What Size Tarp Do I Need to Cover My Car? [Experts Size Recommendation]

When you are going to choose a tarp cover for your car, you may need to keep in mind some core factors that allow you to get the best car tarp. Expect core factors; you should also consider water-resistant, weatherproof, and other things. But I only discuss here the perfect guide to choose the right size of your car tarp. Moreover, you will also get the guideline to choose the best one.

What size tarp do I need to cover my car? Choosing the right car tarp cover depends on which purpose you need to collect the tarp. However, the camping experts recommend choosing a 9 x 9 square tarp, which helps you create various shelters. Moreover, you can also choose a 12 x 16 multi-purpose poly tarp. Overall, an 8 x 10 tarp would provide you ample coverage and also get a single hammock.

However, let’s discuss in detail about this matter so that you can easily get the perfect size tarp and the best cover from the market without any hassles.

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What Size Tarp Do I Need to Cover My Car?

If you want to choose the right size car tarp cover, you need to consider some important factors which describing blow. However, let’s check out the following method and choose your perfect tarp size for your car.

Consider the Purpose to Use the Tarp

Where do you want to use the tarp for your car? The using area also depends on choosing the right size car tarp. If you are going to choose the tarp as a groundsheet that helps your car waterproof from the floor, then the measurement of the tarp should be larger than your car, at least 2-feet.

Moreover, when you are going to use the tarp for shelter, I would love to recommend you choose 9 x 9 square feet, which helps you create the shelter perfectly even protect your car from the sun.

On the other hand, if you think that you need to choose the tarp for one more purpose, you need to consider the size difference. For example, when you want to tarp cover up to 1 meter on each site you want to cover, then you must need to choose a 2-meter tarp for height, width, depth, and other angles.

Need to Consider Weight

Choosing the right size to tarp for the car, you must need to consider the perfect weight. Generally, a bigger tarp comes with much weight, and it may be common. However, if the tarp comes with much weight, you should choose some extra size tarp to easily remove and fit the tarp without any holes or issues.

Which Things Do You Need to Consider to Choose the Best Tarp Cover for Your Car?

Well, you need to choose a tarp which is perfect for your car. But which one is perfect for you? Well, check out the following sections to consider the best one. Note, the following steps are coming from experts’ recommendations. You may also understand How to calculate tarp size.


Most of the time, car owners forget to choose a durable car tarp. But a person needs to choose a perfect and durable car tarp. However, if you want to choose a durable tarp for your car, then you need to consider the best materials, construction, and strong service tarp from the market.


A versatile tarp helps you use the tarp for both outdoor of your home and helps you use it in your camping. However, when you choose a versatile tarp cover for your car, you carry the product from one place to another without hassles. On the other hand, you can also easily use and remove the tarp from your car.

Easy to Maintain

It is really ugly for the person and costs money when they discover the tarp holes after removing or attach the tarp into the car. So, you should choose a car tarp that is easy to maintain and use without any hassles. To easily maintain the tarp, you can focus on crystal and clear user-manual.

FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: Can you use a tarp as a car cover?

A: According to my experience, you can use the tarp as a car cover. But so many experts don’t recommend it because size matters and other factors. So, if you want to use a car tarp as a car cover, then you should use the right size tarp.

Q: How big a tarp do I need?

A: It depends on which purpose you are going to use your car tarp. However, you can check out the above-purpose section to get the right size of your tarp. However, it is easy to understand how big a tarp you need after reading the above section.

Q: Should you put a tarp under your tent?

A: Putting the tarp on the ground or under the tent is essential because it helps you to keep your tent and the car dry and warm even in heavy-duty rain or storm. So, choose the right size tarp without thinking more and then use it under your tent to get the best result.

Q: How thick should a tarp be under a tent?

A: Your tarp should be 2-3-inch smaller than your car cover. If you choose this size for your car, then you can easily avoid pooling. On the other hand, you can also keep your tent and car warm from the wet ground.


I hope that you may clear your confusion about this matter. It is easy to measure the right size for your car cover. The tarp is an important element to keep safe the car and the tent. So, is it clear to you and choose the right size for your car? If yes, then I think the article is helpful for you and get a tarp size Calculator. Or if you think that the article is complicated for you, then you may let me know in the following comment box.

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