Top 5 Best Automotive Gauges in 2023 (Ultimate Buying Guide)

The engine is your car’s heart. And you need to watch over it every now and then to see if it’s working well or not. If it’s in a bad condition, you won’t get the highest performance out of it. It’ll give you more pain than pleasure!

But you’re a tough rider, aren’t you? You always want the best performance when it comes to dominating the road. And that’s when you need your engines to work better. And the engines need to be monitored by something. Talking about gauges.

If you have the best automotive gauges, you’ll know how your engine is working while you can keep notes as well. But there are tons of them in the market. Which one you should pick? No worries, we’re here with the top 5.

5 Best Automotive Gauges Reviews

We know how important automotive gauges are. It helps to check your engine health, the voltage of the battery, and many more. That’s why we reached all the experts at automotive stores as well as talked with the users to get the truth.

Then finally we picked the top 5 to present before you. So without any further delay let’s check them out.

1. AEM UEGO Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge


AEM UEGO Air Fuel Ratio Gauge

Planning to replace your current air and fuel gauge? Then waste no time looking anywhere else because we’re presenting you the 30-4110 UEGO Air/Fuel ratio gauge from AEM.

As such, you will have the option to choose between black and silver colors faceplates. Plus, it comes in a small size of 52mm 2-1/16” yet with an elegant look. As a result, you can get your favorite colored gauge on your dashboard at ease.

Besides, you can watch over your car condition through this gauge pretty easily, thanks to its LED display. Its LED needle also changes color as the AFR changes. So, reading the calibrations won’t be an issue for you.

As it stands, 304110 UEGO from AEM doesn’t ask for free air sensor calibration. Since it boasts a 4.9 LSU sensor, you won’t need to walk through manual calibration. Whether you’re an experienced or new user, you can install it effortlessly.

Plus, it features an analog output of 0-5V so that you can use it with data loggers, making it the best quality automotive gauges. Because of such convenience, you can use it on your SUV, pick-up truck, and so on.

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  • Small and stylish to fit easily on the dashboard
  • Easy to see due to the LED display and changeable LED needle
  • No free air sensor calibration for easy installation
  • Compatible with a variety of cars owing to 0-5V analog output


  • Reportedly the O2 sensor is defected

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2. Innovate Motorsports SCG-1 Solenoid Boost Controller


Innovate Motorsports SCG 1 Solenoid Boost Controller

If you’re looking for air and fuel gauge along with a boost controller, consider the Motorsports SCG-1 Solenoid from Innovate.

First thing first, that if you’re on short of space on your dashboard to set up a new gauge, don’t take the stress. As it comes with a 52mm compact size, it won’t take much space to sit. Thus

As it stands, 3882 SCG-1 Motorsports from Innovate added a shift light that is user-programmable. It also integrates an OLED display so that you can see the air and fuel information pretty easily not only that, it will also show you wastegate duty status as well as manifold pressure.

Plus, these boost controllers incorporate Direct-Digital wideband air/fuel ratio technology. As a result, you will get actual feedback on your SCG-1.

Besides, you can have peace of mind because it will deliver you perfect boost control accuracy, safety, and response. Big thanks to Innovate for pairing the advanced oxygen sensor control technology with new solenoid control.

You won’t need any pc to configure it, as it comes with a two-button interface. However, since it has a programmable analog output, you’ll need pc for external data loggers.

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  • Takes less space during installation for compact design
  • Programmable shift light for convenience
  • OLED display to easily view the gauge
  • Provides accurate boost control by the paired technology


  • Will cost a good amount of money

3. Auto Meter Ultra-Lite Wide Band Air Fuel Ratio


Auto Meter Ultra Lite Wide Band Air Fuel Ratio

Everyone wants to know that the money they’re spending is going to return the best value. With that thought, if you’re looking for the best automotive gauges for the money, try out the Ultra-Lite Wide Band Air/fuel ratio from Auto Meter.

This is a perfect gauge for your gasoline vehicle that will deliver you with the utmost accuracy and response but at a low cost. As such, it comes with a digital segment display along with an LED radial bar graph to offer you crystal visibility.

Besides, the auto-calibration system of Auto Meter will calibrate the gauge at every start to offer you the highest accuracy. And amazingly it doesn’t require free-air calibration.

Now, with the gauge kit, you’re getting a couple of hardware. Let it be the new 8ft wiring harness which obviously is custom-tuned. Not to forget the 1 AFR Resolution Bosch LSU4.2 Sensor and the weld-in bung made of solid 304 stainless-steel.

You’re also getting mounting hardware as well. For your convenience, the package has got an instruction manual too.

If you’re worried about whether this kit will work with your car or not. Then we glad to inform you that it is compatible with 12 and 16 volts. Well, to put things in other words, it’ll work with the electrical system of almost every street or race car along with your car hopefully.

Moreover, it has a data output feed of 0-4v for ECU, Laptop tuning, or data acquisition unit. As such, if you have one or two-wire systems, don’t worry because the data logging output will be included for both of the systems.

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  • Can be seen owing to digital segment display
  • Calibrates the gauge automatically on every startup
  • Provides all the hardware for ease of installation
  • 12 and 16 volts compatible to work with nearly all cars


  • Difficult to figure out data logging

4. Innovate Motorsports PSB-1 Oxygen Gauge Kit


Innovate Motorsports PSB 1 Oxygen Gauge Kit

Unquestionably you need to check the car engine now and then. Since gauge is required to do that work, how about something that looks cool! You can try out the Motorsprots 3892 PSB-1 Oxygen gauge kit from Innovate to get the look, safety as well as performance.

With a 52mm diameter, this gauge comes with patented wideband sensor control. Also, there’s this digital wideband air/fuel ratio technology. It’s an all-in-one that will show you both Boost and AFR by taking a slight space on the dashboard.

It boasts an OLED display that will show you shift light, boost along with air/fuel ration. Most importantly, the display is user-configurable. As a result, it’ll be easier for you to configure and monitor it.

If we talk about compatibility, this Wideband O2 works with several types of fuel vehicles. Whether you have diesel, E85, unleaded, or leaded, it will work on each of them.

However, if yours is a nitrous application then the PowerSafe technology of 3892 PSB-1 from Innovate will disable the solenoid. Thus, you can have peace of mind that your car’s engine is safe.

Besides, you can use its linear 0-5V configurable analog output with standalone ECU’s or piggyback along with external data loggers. Such convenience will help you a lot during data logging.

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  • Small all-in-one gauge kit for little space
  • Great visibility due to configurable OLED display
  • Compatible with lots of fuel vehicles
  • PowerSafe technology to safeguard engines life


  • Little complicated to wire it up

5. Innovate Motorsports 3793 Wideband Gauge


Innovate Motorsports 3793 Wideband Gauge

Performance, look, and ease — can make an automotive gauge standout among all the regular pieces. So, if this is what you’re looking for in your next gauge, then you’ve got a match here. It’s the 3793 DB BLUE Wideband Gauge from Innovate Motorsports we’re talking about.

Well, let’s start with the installation first, as that is what you have to take care of in the first place. Thanks to its easier setup and wiring, that has made it all super convenient. As it comes with clear instructions, you’ll have no problem with the installation at all.

To make it an efficient and cost-effective tech, the makers have given it the wideband sensor control from DirectDigital™. Now you can have nothing but accurate air/fuel ratio monitoring on your vehicle every single day. Plus, its awesome design with a bright LED has given it the killer look as well.

Besides, you’ve got the complete liberty to add additional MTS or Modular Tuning System components. All credit goes to its innovative serial in and out for that. On top of that, it’s compatible with LogWorks, the famous engine-tuning software. So, you’ll get no issues on that part as well.

And if you’re expecting a bulky gauge on your dashboard, then forget it because this 10 x 7 x 2 gauge won’t eat up much of your space for sure.

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  • Comes with a perfect dimension for low space
  • Has scope to add additional MTS components
  • Compatible with the engine-tuning software LogWorks
  • Easy installation process with clear instruction


  • Not as cheap as some of the competitors

What to Look for Before You Buy?

Before you make the decision to buy automotive gauges for your car, you need to acquire knowledge. We mean to say that some mandatory aspects need to exist in gauges. Without them, you’ll end up with just a piece of metal that will be a showcase in your car.

You don’t want to spend money only on a piece of metal, do you? Well then, roll your eyes on the most important factors that we’re going to discuss below.

  • Gauge Size

This is the most important factor you should look at when you’re buying automotive gauges. As you know you need to set the gauge on your dashboard. Now if the gauge is big, then it might take a hell of space on your dashboard. As a result, space for keeping other accessories will get very small.

On the other hand, you should get a large gauge if you’re buying it for a racing car. Because at that intense moment of speed racing, you can’t afford to spend too much time reading the gauge, right? However, if you can read a small gauge easily, then you can get a smaller one.

  • Visibility

Another important factor is visibility. Reading must be easy to view. If you can’t get the reading clearly, it will be tough and critical for you to make decisions.

To increase visibility, you must first focus on the colors. The interface, bezel, and dial have an intense impact on giving crystal visibility. So, make sure that whichever gauge you pick, it should have great visible color contrast.

  • Installation

You should consider the installation process as a vital factor. Because you can’t spend days installing the gauge on your car, right? So, you should get the one that is easy to install.

Mostly, you’ll get a gauge kit available with mounting hardware and an instruction manual. In consequence, the installation process becomes easier.

However, some manufacturers don’t include hardware. Without hardware, you can’t imagine how hard and complicated the installation process can be. So, get a gauge that provides all the necessary hardware and installation guide.

  • Accuracy

Now if your gauge doesn’t provide an accurate reading, then what’s the point behind buying it, right? So, you should try your level best to get a gauge that gives an accurate reading.

Though there are very limited ways to check the accuracy, no worries we’ve included all the models that are praised to show accurate readings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Types Of Automotive Gauges Are There?

Generally, there are two types of automotive gauges — mechanical and electrical gauge. The classic way of gaining the reading is by the mechanical gauge. Whereas, the electrical gauge is a new technology to get the reading.

Which One Should I Buy Mechanical Or Electrical Gauge?

Basically, there is no specific answer. Because it completely depends on your needs. There is a lot of difference between them. So depending on your need, the preference you should pick one.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Damaged Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor?

The first symptom you will notice is the decrease in fuel efficiency. Then the most possible problem you’ll get is the decrease in power output and engine performance. If you face any of them, then you’re having a damaged air/fuel ratio sensor.

Which Gauges Should I Use Must?

Practically there are lots of gauges you can found around you, but you need to get the one that will meet your purpose. Some of the gauges are EGT, boost, clock, oil pressure, air/fuel ration, etc. Normally, you can take air/fuel ratio, fuel temperature gauge, and oil pressure gauge.

Is It Necessary To Use The Boost Gauge?

Yes, it is. Because a boost gauge monitors boost. Now, if you run too much boost, then it’ll damage your engine, which will lead to failure of the piston.

Final Verdicts

Thanks for keeping patience. And now it’s time to make your decision. We’ve discussed the best automotive gauges. To keep your car healthy, you have to check the engine properly.

That being said, we’ve done our parts. And we can assure you that if you pick any of our products, you will say “Yes, I got the perfect one!”.

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