How to Use a Tailpipe Expander With Safety?

The problem with aftermarket components is that those often don’t fit the standard exhaust. However, you can simply take the help of the best tailpipe expander tool for getting things your way. Or even the regular ones.

But just buying one won’t be enough. You also need to find out exactly how to use a tailpipe expander and do things safely so none of the parts have any chance of facing damage. Basically, what I’ll help you with today in this small guide.

Using a Tail Pipe Expander Following Safety Guidelines is a Priority

These are some short but very important notes you must know to use a tailpipe expander.

  • No messy areas should be your choice for working with the tool. Get the setting clean and also have enough light to work in.
  • Pipes that withstand expansion should not be attempted.
  • While using the expander, make sure your fingers don’t get inside of it.
  • Anybody who has little to no knowledge of handling such tools should not use the expander.
  • Keep the expander out from any children’s reach, it’s very dangerous otherwise.
  • If you use an expander from a friend, make sure there are no missing parts or damages. Otherwise, it would result in injuries as well as failures.
  • Pipes that have no slits cut or socketing for expansion won’t be ideal for the purpose.

How to Use a Tailpipe Expander?

Learning how to use an exhaust pipe expander also involves understanding choosing the right size expander for pipe end. The expander should go inside pipe, at least three-quarters of it must. Otherwise, the expansion will only cause damage.

Now for reshaping the pipe, you want to carefully turn hex drive. Make sure you turn it clockwise. As soon as you achieve the needed shape, stop. Then start winding it in the opposite direction. And this will get it out of the exhaust pipe.

Keep in mind the tool won’t help with expanding pipes that are straight. Socketed pipes are the potential right ones for this process. Keep away any impact wrench. Simply any sort of overloading to the tool is not reseeded.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much can you stretch exhaust pipe?

Ans: Different pipes have distinct qualities. So, there’s no exact answer to this question, unfortunately. In most case, stretching 2 to 3 inches work just fine. However, often people use quite expensive equipment for pipe bending. Also, if the pipe was quite cheap, there’s a good chance that it will crack.

2. How do I join two same size exhaust pipes?

Ans: You must have or have not heard about the butt joint. It’s basically the term that we use for connecting two similar diameter exhaust pipes. The point where they join is called that.

Now for achieving the easiest butt joint, going with a band clamp is the ideal choice. You can also try an exhaust welding clamp if you want to weld a butt joint. It would be tacked in the spot. Once you are done with welding, just remove it and that’s all.

Wrap Up

And that was a pretty short piece of writing that I came up with just to help you learn how to use a tailpipe expander with safety and precautions. I also felt latter two questions were necessary, as this might be a query in the middle of trying the expander.

Anyways, we are by the end of today’s discussion. I hope this will help you in some way. See You In Another Similar Topic Soon!

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