Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap Pros and Cons – Detailed Guide

Now that you are here, we are sure that you are confused about adding the bike exhaust wrap. Exhaust wraps are a cheap and easier solution than the other methods, we agree. But yes, the bad odor of your exhaust wrap can make you dislike it.

Apart from the price point and the bad odor, there are other odds and evens of exhaust wrap. Let us learn about the motor exhaust wrap pros and cons and decide if you want to install it or not!

Have a look at the detailed features of the wrap and then plan to get one!

Exhaust Wrap for Motorcycle: Pros vs. Cons

Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap Pros vs cons

Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap Positive Aspects

You might be planning to wrap your Harley Sportster exhaust. But should you do it? Let us learn about the motorcycle exhaust wrap pros and know why it is beneficial for you!

Cool Engine Bay Temperature

One of the basic reasons for adding a motorcycle exhaust wrap is to ensure that the engine bay stays cool. When you get the perfect wrap and add it to the header, the heat of that place will dissipate directly to the engine block and will go down to the system.

In this manner, you can easily keep the temperature of the engine bay cool. As a result, fresh and cool air gets inside instead of being surrounded by hot air. Imagine you are dealing with a Harley Street Glide exhaust and you have wrapped it.

When there will be cold air, it will help in increasing the horsepower of your Harley bike. And with it, the throttle will be maximized too! There will be less burn risk here.

Sound Profile Improvement

Have you ever heard your Harley Davidson emitting bothersome noise? That’s a common case for almost all types of motorcycles.

And if you want to reduce the bothersome noise when you ride, all you need to do is wrap the Harley Davidson exhaust header! When you ride the bike, there is a chance that you will hear some clicks or rattles which is annoying. It will improve the sound profile and your ride will be more charming than before!

Outlook Improvements

Nobody can deny that wrapping the motorcycle exhaust improved the outlook of your bike. Yes, a lot of you will say that the single-tube look is amazing when it comes to the VINTAGE body. But is it easy to clean? Absolutely no!

No matter you settle for high-quality steel, the heat will eventually colorize the metal of that area. And to keep the area look cleaner, exhaust wrap can be just the right deal for you! And if you go for the wrapping, you do not need to add a new coating again and again!

In that case, it is way cheaper than the coating process and is lighter on your wallet. All you need is some rolls of wrap for the exhaust and wrap it at home! It will add an aesthetic dimension to your bike.

Safer Rides

Another reason to add exhaust wrap to your motorcycle is to ensure safe rides. You might say that wrap or no-wrap is the same. But that’s a NO from us! When you have an old model bike, you will see that most of them have a single tube design.

And when you run the bike for a long period, there is a chance that the area will get too hot to deal with. The best part is exhaust wrap can save you from burns here. This extra layer can be the protective layer for you and your partner when you are riding for a long time.

Flexibility and Installation

Whenever you plan to add so e extra protection and aesthetics to the exhaust, it is easy to add the wrap than to go for the other methods. As we said it is cheaper, also, it is flexible too. Even if you are a newbie, you can easily check the instruction and wrap the exhaust of your bike!

Apart from this, you will find exhaust wraps in different colors. So, adding exhaust for aesthetic purposes will be fun for you too! You can also settle for painting the wrap if you want! Make something cool and enjoy loving your bike more!

Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap Drawbacks

As the moon has its marks, the exhaust wrap for your bike has the same! As much as it does amazing things to your motorcycles, there are visible problems that you might confront when you wrap the exhaust. Here, we will discuss the motorcycle exhaust wrap cons in short so that you can decide if you legitimately want it or not.

Moisture Capture

They often ask – is wrapping Motorcycle exhaust bad? In some specific cases, yes, it is! The first problem the users will tell you about the exhaust wrap addition is the moisture capture. As this is an extra layer, there is always a chance that moisture will be captured inside it.

If you are not riding your bike more often and you are parking it for a long period, you will face this problem. So, all you need to do is maintain a routine of riding so that the heated temperature helps the moisture go away.


Just as we said, it ensures safety, there are situations where the reason for a fire hazard is motorcycle exhaust wrap. Yes, it pushes the heat to the back and keeps the engine bay cool. But while doing this process, oil, fuel, and grime is collected here. And if the area gets too hot while driving, there is a chance of fire! Make sure you keep routinely cleaning the area.

Catalytic Converter Issues

If you ride a bike, you know that the work of lessening the produced emission while riding a bike is done by the catalytic converter. By adding the exhaust wrap, you will push more heat into the catalytic converter unit. As a result, the molecule profile will get changed. Slowly, the durability of the catalytic converter will get reduced.

One Way Road

So, if you have applied an exhaust wrap once, you cannot undo it! Yes, you can take it off and then clean the area. But the area will never be as perfect as it was! If you use a fiberglass wrap, you will see fibers there. An easy solution for this is to get silicon spray and spray it there before you install the wrap. But we cannot ensure that it will help you completely.

Wrap Up

Yes, the exhaust header wrap looks amazing and feels amazing. But it comes with some specific cons that you cannot avoid. There are problems you are going to face. And so, you have to get your hands on both the positive and negative side of this product and then decide if you want it.

Your decision is solely yours; all we can do is suggest you. If you want something better than the exhaust wrap, we recommend you to settle for ceramic coating as that doesn’t have many negative aspects to deal with!

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