How to Install Slip on Exhaust Harley Sportster Correctly?

If you want to add some deep sound and added performance to your Harley Sportster, get ready for the aftermarket solution! Yes, we are talking about an exhaust. And when your plan is not to go for the professionals, you can find it easy to install a slip-on exhaust!

These are easy to install and you can save your money too! Here, we have come up with easy steps on how to install slip-on exhaust Harley Sportster faster!

Check out the steps and never worry about your exhaust anymore!

Step by Step Guide on How to Install Slip-on Exhaust on Harley Sportster

Step by Step Guide on How to Install Slip-on Exhaust on Harley Sportster

Having a Harley Sportster is fun and all but when you can customize it into a chic outlook, why won’t you try! Goo for this Harley Davidson Sportster exhausts installation today!

Step 1: The Connection Joint

The first thing you have to do when it comes to installing the slip-on exhaust on your Harley Sportster is to go through the connection joint. This connection joint is usually tightened. All you need to do in this first step is to loosen it. The slip-on muffler of your bike will be directly connected to the header pipes. In this case, the connection can be of different manner.

If you own a Harley Sportster, you already know the manner. Go through the spring hood system first. Do not forget the gasket flange and the standard band clamp. Remove all of them. The interesting fact is it completely depends on what bike model you are using and also in which year the bike was launched. After you are done with loosening the exhaust connection joint, you are free to go for the next step.

If you want to learn, how to install slip-on exhaust Harley street glide instead of Sportster, there will be some basic differences. Always keep in mind that every model has different ways of installing the parts.

Step 2: The Muffler Brackets

Now that you have loosened the connection joint of the exhaust, you have to search for the muffler bracket. The works of the brackets are to keep the muffler in its place and not letting it move. All you have to do is move it from its stable position by loosening the brackets. Whenever you are working with the muffler, we recommend you support the muffler so that you can keep it stable. If you loosen the brackets, chances are, the muffler will be movable and eventually, it will hit the other components of your bike.

If the muffler strikes any other part of your motorcycle, it will eventually damage these. You don’t want that, right? So, make sure you are supporting the muffler with your other hand or call somebody else to help you out. While loosening the muffler brackets, you have to go through several small steps. In these steps, if you are removing any part of your bike, don’t forget to keep them safe.

As the parts are very small, they can easily get lost. Try to keep a bowl or box near you where you can easily place the small parts like the nuts and bolts so that they do not get lost.

Step 3: Remove the Exhaust Muffler

So, now, we will talk about how you have to take off the exhaust muffler from the Sportster bike. As you are going to displace the slip-on, you will need a little bit of effort here. First of all, get your hands on the exhaust system. Here, you have to start forcing the slip-on. Your work is to remove it from the system. Out as much pressure as you need for completing the job.

But keep in mind that you have to be firm with your hands. Input force but do it firmly. If you are going too harsh with your hands, there is a chance that your cylinder head will be damaged. In either case, the gaskets can be damaged too! So, before everything, you have to be cautious when you imply force. In some situations, you might see that even after applying necessary pressure, it is not getting removed.

The reason is it is stuck there. For taking it off, you will need a solution that can easily help you remove it. We recommend you settle for the WD-40 solution for this purpose. Check the muffler joint and in that place, start spraying it. After the application, you have to wait for some time. A few minutes will do the work. Now, all you need to do is apply a little force and the exhaust muffler will come off from the cruiser motorcycle!

Step 4: Slide the Muffler

So, you are almost ready with the exhaust muffler removed from your motorcycle. Now, all you need is to go back to the first steps so that you can install the slip-on exhaust on your Harley Sportster! Check the header pipes if they are fine or not.

These are designed precisely. If you ever see damages or dents on the pipes, make sure you do not work with them. Otherwise, you will face trouble with the exhaust system. All you need to do is slide the slip-on muffler in. If everything is perfect, you will not have any issues doing it. It will get in smoothly and will work just fine. If it does not go smoothly, you have to move it a bit and take the nest shot.

Step 5: Attach the Accessories

In this step, you have to work on the placement of the new slip-on exhaust muffler. When you have got that inside, it will fit properly. Make sure that the alignment is perfect when you are done with it. Now, it is time for you to work with the flanges and the gasket clamps.

Do not forget the springs here! With all these gears, you have to attach the exhaust muffler to your header pipe. First of all, you have to deal with the header pipe. And then, slowly, get your hands on the muffler. All you need to do now is tightening the parts. But keep in mind that you don’t need to over-tighten the parts here.

Otherwise, they will be loose and you will be messing with the exhaust! For better understanding, you can check out the instruction manual by the slip-on company before you install it.

Step 6: Test it

You are almost done, my friend! You have installed the slip-on exhaust on your Harley Sportster. But do not be satisfied yet! You have to test it before you be sure about it. Get some fabric and wipe down the muffler.

There will surely be debris, dirt, and oil on this part. Your work is to make it clean. It will help you to keep away the muffler from staining. Go through the exhaust fume and search for the leaks. If there is none, you are ready!  

Wrap Up

Installing a new slip-on exhaust on your Harley Sportster can seem difficult. But if you take it slow and go through the steps, you will see that it is quite easy! All you need is to get the necessary gears on your hands beforehand and get prepared properly!

Don’t forget that you have to check for the instruction manual of the slip-on you are planning to install. More than us, the company will be able to help you out!

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