How to Install Dual Exhaust on a Chevy Truck – 8 Easy Steps

Even if you have an exhaust system, you can always go for a dual exhaust one. From better horsepower to better gas mileage, you get almost everything if you have a dual exhaust system. Soon, you will see the better performance and efficiency of your engine!

And more than that, the throaty response of your Chevy will be enough for adding such an exhaust. For this, you must learn how to install the dual exhaust on a Chevy truck so that you don’t invest in the professionals anymore!

Be your professional and try it at home!

Step by Step Installation of a Dual Exhaust on a Chevy

This step-by-step process of installing the dual exhaust on your Chevy truck is easy. All you need is the kits and some basic equipment. If you are ready with the gears, go for it!

Step 1: The Right Dual Exhaust

Whenever it comes to installing an exhaust, you will need several gears. And so, we do not recommend you for separate pieces. This will take a lot more time in shopping. And so, we suggest you get your hands on a dual exhaust kit that comes with all the necessary attachments added. So, you won’t need to go out and shop for them separately wasting your time.

Go for a good-grade kit so that you get better results. In the kit, check if all the gears are included or not. You have to search for the exhaust pipe set along with the gaskets and clamps. Also, the rubber straphangers and muffler should be there. The necessary installation instructions and hardware must be included in the set.

When you do not know how to install the dual exhaust on a Chevy Truck, you should go check which kit fits your truck first. After the compatibility check, you can shop directly from the shop or you can settle for online shopping. If any of the equipment is missing, your kit might not work! Ensure that everything is included.

Step 2: Lift the Truck

Now that the dual exhaust kit is ready, it is time to work with your Chevy!  Start by raising the vehicle. All you need to do is lift it carefully. However, you can’t lift it and work together alone! So, you should call somebody for your help.

For lifting it and keeping it in the right place, you will need some additional gears. Check if you have ramps or jack stands in your garage or not. If you don’t have these, purchase them from the hardware shop. With these, you can easily keep the truck in place and go under it with the dual exhaust.

Step 3: Take off the Exhaust System

As you are adding up a new exhaust, it is necessary to get rid of the previous one first. Get your hands on some screwdrivers and wrenches. Then start unbolting the exhaust system. While doing it, make sure you are starting from the back and then move towards the front. These bolts will be tight and you have to put a little effort to unbolt them.

For loosening them, you might require a bit of lubricant. This will make them easier to remove. Once the bolts are removed, you have to go through different parts of the previous exhaust so that you can install the new ones. You might want to change the muffler too. In that case, you have to go through the muffler hanger and remove the nuts first.

In some cases, these don’t work for your vehicle. And this is where you will need a hacksaw to help you out! Get a hacksaw and start cutting the pipes. Cut all the pipes that are connected to the muffler.

Step 4: Install the Exhaust Part

It is time to install the exhaust part now! Get your hands on the new rubber hangers. You should always think of making your task easier! And so, we recommend you install the rubber hangers first to be a little relieved. After you have installed it, you have to check for the new exhaust part and slowly, hang it on the hanger.

Your next job is to bolt this onto the pipe otherwise; it won’t stay in the right place. A quick tip for this step is while bolting it onto the pipe; make sure you are moving from the front part to the rear part of your vehicle. In this position, you might want to tighten the clamps but don’t do it!

You have to go through the clamps when the exhaust system has a complete setup. Now, search for the elbow of the pipe. This should be exactly above the axle, ensure it.

Step 5: Measure and Cut

Now that you are done with the exhaust port, you have to start the measurement. First of all, search for a catalytic converter. This will help you get the right measurement without much complication. In the first place, you have to go through the muffler’s front part and measure it. After you are done with the measurement, you have to start cutting the pipe.

Check the measurement and then cut it accordingly. It is time you have to install it. The measurement completely depends on the vehicle you have. The measurement for the exhaust system for Chevy Silverado will be different than the exhaust system for Chevy Colorado. So, while measuring, be very careful about the right measurement.

Step 6: The Orientation

The measurement process along with the cutting process is done. Now you are free to check the perfection of the alignment. As you are dealing with two exhaust pipes, you have to certify that both of them are aligned properly. If they are not aligned properly, you might face complications afterward.

Also, you have to check if these two exhaust pipes are even with the bumper or not. Check it beforehand to avoid problems in the future. All you need to do is stand back a bit and get your eyes on the pipes. If there are any alignment issues, fix them before you move to the next step.

Step 7: Tighten the Clamps

Now, you have made the alignment perfect and you are ready with the pipes in their right place. Here, you have to start tightening the clamps. Get the wrench or screwdriver you need and start tightening the clamps.

Make sure they are tight. If you like, you can add chrome cylinders so that you can cover the end of the two tailpipe pipes. This is completely your personal choice and only to add some aesthetic additions. You can avoid it if you want!

Step 8: Go for a Test Drive

You are all set. It is time for you to check if the dual exhaust system is working fine or not. For this, as you are done with the clamps, you have to get your hands on the vehicle and take it down. Remove the equipment that you set for lifting the truck. Now you can bring the Chevy back to the ground.

Here, you have to get the keys to your trucks and start it. For testing the exhaust system, a test drive can be amazing! Take it to a test drive and have an attentive look at the sound of your vehicle. If the sound is throaty, good job, you have done it!

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Wrap Up

Not everyone can install an exhaust system let alone a dual exhaust. But if you love your Chevy and you want to work for the throaty sound, learn the method of installing the dual exhaust on your truck! Do it alone and surprise yourself!

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