers works based on the same principle. Both of them are able to efficiently utilize the ceiling space. You can add any number of ceiling drawers as per your requirement. Make sure to purchase a durable drawer as you will be using it very frequently.

4. By Installing Garage Shelves And Cabinets

Just like the garage ceiling, garage walls can also be used for extra storage. Garage shelves and cabinets grant easy access to any tools or objects that you may need while working on any project. They also make proper use of your garage space. Even a small shelve and cabinet can store a decent number of tools and machinery.

Installing garage shelves and cabinets are very easy and straightforward. You can get premade shelves and cabinets from any local furniture shop. But it would be wise to invest in a more sturdy and robust cabinet made out of steel or aluminum because wooden cabinets and shelves can degrade over time.

5. By Installing A Car Lift

If you own multiple vehicles, parking them in a small garage can be a very challenging task. You can accidentally scratch up or scrap paint of the vehicles while parking. The best way to tackle this problem is by installing a car lift.

A car lift is a machine that can lift your car or any other vehicle off the ground and free up some significant space in your garage. You can easily park another vehicle under the car lift as long as your vehicle stays under the height limit. You can also store other equipment and machinery under the car lift.

A car lift is also able to protect your cherished vehicles from burglary and vandalism. Moreover, it can grant you easy access while repairing your vehicle. Installing a car lift can be challenging. It would be best to contact professionals for the proper installation of the car lift. Make sure to install a 4 post car lift for the best results.

6. By Installing Modified Workbench

A workbench is a very useful tool and can be found in almost every garage. But sadly, workbenches can take up a significant amount of space in your garage. Because of their length, they can be very hard to work within a small garage. Luckily, there are many ways to solve this issue.

You can save a lot of space by using a narrow workbench. Moreover, you can save additional space by installing a foldable workbench. A foldable workbench can still function as a normal workbench but can be very compact and space-saving. Making a foldable workbench is very easy and can be a very exciting DIY project.

7. By Painting Your Garage White

If you are thinking “How can I make my small garage bigger by using white paint?” then the answer to your question would be reflection. It is no secret that white rooms appear to be much bigger than they actually are. The science behind this is the reflection of light.

Light waves can be absorbed by dark colors making the rooms with darker paint seem to be much smaller. On the other hand, using brighter paint can make your small room look bigger because bright colors have a superior ability to reflect light.

As white is the brightest color, using it to paint your small garage can make it appear to be substantially large.


There are many other ways of making your small garage bigger. For example, adding mirrors on your garage walls can make your garage appear to be considerably spacious. Moreover, you can always choose to completely renovate your garage by knocking down a few walls if you do not like any of the above methods.

Always be careful while you are executing the above methods. Make sure not to accidentally hit any electrical wiring and water pipes. If you do not have good technical skills, do not be shy to seek the aid of professionals.

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