How to Remove Baffles From Motorcycle Exhaust – 7 Easy Steps

If you want the exhaust of your bike to flow spontaneously, what’s stopping you? The baffles! Yes, the baffles are stopping the exhaust flow freely and taming down the loud sound of your bike. Some of us love to say quite but who doesn’t want to roar with that beast looking bike?

It is time your bike tells you are here by the deep and loud sound! All you need to do to get this is to take out the baffles! Get your Harley Sportster ready and get the gears!

Today, we will deal with how to remove baffles from motorcycle exhaust for a louder sound and some added attention!

7 Steps to Remove the Baffles from Bike’s Exhaust

How to Remove Baffles from Motorcycle Exhaust

We recommend you get the necessary hardware, gears, and tools for the process so that you do not need to run here and there while removing the baffles. Get prepared then sit for it patiently. Yes, it will take time but it will be worthy!

Step 1: Read the Manual

First of all, we recommend you to go through the owner’s manual. This will help you learn about the baffles and the exhaust more. Depending on the model and the year, the connection of the exhaust can differ a lot. If you are working with the exhaust system for Harley, checking its manual will tell you the basic details.

Not all the bikes are the same and not every connection works in the same way here. So, reading out the manual is a must when you are dealing with your beast! However, we can recommend you the standard process here. Mostly, there will be two different bolts at the head of the cylinder. And to support it more, another two bolts will be at the back of your bike.

Step 2: Stabilize the Bike

Once you have checked how the exhaust of your bike is added to it, you are free to begin the process. IN this place, you have to ensure that your bike is stable. So, take the motorcycle on the kickstand. If you prefer making it stable in the center stand, you can do it too!

Your basic job here is to certify that as you are going to work with the bike, the bike must not fall down while doing it. The motorcycle work-stand is incredible for keeping the bike in perfectly stabilized position. With this, you can take off the exhaust better than the other methods. Go for it if you can afford!

Step 3: Remove the Exhaust

Now you are prepared, all you have to do is take off the exhaust of your bike. Taking it off from the bike completely will help you do your work without any hazard. First of all, search for a socket wrench. Keep in mind that not all the socket wrench will fit the device here.

You have to put a little effort to find out the right sized socket wrench for this step. With it, take out all the nuts and bold and you are free to remove the exhaust. When you remove it, chances are you will see open holes on the cylinder-head. Check the engine’s cylinder head and search for the open holes. If there is any, all you have to do is cover it up.

This will ensure that it is kept away from moisture and dirt. Otherwise, it would have been the reason behind moisture buildup and dirt. Cover it up and move to the next step.

Step 4: Add the Exhaust

Here, you have to add the exhaust system on the vice carefully. In this process, you will need shop rags. Keep in mind that the chrome can be damaged anytime. Also, there is a chance of the chrome getting scratched. The metal surface is the reasons that you have to take care of the chrome carefully. Once you have covered it, go to the next step.

Step 5: Drill the Baffles

In this step, you have to get your hands on a hand held drill. Settle for the ½ inches metal cutting bit. Or you can also go for the 3/8 inches metal cutting bit. Pick up any of these bits and add them to the muffler’s end. Now, with the handheld drill, all you have to do is drill it!

First of all, check for the first exhaust baffles and the second one two. These are the two baffles that you have to drill in this step. Drill them carefully. If you are dealing with the high-end bike’s exhaust, just like the Harley Sportster exhaust, make sure you check the number of the baffles. This reason is some of the bikes of these days have more than two baffles.

There can be three baffles or four baffles too! If this is what it is, you have to drill through all of these ¾ exhaust baffles. But for this, you have to re-jet the carburetors. As there will be compression lack, make sure you re-jet the carburetors beforehand.

Step 6: Adding the Hardware

Now, it’s your time to take off the exhaust system. Take it off from the vice first. Here, it is time for you to add it to the bike. IN this case, you will require some necessary hardware. Yes, we are talking about the hardware that you have taken off from the bike before. All you need to do is put them in their place once again and then attach them.

Get your hands on this hardware and place them in their right place. For attaching them, you will need screwdrivers, wrenches etc. Use them and add the hardware properly. Make sure you do not lose any hardware or small objects. It is better to keep a bowl or box near so that you can keep them safe when you have removed them. In this position, you have to go through the manual once again.

Step 7: Tightening the Bolts

You will need the torque specifications here. Check it and work accordingly. After you are done, you have to deal with the bolts and recheck them. The bolts should be tight enough to certify safety. Sometimes, we make mistake of over-tightening the bolts which can damage them.

So, you have to tighten them just the right amount! After you have removed the baffles from your bike exhaust, you are free! All you need to do is crank the bike and enjoy the new exhaust tone. Yes, it is deep and loud!

Wrap Up

Have you ever heard your bike’s deep and loud tone? That makes you feel good, surely! If you want more attention on the road or you just love to hear the loud bike roaring, you can get the baffles removed and get to hear the amazing sound!

You do not need professionals for this purpose! All you need is the owner’s manual and our step-by-step process! This will save you money and add roar to your bike! Who doesn’t want that!

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