Single Exhaust vs. Dual Exhaust – Which one to get?

Whenever you plan to go for the right exhaust system for your truck, you can easily get confused between the single exhaust and the dual one. Which one to go for? Which will last long? Which works better?

Yes, there are thousands of questions regarding single exhaust vs. dual exhaust. And today, we will unfold the whole story behind the exhaust systems.

From the functionality to the positive aspects to the drawbacks, we have mentioned everything you need to know about them. Take a look and get to know your engine more!

Difference Between Single Exhaust and Dual Exhaust

Here are the basic differences between the single exhaust and the dual exhaust. You do not need professional degrees to understand it, trust me, my friend. And once you know it all, you do not need a professional anymore!

Single Exhaust System

Single exhaust system

In the single exhaust system, there is only one pipe that helps is guiding the burnt or exhaust gases out of your car or truck. If you are new to single exhaust, you should know that these come factory-equipped already. And in most vehicles, there are already added. In the case of a single exhaust, the vehicles usually have one manifold.

And in cases, the manifold can be two. It depends on the size of your engine. In the case of the four-cycle cylinders, there will be only one exhaust manifold. On the contrary, for the large V-6 engines, there will be two different exhaust manifolds. Each of these will be for each BANK or HEAD. You might be confused that if a truck or car that has two exhaust tips or two manifolds can settle for a single exhaust or not. For your information, yes, it can.

From the manifold, the pipes of the exhaust system will directly go to the catalytic converter and the muffler. For the single exhaust one, exactly before the catalytic converter and the muffler, the pipe that comes out of both of the manifolds will be combined in a Y.

And in easy words, a single exhaust will have only one and in the case of the dual exhaust, there will be two of each. If you are searching for an exhaust system for Harley Davidson or an exhaust system for Harley Sportster, we recommend you get the single exhaust one! It will fit better and work better, we assure you!

Reasons to Get a Single Exhaust

  • The weight of the single exhausts is light.
  • It is capable of increasing the gas velocity of your vehicle. Gas velocity refers to the speed at which the gas inside the car travels. To be more specific, it refers to the gas inside the car’s exhaust pipe.
  • The price of the single exhaust is comparatively low. Also, when it comes to installing, replacing, or fixing this exhaust, you don’t have to pay too much.
  • This exhaust is easy to replace when there are problems regarding the exhaust system. You can get these systems available in the shops without any complications.

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Drawbacks of Single Exhaust

However, apart from all the positive aspects, there are drawbacks of a single exhaust too. Dual exhaust refers to dual power, dual fuel economy. When you are switching to the single exhaust from a dual one, you will surely see the difference in the power and fuel economy. As this has one pipe, it takes time to do its job in comparison to the dual exhaust system. An extra pipe is of course a benefit to you, isn’t it?

Dual Exhaust System

dual exhaust system

As we told before, the difference between the dual and the single exhaust system is the pipes. Yes, the dual one has two different existing points to do the same work but better! In the single exhaust system, there was only one pipe and in the dual exhaust, you will get two different pipes for doing the same job.

And eventually, the two exit points will help is pushing out twice exhaust. Also, the process will be faster than the single exhaust. Now, you might ask that getting out the exhaust faster is necessary or not. In short, we will say that if you push more exhaust out of the area then more air will get in your vehicle’s engine. And when the engine will get more cold air, the horsepower of your engine will get better.

Apart from them, it will help in keeping the engine cold! In the case of the dual exhaust, there can be the H pipe in some situations. This will be set before the converter so that it can control back the pressure and can easily develop horsepower. When there is a crossover between both exhaust pipes, it will create an H there.

There are different brands out there, pick up the one that fits you. Not both of the single and dual exhausts will fit all the vehicles or engines. If you want exhaust System Harley Street Glide, you better settle for the dual exhaust.

Reasons to get Dual Exhaust


  • Dual exhaust systems usually come with several options for you. There will be an increment in the styles here. You can settle for the dual real exist or the cat-back exhaust in this case. There are endless options available to choose from.
  • The best part is this one will help you increase the fuel economy. As it will take out all the hot and burnt gasses and get the cold air in, the fuel will work better and you can save your money!
  • Another amazing fact is if you are a lover of the throatier sound of your vehicle, you will get that by installing the dual exhaust.
  • By taking out the exhaust gasses faster than before, it takes inside cool air. As a result, it keeps the whole engine cooler than the regular times increasing the lifespan of the engine.

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Drawbacks of Dual Exhaust

Just like the single exhaust, the dual exhaust has some drawbacks too. Yes, we agree that this one is capable of keeping the engine cool and get the burnt air out faster than the single exhaust. But in this case, for the two pipes, you will need to pay extra so that you can get the benefit.

These are expensive to buy and along with that, installing these will cost you extra too. Replacing these exhaust systems will also require a lot of money and effort. If you plan to get better service, you might like to pay! But another problem about this one is the lifespan of the dual exhaust.

Yes, when you install this exhaust, the pipes won’t get too warm. As a result, there will be moisture from inside the pipe. And eventually, there will be rust! So, if durability is what you want, the single exhaust can be a better option than the dual one.

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Wrap Up

Now, if you talk about the basic difference, then we will only tell you about the faster exhausting process that the dual exhaust offers you. But the whole thing also includes keeping the engine cool and increasing the horsepower. We always recommend you to get the dual exhaust if you can spend enough on it!

What other questions are bothering you about the exhaust system? Go through our site, we have almost all the necessary details added here so that you never face problems with your truck anymore

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