Learn How to Expand Exhaust Pipe Like A Pro!

The exhaust gases from combustion need to leave as soon as possible the chamber. And that is why people think about going for a huger exhaust pipe. That’s what you are aiming for too, well, you’re looking for expanding the pipe so it’s clear.

So, exactly how to expand exhaust pipe so that the system can work effortlessly without causing those nasty engine issues every now and then. That’s what we will be talking about today.

What would you need? Well, a few common tools with the best exhaust pipe expander. Keep Reading…

How to Expand Exhaust Pipe Like A Pro

How to Expand Exhaust Pipe – Glances of Steps to Cover

  • You’ll bend the tubes.
  • Picking The Proper Diameter.
  • Then you’ll use the expander tool.
  • Finally, some weather-relevant adjustments to conclude.

Start By Bending the Tubes

The pipes would require bending. And you must decide the spot where you’ll make it bend. Once you figure that out, you would either bend it yourself or get them bent from a local shop. Having the angle right is very important here. This is why some might prefer to go for having them bent in the proper angle.

Now during this, you also want to make sure that the ends dodge any sort of crushing done to it. If such a thing happens, you’ll require expanding them back out. It’s often the case.

Deciding The Right Diameter

Figuring out the diameter of the pipe comes next. And this can be done by taking into account the engine size as well as horsepower of your vehicle. Here are a few notes you can use for that purpose:

  • For 150-250 horsepower engine dimensions with 250-300 CID, go for a single exhaust pipe size of 2.5 to 3 inches. In the case of dual exhaust pipe size, it should be 2 to 2.5 inches.
  • 2.5 to 3 inches single and 2.25 to 2.5 inches dual exhaust pipe size would work best for an engine with dimensions 300-350 CID and 200-300 horsepower.
  • Choose 3 to 4 inches single and 2.5 to 3 inches dual exhaust pipe size for 250-550 HP engine of 350-400 CID dimension.

With the expander, you will also require a connector to make sure there’s something to run from an old tailed pipe. And it would go all the way to the new piping size after getting installed. The right one would have an end that fits just right to the tailpipe while another for tubing expansion fitting.

Keep In Mind – Not having the right diameter pipe (usually something smaller) would cause backpressure. And this would result in heavy restriction of the gasses that should be leaving the engine.

Time To Use the Expander

While trying to place the pipe on the expander, there’s something you should keep in mind. Setting it to circumference could be an option according to your need. Or you can also go for the right size die that would go into the adapter just perfectly. However, that’s when there are dies.

The exhaust pipe’s end is where you will be placing adapter. So that the new size pipe will be easy to accommodate. Both ends must be intact, that’s why it is quite of a couplet. You can use the clamps if there’s a need for tightening.

While using the expander, make sure you are gradual and not trying things in a hurry. You want to take your time using the tool. Once you use it, try to fit the pipe. If there need for more, go as many times as necessary. Just do so until you achieve the right fit.

Everything You Need to Know: How to Use a Tailpipe Expander

Weather Would Require You to Make Some Adjustments

Sometimes due to weather, you may not be able to get the desired result. For example, it could be colder outside or inside your space. And in that case, using some heat would be necessary.

You might have a heater in your garage. If so, try keeping the tailgate right against the heater. Let it stay like that of a few minutes. And this will make things heated. As a result, bending will become easier.

Cracking and flaring are often the cases when metal gets too cold. Using gloves is also necessary. As that would help the pipe to have heat condition. And this would heat along the length. Using a propane torch, the smaller-sized ones can also help. Just make sure you set it on low while using. Go for small amounts of heating and yes, take intervals.

Heat little by little so that the pipe can be expanded slowly. It will require a good amount of work. But keep on going until you achieve that perfect result. Make sure you are very careful with utilizing the heat.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will expanding exhaust tubing or pipes that are larger will change the sound?

Ans: Having the exhaust tuning or pipes bigger does result in making the system louder. But that’s going to be very little. Keep in mind, that some aftermarket exhausts come with mufflers that are pretty limited in working. This is often why the sound seems loud while bigger exhaust pipe is hardly responsible.

2. Will bigger exhaust extension tips make the exhaust louder?

Ans: Slightly. If you go for a muffler tip that has a big exit hole, then the sound would be loud. While with it being smaller, the noise would be lesser.

3. How much does it cost to fix a bent exhaust pipe?

Ans: Fixing the exhaust pipe that is bent would cost you 80 to 105 dollars for labor alone. If there’s a need for parts replacement, you will pay 670 to 690 dollars as well.

Wrap Up

That was all about how to expand exhaust pipe. It’s kind of tricky to get the pipe bigger but not impossible. If you are not restricted by your budget, try contacting an expert for help. Also, this might just be a chance to have your exhaust system inspected. Often, we miss critical exhaust leaks and issues that only seem to get the attention after causing quite a bit of damage.

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