Where Is the Fuel Tank Selector Valve? [Authentic Reviews]

This selection valve is placed directly behind the cab on the track on the steering column. If there is indeed a skid plate toward the front tank, that might not be obvious to notice.

A valve gas tank selector enables the driver in several Ford cars to shift across both fuel tanks. The selecting valve is designed and simulated situated below the back seat of a car or in most Ford cars to the right of the steering column. When the valve is turned, the selector receives signals and one of the gas tanks is sealed.

Where is the fuel tank selector valve?

The car has one auxiliary gasoline tank and a primary tank. Power supply using 12 volts DC. In-tank fuel pump cars or single fuel tanks between valves and engines. automobiles with a single fuel pump.

Only fueling systems for petrol and diesel. Not for use in the operation or prospective development of more than 60 PSI fuel systems. Not for marine activities.

Finding the fuel selector valve isn’t easy, It’s too hard to find. If you want to find a fuel tank selector valve, you have to know where the fuel tank selective valve is situated. Normally the fuel selector valve situated on the frame rail, driver’s side, just behind the cab.

When you seek the selector valve behind the cab of the driver seat, then you might find this selector valve and done your job.

Normally we have a question, how we can install or remove the fuel tank selector valve? Now I am telling you about this topic. let’s start.

How to install a fuel tank selector valve?

If you need to install a fuel tank selector valve, then you should follow the procedure that is given below.

Step-1: Choose a safe place near the actual gasoline lines and attach the selection valve firmly on the frame or other solid mounted areas using a correct length of 5/16-18 bolts.

Step-2: Orient it to a direction towards the gasoline tanks on the part of the valve with the four openings. Route to the valve the supply line of the supplementary tank.

Step-3: Drain and disconnect the original gasoline lines into the main tank. Be ready to catch gasoline from the cutting line and carefully store it.

Step-4: Connect the gasoline lines to the appropriate ports by correctly tightening the ‘worm’ shaped paddles and gasoline flexible fuel pumps.

Step-5: In this valve of the selector. As is shown in the neutral stimuli, install gasoline filters. The route of the gasoline line should reduce the number of curves and Flow constraints decrease the biggest possible radii.

Step-6: Just choose the dashboard position and attach the freely available selector.

Step-7: Cut the old gasoline tank wire to the gasoline gauge and attach the two ends of the connector 213 as shown, available individually as shown.

Step-8: Connect to the connection the new tank transmitting unit.

Step-9: The control changes ‘cross-wire is illustrated to link one set of terminals to the right ground and another pair to the 10 amp fusible terminals with +12 volts.

Step-10: Here on the button to the connector link the center terminals, as illustrated.

FAQ on where is the selective valve is situated

Q: Why do old Fords have two gas tanks?

Multiple tanks are the cause for fewer journeys to the gasoline station, which are vital for individuals in rural areas. The two fuel tanks were not entirely removed from Ford. They can still be obtained in some kinds of super service, but are limited.

Q: Does a truck with 2 gas tanks have 2 fuel pumps?

The inline large volumes pumps have several dual fuel pressure applications. However, a mixture of a tank pump and an inside pump can also be operated. The vehicles with two fuel tanks, as certain trucks do, are another popular use for double pumps of a plant.

Q: What is the purpose of dual gas tanks?

It is used in a vehicle to gain more gasoline. Even in a large lorry, a gasoline tank, and for a long-distance lorry is just as much room on one end. In general, the tanks have a pipe among them to adjust the gasoline level that might be enjoyable if you park on a path.

Q: How do you use two fuel tanks?

During a 4-way valve, the valve output linked to the gasoline pump is two suction pipes at the top from every tank. Turn the lever to “both,” shut the motor off and go home when the fuel is extracted from both tanks.


Hopefully, you are able to learn about Where is the fuel tank selector valve and How to install a fuel tank selector valve? After that, if you have any confusion on this topic, then you can ask me in the comment section. I’m trying to solve your problem.

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