How Much Do Coilovers Lower Your Car? Expert’s Guide

Are you tensed about the height of your car? Then you should be in the process to adjust the height of your car. This task will require your decision; how much do you want to lower your car? Actually, you can do it in two processes. You can lower your springs and Coilovers. These are the possible solution that you may try with your car.

But, have you ever thought if it may hamper your riding comfort? When you are dealing with the car spring, it will make the ride low, but will not give a smooth ride. So, for a better ride, you can adjust your Coilover. But it may contradict the real stock height of the car.

If you are sure about it then, let’s move on to how you can do it. We will here talk about, how much do Coilovers lower your car?

How low can Coilovers go?

As we are now discussing Coilovers, let me share the main features of Coilover. You can adjust your Coilovers, but the matter is not pleasant. From a technical view, the general Coilovers are not able to provide low features according to your need. So, in this case, you will need to get branded Coilovers which come with both shock and Coilover package and that will be a perfect solution.

In general, your Coilover can lower from half inches to three and a half inches. So, you have to check with your garage, how much your one support.

There are few brands which are specially built for your better experience. Those are spring and shock attached together, those you can buy from dealers and can use them. It will give you an awesome experience while driving. You can enjoy both speed and smooth suspension in this case. If you can use these sort of modified shocks, then you will not have to have a bumpy or bad ride on road.

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Are lowering coilovers worth it for smooth riding?

With an adjusted Coilover, you may have a bouncing ride. Would that really be bad? Frankly speaking, yes it could be. You may have a complicated ride, it may be shaky, bouncing and in some cases, the lower portion may have scratches with roads. So you may face some trouble here. Having a troubled journey, you will not be happy.

So, why do people lower their vehicles? It is a common question for general people. But for a sports guy? They need it badly. Their cars need to be more aerodynamic to win the race. With a lower body, they can achieve more speed. Not only this, in some cases you see sports cars burning their wheels on highways? They also need to lower their cars. So, you might also have one of these reasons, right!

So, let’s discuss theoretically when we have a lowered Coilover what happens when we try to speed up? It works fine as a lowrider but in case of turns, the Coilover will give you some bad experience. When you turn your car in speed, the Coilover suspension does not give you many bumps, which makes it hard while turning. So, you may experience some shakes while turning. It may occur due to lower suspension. So, Coilover will give you a better experience and sometimes some shaky one as per the road condition.

Adjusting your Coilover

It is best if you can do your task yourself. Going to the garage will cost money and will give you more hassle. Now we will share our knowledge as to how you can adjust your Coilover. Firstly, you can turn the threaded sleeve ring that holds the spring with a wrench. It will make the ring loose and the spring will shrink, in this way you can make some modifications also.

On the other hand, you can unlock the locking rings which hold the full shock body. You can thread it too. Here remembers one thing, if you modify your shock body, the height, and the changes will not be much affected.

So, when you are doing it by yourself, you can check there are two rings on the base of the Coilover. Measure the difference between two rings and set how much you need to minimize. Use a spanner and turn the upper ring to the left. In this way, you can lower the Coilover to adjust the car height, if you need to improve the car race then turn the lower ring to the right, it will give you a better experience.

Technical Features

So, there might be confusion as we should modify the Coilovers or not. If we understand the making mechanism of this, then it will be easy to work on it. Now Coilovers come with shocks that have spring and compression features. We have to deal with them as these extra shocks can bring some changes. These shocks are different from stock shocks or aftermarket shocks.

So, these shocks are not friendly to make modifications and have a customized ride. So, when we are working on the Coilover, we should not mess with these shocks. Working on the spring and another part is fair in this case.

What may happen if you try to modify the shock, it will give you a bad riding experience. So, if needed to modify shocks, it is better to go for upgraded and sports shocks. It will give you a better experience. In that case, it is better to refer the professionals. You should go to the garage and make the modification. They are experts and they will give you the proper riding experience on the road. So, why are you waiting? You can set up your mind, how much you want to lower your car, and then take the necessary steps.

You can gather more knowledge from online information hub and can check online videos that explain a lot about the same issue. You may find the potential solution in this way.

Final Words

We had a long discussion on the Coilovers. As we have a discussion on, how much do Coilovers lower your car? Now we both know the better and worst side of it. It is easy for us to take the necessary decisions and meet our demands accordingly.

We have shared all available information to you here and discussed possible solutions too. We wish you may have a greater experience with a lower-height ride in your car.

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