How to Take Off Wet Car Cover? in 2022 [3 Best Methods]

Car is an important part to our day-to-day life. Am I right? Sometimes our car falls great problem such as rain and other wet condition. We use the car cover to protect the car from rain, wet conditions, and other harmful elements. But after a time, you just need to take off your wet car cover.

So, how to take off wet car cover? Though you can take off anytime your wet car cover, you should follow some rules to take of it safely. First of all, you need to keep some hours wet car cover on your car and then take it off. Secondly, you can dry the car cover without taking off the wet car cover for some time, then easily take of it.

There are couples of the method you may discover on the internet, but here I discuss only three methods, and I strongly believe that the methods are working to you and you can easily take off the wet car cover without any damaging issues of your car. So, let’s get started.

How to Take Off Wet Car Cover? [3 Alternative Methods]

If you are there, that means you want to know a proper method that helps you to take off the wet car cover properly without causing any damaging issues. Note, these three methods I discuss depend on car experts and the manufacturers, and I think the methods are truly actionable and workable.

Method 1: Using Dry Car Cover

After wetting your car cover and car on rain or other things, you should take a proper step to dry the cover and then take off the cover. To dry your car cover, you can use a car cover dryer which you find on the market.

Moreover, you can also use the heater to dry the cover. After drying the cover, you can easily take off the cover without a single issue. Note that if you newly print your car, you should be careful to heat the car cover because of damaging print issues.

Method 2: Lay Car Cover On the Car for Sometime

The second method you can say is a natural method. But it kills some time which means you need to wait. For example, after raining or wet your car, you should wait for 5 to 7 hours so that the car cover doesn’t attach to the car and leave it so that you can easily remove the car cover.

If the sunlight comes after the rain, you may need to spend less time taking off the car. The method is truly working, but I don’t recommend applying this method when you do not have enough time to wait for a couple of hours.

Method 3: Keep the Car with Wet Cover in Open Air

Air is also working like a dryer. When you keep your car on open air, the air goes inside of the car and makes space between the car and the car cover. You may need to keep your car in the open air for 5 to 7 hours, and if the air is much better, then you may not need to wait much time.

This method is not much popular because of several reasons. However, you can also use a large air pump or air dryer to apply this method. Most of the time, you can find air pump car shops or online shops. I hope that you can understand whatever I say to you.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Should I remove the car cover after rain?

A: The straightforward answer is yes, you should remove the car cover after rain. But you can also keep the car cover for a couple of hours. However, you should not keep your wet car cover for long because of paint and other damaging issues.

Q: Can you wash and dry car covers?

A: I never recommend you to wash your dry, even wet car cover because of damaging the fabric. You should not worry about dirt or dust because you can easily swipe them from your car cover. On the other hand, you should also avoid fabric softeners in your car cover because it also damages your car and car cover fabric.

Q: Are car covers worth it?

A: Of course, a car cover is worth it for you and your car. A car cover easily protects your car from rain, pollen, mud, dust, debris, and a couple of harmful elements. So, you just need to keep in mind that the car covers worth for your car as well as you.

Final Words

Taking off the car cover the right way is important because of avoiding damage, scratches, or watersports, and a couple of harmful things. Therefore, I hope that the above 3 methods help you a lot to easily and hassle-free take off the wet car cover from your car.

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