Is Tire Shine Bad For Your Tires? Tips to prevent Cracking and Browning

Who doesn’t want to give his tires a shiny and sexy look that makes those tires eye-catchy? But, can those tire shine products cause cracking and stop browning?

Well, if you know how to find the correct tire shine products and use those products correctly, it won’t increase the aging process of tires. However, People have different opinions on some specific products that help improve the aging process of tires.

This article is to help you know about the correct tire shine products, what ingredients are used in the aerosol or liquid form, and how to prevent tire browning and cracking over time.

Moreover, we will discuss some natural ways to decrease the aging process and make your tires shine like diamonds.

How to use tire shine appropriately?

First of all, keep in mind that tire shine is not for cleaning tires. It only makes your tires look pretty. Tire shine makes tires look purdy in the sunlight. If you use water-based products, it will give you the matte looking finish. Water-based products don’t last long, but it’s a temporary solution to make those tires look shiny and black.

Before reapplying tire dressing, you have to wash those tires correctly. As we said before, water-based products are easier to remove than others, but some products can stay much longer. It would be wise to remove tire dressing before reapplying and be sure to wash those tires correctly. We didn’t hear about any significant problems while using tire shine if applied correctly.

Expert says, “Try to wash your tires more often, and don’t let your tires dry in the sunlight all day.” But, who follows the rules these days? If you really want to stop cracking, then driving is a good thing to do. While using tire shine, try to follow the instructions written on the product or the bottle you have.

Many products are available in the market to have the perfect shine, but you need to choose the right one, right? The silicon-based gel or wax can last long, and you’re good to go for at least two weeks. Silicon-based products typically come with a sponge to apply the gel correctly on your tires, and you will get the glimmering bright shine, and of course, not very matte.

Most products don’t have damaging effects and do a pretty decent job, but you have to check the reviews before buying one. As we know, every kind has its own pros and cons.

Here’s a video to know more about all tire shine products.

Is water-based Tire dressing usually the safest?

Yes, and you can find it anywhere online. Products from Chemical Guys are becoming popular day by day. Their professional-grade products earned peoples’ trust and respect over the years and are available on amazon. Here are the pictures of some right water-based products which are actually pretty good for your tires.

The interesting part is you can easily wash off water-based products as compared to others. You surely don’t want to use something that is more challenging to wash off and damage your Tire. Water-based products are easier to wash off if you accidentally spray some on the paint of the fender.

Choosing water-based products from chemical Guys would be wise if you really care about your car. We know that high-quality products give a rich-looking finish and simply do a better job than others.

Here’s a comparison between all types of products.

Details about oil-and solvent-based products

People usually use oil-based products to get that rich, glittering shine, which isn’t possible to achieve if you use water-based products. But one of the pros is the protection while rolling through dirty water. Let’s get into details

Petroleum Based

If you plan to use petroleum-based products, then one thing to remember is that it contains powerful chemicals. It will damage your painted wheels more than any other product if you don’t know how to use them. These aerosol-based products sometimes contain highly flammable petroleum, and the price is lower than other types. Amour All, Blue Magic Tire Wet are some products that contain strong chemicals.

Silicon-Based dressings

Silicon-based products not only make your tires look shiny but also provide a layer of protection. That’s why if you have plans to ride your car in dirty water, you can apply this type of product. But, you have to struggle while washing your 15 inch tires because they don’t wash away as quickly as you think.

Silicons can either be water-based or solvent-based. Solvent-based silicons evaporates after applying and leaves some kind of silicone oil. The color of water-based silicon is milky white, and solvent-based is clear and greasy that contain petroleum solvents.

The reasons behind tire browning

Tire dressing is not the main reason for tire browning. The anti-ozonant substance which is used in your tires can cause those tires to turn brown. This happens when your tire ages because that ingredient makes it to the surface or sidewall day by day.

You can check this post (adamspolishes) to know more about the reasons behind tire browning.

You can wash those tires with a perfect cleaner to remove the brown color. You can also use Aluminum 3 in 1 Wheel Cleaner by Black Magic to correctly clean those wheels. The more the tire ages, the brown color becomes deeper. So you have to clean your Tire regularly before applying tire shine to give it a perfect shiny look.

Tips to prevent tires from turning brown when using Tire Dressing

One of the main reasons for tires turning brown is not letting your tires dry because you’re in a hurry. If you do so, you will see dirt tapped on those tires. Based on our research, most people often ignore this, causing those tires to turn brown.

Ways to keep dirt off from those tires

We personally recommend using water-based tire shine because dirt is more likely to stick to silicon-based products. It’s because of the tacky surface that silicone-based products create. So, it would be wise to use water-based dressing if you plan to drive in a pretty dusty area.

Can tire dressing lead to Tire cracking?

Common reasons for cracking are prolonged UV exposure from the sun and strong chemicals or acids that we usually use to wash tires. Tires are built with anti-ozone and anti-oxidation components, and from time to time, the gradual wearing out of these ingredients can lead to cracking.

The things described above are more likely to cause cracking than a tire dressing will. So, no need to worry and try to use water-based tire shine.

You also need to be careful while using tire cleaning products. Check our latest post from Blog to find the best suitable tire cleaners.

The pros and cons of Tire Dressing products

Water-based products are easy to wash off and environment friendly. Every product has its own pros and cons. While purchasing, it’s essential to read all reviews carefully to have a long-lasting performance.

We recommend using water-based Tire Shine by Chemical Guys for ultimate performance.

Here are some pros and cons of Tire Shine products.


  1. Tire Shine gives the rich, shiny, and sexy look to make those tires eye-catchy.
  2. These products can decrease Tire Cracking by making those tires wet.
  3. An aerosol-based Tire Shine can do a quicker job as compared to others if you are late for a party.
  4. Silicon-based products can give you the glimmering bright shine if you plan to be in a car show.


  1. Solvent-based products are harder to remove if those products sling onto your paint. That’s why you always need to be careful while using solvent-based.
  2. Try to avoid using on motorcycle tires.
  3. It becomes harder to remove the mark from your wheels if you use silicon-based. That’s why try to use water-based Tire Shine.

Remember these words while using tire shine

While using tire shine, you must remember that there are a bunch of products available in the market, but you need to choose the right one, right? Both water-based and petroleum-based are acceptable if you know how to use those and follow the instructions above.

But we recommend using water-based tire shine because you can easily remove water-based tire shine while washing your tires as compared to others. Most car owners make a mistake by buying silicon-based products to have a long-lasting glow. But, they need to be careful while using solvent-based because this kind of product can leave a deep mark on your wheels.

Tire shine shouldn’t accelerate cracking and browning if applied correctly. Try not to park your car out in the sunlight. Instead, put it in the car garage.

If you have any suggestions, thoughts, or questions, let us know, we’ll reply ASAP.

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