How to Clean Powder Coated Rims (2 helped 10K people)

We have got lots of questions like- how to take care of powder-coated wheels? Or how to clean powder coated rims?

Well, powder coating on metal may resist a lot of external damage and even keep a new look after long drives. But, your wheels may not hold that smooth finish after months of use and faulty maintenance.

Moreover, grime and scratch stains may appear more frequently on your wheels. Some scratches may even become unremovable.

Today’s blog is specially focused on cleaning and keeping your wheel always brand new. One thing you shouldn’t forget, your powder coating is similar to the paint coating. So, you can relate to the cleaning process.

Let’s dive in together.

Why Is Powder Coating Better than the Paint Coating?

For rust, scratch, UV damage, and environmental protection, wheel manufacturers should use a decorative alloy wheel powder coating necessarily. This coating is sprayed on the surface of the wheel like paint.

The difference between the paint and powder is, the powder will make the wheel surface dry finish, rather than a liquid one.

Not just car wheels, almost all types of wheel body can have a powder coating. It’s quite a popular finish in the heavy metal industry since 1947.

The reasons for using the powder finish is,

  1. It’s very thick and durable.
  2. Build more resistance against decay, water, road grime, and chemicals.
  3. Very powerful and more long-lasting than the paint.
  4. The finishing product looks more beautiful.

4 Excellent Ideas to Clean Your Powder Coated Wheel Rims

Applying these ideas to your car wheels will not only help you to maintain a smooth and long-lasting finish but also make your powder coated wheels car wash successful.

You may also have a question like- how to remove stains from powder-coated wheels, don’t worry, we will cover that area too.

1. The Mild Detergent Soap Solution

This method works quite well with the black powder-coated wheels. The mild detergent soap method works like a charm for your wheels.

We will talk about the entire process one by one below. One crucial thing to consider is the solution is not so suitable for scratches; but perfect for cleaning brake dust off powder coated wheels.

  • Step 1

Take a detergent, soap, 2 buckets of water, and scrubbers. Try to use a clean cloth instead of a scrubber. In a bucket, pour 10 spoons of detergent, now mix it very well. Wait for 2-3 minutes before applying it to the wheel. Stir the solution until you see bubbles in it.

Moreover, the amount of solution depends on how much your wheel is dirtier. But, we suggest using one bucket of solution for every 2 wheels.

  • Step 2

If there is too much loose soil in the wheels, then before applying the solution, use a soft-bristled brush to wipe it off. After that, apply the liquid to the entire wheel rim with the scrubber (don’t use metal scrubbers) and wait for 1 minute.

  • Step 3

Now use the other bucket of water and clean the wheel. To soak the water off the wheels, use a soft towel.

2. You Can Try Wheel Cleaners

If you think detergent is not enough (sometimes it’s not), then you can use wheel cleaners. But the question is, Are wheel cleaners better than the detergent method?

Well, it depends on the situation. Wheel cleaners can be powerful and mild at the same time. Some wheel cleaners are so strong that they might ruin the surface of your wheels. Same for the soft wheel cleaners.

So, it’s crucial to choose the right wheel cleaner. Lucky for you, Liquid Glow 10202 wheel cleaner offers the best finish for wheels. We have tested the cleaner. Surprisingly, the result is pretty remarkable.

The instructions for a wheel cleaner is pretty simple:

  1. First, use hose water to spray the water on the wheels.
  2. Apply the wheel cleaner and use a brush to agitate a bit.
  3. Now use the water again.
  4. Finally, soak the wheels with a soft towel.

3. The Hose Water Cleaning Regime

Using your car daily and cleaning it once in 6 months is not enough. Sometimes the damage might get so severe that even cleaning properly might not get that old new look.

Thus, having a cleaning regime weekly or even monthly is crucial. Your wheel will not get that much dirtier and, also you can apply a sealant for powder coated wheels. It will make your wheels more resistant to dirt and greasy oiliness.

All you have to do is clean roughly with hose water once a week. Remember prevention is always better than cure.

4. Fix Scratched Rims So Effortlessly

There can 2 types of rim scratches,

  1. The permanent scratches and
  2. Normal scratches.

The permanent scratches are hard to remove, and sometimes you have to take your wheels to the local garage. Probably rough roads and accidents while fixing the wheel can be a cause of it.

On the other hand, normal scratches are much easier to deal with; here is a list of things you can do for those rough scratches and even prevent it.

  • Applying paint thinners to clean all the dirt from the wheels.
  • Use sandpaper for sanding the wheels. Before starting the process, use masking tape and paper to cover up the edges of the rim.
  • Try using a soft putty, which is less aggressive and eco-friendly than the sanding process.
  • Spray painting can also be a great solution.
  • Use powder-coat wax polish to protect your wheels from scratches; powder coat wheel wax can protect your wheels from the deepest scratches.

Concluding on How to Clean Powder Coated Rims

There are some other kinds of stuff besides the cleaning, such as wheel type, size, and built-in finish from the manufacturers. If your wheel is gloss black, then there is some bad news for you. Gloss black wheels attract swirls, which can be a pretty big problem for the owner.

But, the good thing is, with some little polishing, you can get rid of swirls. Other than that, taking care of powder-coated wheels is pretty effortless.

If you have any queries about how to clean powder coated rims, then let us know in the comment section. Our experts will help you to clarify all your doubts.

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