How to keep tires black and shiny? Our Top Tricks

Black tires are the most reliable for a car. It can always provide a brand-new look for your car. Also, the black tire can be protected from the UV sun rays. But the black tires would lose the shiny look due to the road dust. You need to clean and maintain properly to avoid this problem.

You would be thinking about how to keep tires black and shiny? Right? OK, let me help you. Today I will tell you some of the easiest ways to keep the car tires black and shiny. Here you will find detailed ideas about Tire cleaning and maintenance. So, let’s get started.

Tires black and shiny process:

I have divided the Tires black and shiny process into four parts—every part of it you have to do very well.

  1. Tires cleaning
  2. UV-protecting and shining
  3. Tires blooming
  4. Regular maintenance

1. Tires cleaning Rinse off the dirt

At the very first, you need to know how to clean tires with household products. Then manage a hose water pipe to remove the accumulated dirt on the tire’s surfaces. If you do not have a pipe at home, you can go to a nearby car shop and wash tires. Now wash the tires correctly with water flow. If you notice heavier stain or dirt anywhere on the tires, then increase the hose power to clean those.

  • Applying the tire cleaner:

In the market, you will find many good-quality shore cleaners. Take a spray bottle and clean the tires with cleaner. However, you can use a homemade cleaner. Remember to use a specialized cleaner for rubber tires. You can put some detergent and water into a spray bottle to use a homemade cleaner. Now spray correctly all around the tires. It’s crucial to keep in mind that many times cleaners or water can get inside the rims. However, there has nothing horrible.

  • Scrub with a bristle brush:

Due to the pre-spraying of detergent, the dirt and stain will loosen from the tires. In this case, take a hard-bristled brush. And then scrub the tires correctly from all sides. Rub hard where there is more dirt. However, you can wash and use the brush a few times. As a result, the long-lasting dirt will remove.

  • Wipe down:

Lastly, the tires should have to be wiped. A microfiber towel will work better to dry the tires because microfiber can remove more particles. However, it is not mandatory. So, you also can use a regular towel. Wipe the tires a few times so that the tires would be dry completely.

2. UV-protecting and shining

  • Choose the tire dressing:

There has a lot of quality tire dressing in the market. Tire dressing is mainly used to be protected from ultraviolet rays. It is recommended to used water-based dressing because it can protect the tires from harmful sun rays and UV. On the other hand, you need a shiny and slick finish to increase the shiny look. There has individual dressing for a shiny look. Luckily, shiny dressing is getting found in the auto store or online shop.

  • Apply the dressing:

Use a soft sponge to apply the dressing to the tire. Good to know, very few dressings need to scrub the tires. So, take one or two drops of dressing and scrub all around the tires. Each of the tires should be left for 5-10 minutes after dressing.

  • Clean the tire rims:

In this step, clean the tire rims again with a microfiber rim. However, be careful when wiping the rims so that the dressing won’t damage.

  • Apply the shiny dressing:

After completing the protective dressing, let the tires dry for about 10 minutes. Then apply shiny dressing in the same process. Also, let the shiny dressing for 10 minutes. Must use the tires at least after 30 minutes of dressing. So, that’s how you build up UV protection and shine for tires.

3. Tires blooming

Blooming in a tire refers to an added residue on the surface of a tire, creating a long-lasting stain on the car tires. And the bad thing is the blooming can’t be reduced with powerful cleaner or scrubber. There has no specific solution not to get a blooming stain. But you can reduce the blooming.

  • Reduce the blooming:

It would help if you reduced the blooming once a month. Otherwise, it may accumulate and create a hassle for driving the car. It is an easier process as like the general dressing. However, it needs more effort and care. Firstly, rinse off the blooming tires into a powerful dressing. As blooming is a permanent stain, so you need to let it rinse for one night.

  • Apply to dressing:

Although the blooming stain doesn’t remove completely, you can make it less with proper care. There has some wet dressing specially made for hard blooming or stains.

4. Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance can provide you best traction. And also, you have to maintain the tires in the right way. Here are some must obey maintenance tips.

  • Regular inspection:

Check the tires once a week. As a result, you can notice the tears and wear of the tires. As well as, you will notify about the tire damage. So, you can prepare to repair or replace the tires.

  • Tire pressure:

If the tire pressure will not enough, then you won’t get good driving performance. It is why you have to check the tire pressure before. Remember, the tire pressure would change with the weather condition.

  • Loading power:

Each tire is designed with a fixed loading power. So, tires. Can’t take the overload. If you bring a heavier load, then the tires would damage. Always avoid the heavier load. Besides, the heavier load can produce overheat. Also know, that overheats is harmful to tires.

  • Avoid over speed:

The extra speed will put extra pressure on your tire. Also, the black tires turn into grey color. The shiny look also reduces gradually. So, if you want to get a stable tire with a shiny look, then avoid over speed.

Different types of tires protecting dressing:

You will get some best dressing products, which will increase the life of the tire.

  1. Oil-based dressing
  2. Water-based dressing

Oil-based dressing:

Oil-based care products work best to keep the shore black and shiny. Even it was using several years ago. Already, some credible brands produce oil-based dressing. Baby oil, castor oil, and lemon oil are the best among all oil-based products. However, brake fluid oil also works best for tire dressing. Besides, tire dressing wd40 tire shine is quite good oil-based dressing. The benefits of oil-based dressing that it is environment-friendly. Likewise, these are affordable.

Water-based dressing:

The water-based dressing is easier than the oil-based dressing. Also, water-based is environment-friendly. If you want to do an easy dressing at home, then sugar water tire shine will be a good choice. Good to know that water-based dressing can increase tire brightness and gives a glossy shine.

Different types of quality products for shiny tires

If you are thinking – how to make tires black but not shiny, you shouldn’t go for the shining products then. Only you need to stick with the “tire cleaning and blacking process.” But if you’re into shining your tires then here go some good quality products for that –

  1. GRIOT’S GARAGE 11146 SP shiny products
  4. Tire dressing wd40 tire shine

Additional cleaning and shining ways for tires

Besides the above-noted cleaning elements, if you ask – how to keep tires black and shiny with some other ways – then you can try any of these methods.

  1. Waxing the wheel
  2. Sealant for wheels
  3. Using the ceramic coating
  4. Using degreaser

Benefits of tire shine and black

Tires shine mainly makes a tire look like a new product. When you drive with a tire shine car, it increases the car’s beauty. It helps to stand out your car from others with a black and hot shine reflect.

Prevent the dirt and mud:

When tires shine with good oil, it can prevent road dirt, mud, and debris because there is a protective cover on the tire surface. So, it can make long-lasting a car tire.

Sun damage protection:

The best benefits of tire shine the UV and harmful sun ray’s protection. If you have to stand the car under the sun for a long time, a tire shine will save you from damage.

Tire black and shiny pricing

As you have already thought about, tire shines. So, it is good to know the pricing. It would be helpful later. You will get several ranges in the tire prices. The basic tire shine price will cost you $5 to $10. You can use this type of shines bottle once or twice. The jet-black tire shine is available for only $6. However, if you increase your budget from $10 to $20, you can some excellent tire shine bottles. Which also more powerful and enough for larger vehicles. On the other hand, you will get at least 64 ounces to tire shine bottle within $20 to $60.

Important considering things before applying tire shine

  • First, make sure that the tires are perfectly clean. Because the shine doesn’t work well on the dirt or dust surface.
  • In the case of spraying shines, remember to apply from the closer of the tire. It is good to shine more accurately.
  • Ensure the proper dryness of your tire after applying the tire shines. Otherwise, it would be slang.
  • Avoid applying the shine when the car is under the sun. It means you have to apply shines on a normal temperature of tires.
  • It’s better and safe to apply the shine product first to foam applicators like terry towels, then proceed to apply it onto the tire sidewall.
  • Don’t leave the dressing wet after applying it onto the tires. Just use a fresh microfiber towel to wipe off/clean the wet stuff from the tire sidewall.
  • Do not apply the shine product to the tire tread. It can cause accidents.


How Long Does Tire Shine Last?

Any shining product will last up to a maximum of one week. But the price of shiny products is very high compare with durability. So, investing in a shiny product is illogical. However, it is efficient when you need to shine the tires for any emergency reason.

Can Tire Shine Protect Tires?

As well as the color losing, a tire can get several stains and scratches. Generally, shiny products can reduce the stain soon. But in many cases, your tires would get a hard stain or bloom.

In this case, you need to use special protection or dressing for it. Because shine always can’t protect the tires. But the protective dressing product is available for this.

Can You Use Vegetable Oil For Tire Shine?

Yes, you can use vegetable oil for tire shine. The most common baby oil, castor oil, and lemon oil are best to shine the tires at home.

Can I Put Vaseline On My Tires?

No, it would help if you did not do that because Vaseline is a petroleum-based oil. So, it can be harmful to your tires. Also, Vaseline and oil-based shiner are quite different.

How can I make my tire shine last longer?

If you ask – how to keep tires shiny for much much longer, then the answer will be – Nah it’s not actually possible.

Tire shining – done by any shining product lasts at most 10 days. Therefore, there is no effective method or product to extend the shine span more than that.

What is the best tire protectant?

There are hundreds of tire protectant products available in the market. But from our view, these are the best among them –

• 303 Protectant – Automotive Interior And Exterior – Ultimate UV Protection
• Chemical Guys TVD_107_16 V.R.P.

Can you use wd40 to shine tires?

WD-40 is a multipurpose cleaning product. And yes – you can use it for rubber that means tires. It can clean and at the same time shine your tires.

But don’t forget to use it properly.

Can all tire cleaners be applied to plastic and vinyl?

The answer is yes. You can apply tire cleaners on plastic and vinyl to clean them. For example, you can use them on the vinyl roof or the plastic parts of your vehicle like the plastic dashboard, maybe the plastic bumper, etc.

Is Tire black bad for tires?

Tire black is not bad or harms your tire if you use it effectively or properly.

Are tire shine products harmful to my car’s tires?

The short answer is not – only if you use the shining products effectively. Tires need proper cleaning and drying before you apply any product to them. Also, the product needs to be used in the right proportion and applied properly.

So – just buy the right product, follow the proper instructions to use it and you’re okay to go.

Did You Know?

  • While applying aerosol tire dressing – accidentally you can spray it onto the brake rotors of your car. And it can lead to premature brake failure. (However, eliminating brake dust or cleaning the brake rims is another process)
  • Applying tire shine products on motorcycle tires can cause damage. Therefore, never ever do this!
  • Car wash soaps are only meant to clean the car, not tires or anything. (As they are designed to use on your vehicle’s paint)

Final Words:

Hopefully, the process of how to keep tires black and shiny is clear to you now. We have given all the secret tips of black and shiny car tires. Also, you have gotten ideas about the tire shine products’ price. Tire black and shine products are a little bit expensive. But it is quite effective to make your oldest tires a brand-new tire. If this post is helpful to you, then share it with others. And yes, if you ask – how to make tires black again – then once more the same steps need to be followed as instructed above.

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