Best Battery for BMW Review in 2023 | Top 5 Pics

Your shining BMW in the garage is waiting to roar once again. After all, it’s going to be a busy day, and being on time everywhere is what’s going to make the day worth it. So, your ride needs to be in its best shape, at least for today.

Wait a minute! What do you mean by the car is not getting started? Damn! that battery betrayed again, didn’t it? Got it now? This is exactly why you shouldn’t have put in anything else but the best battery for BMW in your car.

But bygones are bygones. You can’t change that. However, in this instance, we can’t say the same for the battery.

So, if you think you still got a shot left on this one, then stop being lazy and get the finest battery for your ride. And which one should you pick? Well, you’re just about to get that answer.

5 Best Battery for BMW Reviews

Doesn’t it get easy to pick something when you have a list of the finest? So, for easing up your pick, we’ve got you the top 5 batteries than can get your ride a better performance. Now all you have to do is check them out and grab yours. Here comes the first one –

1. Northstar NSB-AGM-94R

  Northstar NSB AGM 94R  

No one said that the winter is going to take it easy on your BMW. One fine morning you might end up with your new BMW being dead where it won’t even get started. So, if you really don’t want that to be the case, then you better bring in some solid performer like the NSB-AGM-94R from Northstar.

With the humongous CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) of 840, even in the coldest weather, your ride will get a quick start. On top of that, team Northstar has got rid of the additives and alloys that could cause faster corrosion to the battery. Plus, it’s Reserve Capacity of 158-min is decently higher than lots of top brands as well.

And if you’re a fan of OEM batteries and thinking if this one’s going to be a perfect fit or not, then just relax. This one will not only fit perfectly, but its high impact case will keep it resistant to shocks as well. So, if you’re planning to take a bouncy route, we don’t think that’s going to be a problem.

Along with keeping the Self Discharge Rate low, the makers have made this 76Ah battery leak and spill-proof too. So, this time there’ll be no mess around your batteries for sure. In the case of Cycles, the number is 400+ times, where the 80% DOD (Depth of Discharge) will be waiting to back you up.

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  • Comes with a greater CCA
  • Has a higher rate of DOD
  • Made leak and spill-proof
  • Can absorb extreme vibration level
  • Fits in perfectly with zero effort


  • Doesn’t fit some of the models

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2. Exide Edge FP-AGML5/49

  Exide Edge FP AGML5/49  

Come on! Admit it. A poor quality battery can make you suffer more than anything when you’ll ride your BMW, and you know that too. So, rather than picking up some low-end batteries to save some bucks, grab something that can make it up to you. Looking for a suggestion? We’ll say grab the Edge FP-AGML5/49 from Exide then.

But why would you put your hands in the pocket for it? Well, let us give you some solid reasons, and the first one on that list is its huge CCA. To finish off your days of struggle with starting the engine, this one comes with 850 CCA. Now, you won’t have to give up on the car even in the worst weather.

And if it’s the numbers you love, then another good one is waiting ahead for you, and that is 160 min of RC. So, you can be sure you ain’t going to run short on your battery power that easily with that much of reserve capacity. By the way, to make the charging super fast, it has the SureLife Graphite Technology within too.

Team Exide knows that you love lots of things about batteries, but leaking and spilling are not on that chart. So, they’ve made this one with the AGM design where you’ll have to deal with none of them.

Now, let’s have a glance at things the makers have done to take care of the corrosion. Well, we must say, the highly engineered alloy was a smart move to keep the corrosion at the lowest level. Moreover, it has maximized the battery’s life as well.

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  • Good at giving the car a quick start
  • Designed as leak and spill-proof
  • Comes with a huge reserve capacity
  • Capable of resisting corrosion
  • Gets recharged faster


  • The packaging could’ve been better

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3. ACDelco Gold 94RAGM

  ACDelco Gold 94RAGM  

Three things make a battery perfect – higher durability, good capacity, and better performance. Not too many of the brands have been able to pull that off, but it seems that ACDelco has done it amazingly with their 94RAGM Battery. Now, the question is, how? Well, you’re just about to find that out.

Having high cycling capabilities is probably what you look for in the first place in any batteries. The good news is, along with ensuring that, team ACDelco has got it the AGM design, what has made it literally spill and leak-proof. So, if you’re thinking this time the chemical spills are going to spoil your ride, then forget it.

Thanks to its negative paste that has not only brought amazing improvement in its performance but also increased the battery life. So, now you can get rid of the thought that you’ll need a new battery any sooner. On top of that, its corrosion-resistant terminals added an extra feather to the reliability part.

And worrying about the battery’s resistance? Then leave it on its calcium-lead positive grid to take it down. Moreover, to save you from the risks of shorts, the makers have got it the Robust Envelope Separator. It has also increased the acid circulation for keeping the battery cool.

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  • Comes with high cycling capabilities
  • Sports a spill and leak-proof design
  • Boasts a longer battery life
  • Keeps the battery’s resistance low
  • Prevents shorts and increases acid circulation


  • Direct contact with the lead products can cause health issues

4. XS Power D4900 12V Bacitracin Group 49 AGM Battery

  XS Power D4900 12V BCI Group 49 AGM Battery  

This one on our list is the D4900 AGM battery from XS Power. Nobody expects anything low-class from a brand like XS Power, and thankfully, they’ve kept their word for this one too. So, if you’re looking for something to get your ride the finest edge of performance, then this is it.

This 12-Volt Deep Cycle battery can deliver all the juice that your BMW needs. If you’re more into keeping it all leak and spill-proof, then there’s no way you’ll have to worry about that with its sealed AGM design. Along with that, its huge reserve capacity allows the battery to keep doing its job for 168 long minutes.

Did we say enough about the AGM technology of this battery? Well, the amazing configuration is highly helpful for making the battery last longer. The only condition here is you’ll have to charge it properly in order to keep that up.

There’s more to this amazing piece from team XS Power. As you know, heat and shock have never been a friend of batteries. So, the makers thought of making this not only resistant to heat but also extreme vibrations.

And if last time you needed a capacitor for better functionality, you ain’t going to need that on this one. After all, why would you need it when this battery can store energy?

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  • The design is leak and spill-proof
  • Comes with a good reserve capacity
  • Resistant to heat and vibrations
  • Doesn’t need a capacitor
  • Lasts longer


  • Not the lightest battery compared to competitors

5. Delphi MaxStart AGM BU9094R

  Delphi MaxStart AGM BU9094R  

It’s kind of tough to believe if you say you’ve been through that row of batteries but didn’t notice the name Delphi on it. They’ve so far brought some amazing batteries, and as a continuation to that, they’ve come up with the BU9094R battery.

Thanks to the team Delphi for ensuring an awesome performance with this battery, and it all started with their amazingly huge CCA, which is 800. With that much of the Cold Cranking Amps, not even the coldest weather can stop your BMW from a quick start.

And what to say about the MaxStart AGM design? That has not only made the ride safer but also deals with other major hazards like vibration and leakage. Speaking of vibrations, you might’ve seen batteries with a tag of ‘vibration resistant,” and this one is simply one of them. After all, it’s 20 times stronger on that part.

As the BU9094R has a 2x cycle life, unlike the low-end batteries, you won’t have to get rid of it any sooner for sure. And the reserve capacity? Don’t even think about taking a headache for that as you’ve got 140 minutes of RC there.

That’s not it. To save you from hassles of corrosion, it comes with the sealed housing. Moreover, placing it in your ride will require the lowest amount of effort, as it’s meant to fit perfectly.

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  • Comes with a higher CCA
  • Resistant to the extreme level of vibrations
  • Keeps the possibility of leakage at its lowest
  • Boasts a decent reserve capacity
  • Fits easily in vehicles


  • Some models might need some adjustments to fit it in

What to Look for in a Battery Before You Buy?

The equation is simple – you fail to recognize the right one, you’ll go home with the wrong one. So, if you don’t want to end up with the wrong battery, you better pick the one that comes with certain features. Just check them out in the one you’re looking at, and you’ll understand if it’s worth grabbing or not.

Size of the Battery

Cut your coat according to your cloth. In the same way, pick the battery that fits your ride. Getting a battery with superb specs but the wrong size is as good as not having any battery as you can’t use it. So, if you really don’t want to throw some bucks in the dirt, understand the required size and grab accordingly.

The Freshness of the Battery

It’s a bottle of wine that’ll be as good as its age. Never go for a battery more than 6 month’s older than its date of manufacturing. Otherwise, there’ll be no meaning of complaining about its underperformance. On this part, the newer, the better.

Reserve Capacity

Always choose a battery that has a higher reserve capacity. In case you forget to turn the lights off, or if there’s an alternator failure, it should better be ready to have your back then.

Power Requirement

In both hot and cold weather, you might have to deal with the start failure issue in your BMW. This is where you’re going need the CCA or Cold Cranking Amps and CA or Cranking Amps. So, make sure that you’ve got a good number on both of them if you don’t want to get stuck with a dead car in the winter or summer.

Ampere Hour

Capacity is a term that always runs on a positive track only when it’s high. The same goes for the batteries as well. So, before you swipe your card, make sure the Ampere Hour or Ah is coming with a higher number. After all, that’s what indicates the amount of electricity it can store.

Position of Terminals

If you don’t want to increase the chances of shorting, then pick a battery that’ll come with the perfect terminal position. Also, check out the side of the positive terminal.

FAQs: About Best Battery for BMW

What should be the expected life of a battery?

Generally, five years of battery life should be expected in the case of conventional batteries. But if the climate is too hot, then it might reduce to three years.

What is the factor that influences the price of a battery?

There’s actually three of them. The first one is the CCA rating, which you know as the Cold Cranking Ampere, the second one is the warranty, and the last one is the type of the battery.

What is the best way to check if the battery is good or not?

Going for a load test can be really helpful for understanding if the battery is good or not. You can use electric battery testers as well for that. If it fails in any of them, then you better get a new one soon.

What are the major reasons for a car battery going bad?

Usually, there’s a ton of them. But the most common ones are a parasitic drain, defective alternator, and faulty charging. Even extreme temperature can damage the battery as well, and so is excessive short drives.

How to dispose of batteries?

Batteries are full of Lead and acid. So, rather than disposing of them, go for recycling.

Final Words

No matter how good your ride is, serving it with the wrong parts will always be a drawback on its way to give you a better performance. Among them, one of the most common parts is the battery.

So, if you’re rolling a ride like BMW, then you better get it the best battery for BMW. Otherwise, be ready to get stuck with a car that can give up on you at any time.

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