Pros and Cons of Dual Exhaust – Detailed Guide

Dual exhaust has two pipes instead of one and does the same work as the single exhaust. Are there any other differences that a dual exhaust makes to the vehicle and engine? Yes, the dual exhaust comes with a lot more benefits. But with all these, there are drawbacks too.

Today, we are here to discuss the pros and cons of the dual exhaust. It will help you in deciding if you want a single exhaust or the dual one!

Check it out if you want to keep the engine happy and better!

Dual Exhaust Pros and Cons

There are both benefits and drawbacks to installing a dual exhaust. Here, we will be discussing the benefits of this exhaust along with the dual exhaust cons! Have a look!

Dual Exhaust Pros: Why Should You Install it?

Horsepower Increment

The first thing that you will see when it comes to adding a dual exhaust to your vehicle is adding some horsepower. Whenever you plan to get some more horsepower to your vehicle, getting a dual exhaust can be very helpful. The single exhaust system is capable of forcing the burnt gas out. But when it comes to the dual exhaust, the process is done at twice the speed.

As there are two pipes for forcing the exhaust gasses out, it gets easy for the cooler air to get in faster than before. And when the engine gets more cool air, the horsepower will start increasing. As a result, the engine will get more power and you will love it!

Gas Mileage Improvement

Another important improvement in the vehicle you will see after the addition of a dual exhaust system is the gas mileage increment. When the engine of your vehicle has a dual exhaust system, it will start running better. And the best part is you do not need to put so much effort into the gas mileage increase. If the dual exhaust is added to the vehicle.

When you add a dual exhaust for Harley Davidson, the engine backpressure will be less. So, your engine will waste less energy! As a result, the engine will be more efficient. When the engine will be efficient, the fuel burn of the engine will work in a slower process. In conclusion, you do not need to use as much fuel as before. The remaining fuel will last for a longer time and you can save your money more than before!

Throttle Sound

The third in the list of dual exhaust pros is the sound improvement part of your vehicle. If you are having a dual exhaust system instead of a single exhaust system, the sound of your vehicle, no matter it is a bike or a truck, will improve.

Who doesn’t love the throatier sound coming from their vehicle? The better the exhaust system, the deeper the sound! If your vehicle is idle, even then you will hear the throatier and deeper sound after adding a dual exhaust.

If you think that the louder sound refers to the better engine performance then you are wrong. But sound performance is also necessary if you want a beautiful and smooth solo ride! Compared to the single exhaust, the dual exhaust will improve the sound; make it throatier, deeper and better!

Engine Lifespan

We have already told you about the engine temperature, didn’t we? Whenever you plan to add a new dual exhaust system to the vehicle, this will aid in running the engine more efficiently. As the burnt gasses are pushed to get out of the engine area faster than the single exhaust with the dual exhaust, the area gets free for the cooler air.

So, the engine intakes cool air faster than before. When the engine is cool and the temperature is low, the engine lasts longer than it usually does. So, increasing the engine’s lifespan is another positive aspect of the dual exhaust installation.

Dual Exhaust Cons: What are the Drawbacks?

Short Lifespan

Yes, the dual exhaust does a lot of good things to your vehicle and the engine. It increases the lifespan of the engine too. But the problem lies in the lifespan of your exhaust. Yes, if you get dual exhaust for Harley Street Glide and install it, it will serve amazingly but not for a long period. What we mean is the dual exhaust doesn’t last as much as the single exhaust.

As there are two different pipes to get the exhaust gasses out, both of them don’t get much warm throughout the process. And for this reason, the moisture locks up in that area. Moisture helps in rust buildup there.

And for this, the dual exhaust doesn’t work after a while. In this case, you have to replace it or you can go for the single exhaust. The single exhaust gets enough warm to not keep any moisture locked inside. So, it lasts for a long period.


As the dual exhaust is providing you two different pipes with twice the benefits of the single exhaust, it is very simple to understand that these will be expensive. Compared to the single exhaust system, you have to pay some extra bucks for the dual facility. But trust me; it is worth your money!

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Wrap Up

Dual exhaust is an amazing addition to your vehicle if you want to increase the horsepower and engine lifespan. But it comes with a cost too! Along with the pros, there are cons to the dual exhaust. That might bother you later!

Check it out and if you still feel like purchasing, go for this. Even we recommend you a dual exhaust! And if you don’t want it, the single exhaust system is still an option!

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