The Best Bumper Guard for VW Golf in 2022 (Top 5 Picked by expert)

Volkswagen Golf is a family car that stands out for its elegant design, stylish interior, and outstanding performance. This ride is a near-perfect creation of man. And I bet if you own one, you’d want to keep it unstained.

Good luck keeping the bumpers spotless! These guys deal with the most punishment during a collision. A bumper guard will absorb that shock and prevent it from locking with another car bumper. It’s a worthwhile investment, to say the least.

So, if you’re searching for the best bumper guard for VW golf, look no further! This is a catalog containing some of the finest bumper guards in the market! So keep on reading!

Top 5 Best Bumper Guard for VW Golf Reviews

A great rear bumper guard will not only protect your car from scratches and dents it’ll also make your ride chic and stylish! Check out the list below to find out the perfect bumper guard for your Volkswagen golf.

1. Zeta Products Inc. ZP-01-VS Rear Bumper Protector


Zeta Products Inc. ZP 01 VS Rear Bumper Protector

Nothing says reliability more than a product made at home. Hailing from the US, Zeta products are dedicated to serving the countrymen and catering to their needs. That’s why their car accessories are favored by thousands of people over the country. ZP-01-VS is no different from the VW golf bumper protector.

This stylish-looking rear-guard will take it higher up the attractiveness scale of your Volkswagen golf. ZP-01-VS will not only hide those nasty scratches but also add distinctness to your sweet ride that’ll catch the attention of anyone passing by!

The rugged bumper guard is a master at its job. It’s strong enough to protect the rear from sharp objects, accidental damage, and harsh impacts. This strength comes in the materials. A unique thermally enhanced TEP plastic has been used with this one. Thus it’s impact resistant and durable.

Also, the TEP plastic has an OEM( Original equipment manufacturers) rating. They are weather-resistant and have a longer shelf life. So, you don’t have to worry about the plastics degrading any time soon! ZP-01-VS also holds on to the black color for a long time.

It’s super easy to install. Since it’s plastic, it doesn’t need to be drilled in and fastened. The tape in the back will latch it on to the rear bumper like a sticker. Many became a fan of it because it’s easy to apply yet so sturdy at the same time!

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  • Ease of installation and use
  • Tough impact-resistant plastic
  • Stylish and slick design
  • Slow degrading polymer


  • Doesn’t cover the rear completely

2. DEI RBP-004-DEI Rear Bumper Protector


DEI RBP 004 DEI Rear Bumper Protector

RBP-004-DEI is a durable bumper protector that is made to protect. Personally, I am a fan of the crooked design.

The bumps are really strong and can effectively deflect any kind of damage, including nicks, scratches, scuffs, etc. It not only guards any existing damage but also defends the rear from further harm. So, you can count on it for protecting the shine of your Volkswagen golf.

Being produced from the finest quality plastic, it has strength and superior quality. The design also contributes to its toughness, repelling any excess load and keeping it undamaged.

DEI usually designs its products to perfection, and RBP-004-DEI is not an exception. It was designed carefully in the factory, keeping every parameter in check. That’s why RBP-004-DEI can fit a wide range of models of VW golf from 2015 to the more updated versions of 2019.

You have to keep in mind that the protector should be placed from the start of the tailgate to fit perfectly. Only then can it cover the most surface of the rear bumper. This is frequently stressed by the manufacturers.

If you’re worried about how tricky it is to put on, it’s really not. You only have to watch how you’re placing it; the rest is pretty much easy putting a sticker on the window. Just pull out the paper covering revealing the tape and place it accordingly. The protector won’t come off easily.

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  • The crooked design offers superior protection
  • Made from the toughest material
  • Perfect fitting covers most of the surface
  • Easy to install and apply


  • Some complained that it degrades fast

3. OriginalEuro Rear Bumper Protector Trim Cover Guard


OriginalEuro Rear Bumper Protector Trim Cover Guard

There’s a reason why steel comes to mind every time you think about strength. The rigidity and hardness stainless steel have are unparalleled. OriginalEuro SS rear-guard is a present to you from the Europeans, the experts of crafting steel objects.

Every time you get a carwash, it’s going to take a toll on plastic. This is where stainless steel guards hold an edge over plastic guards. Being made from a unique V2A stainless steel, it can resist rust and scale formation also withstand the heavy torrent that comes down. In simple words, this product is a car wash secured!

OriginalEuro SS rear-guard is made of chrome polished stainless steel, which makes it really tough and resilient. The chrome reinforcement lets it carry tremendous loads without deformation. So, mount heavy loads without worry, this guy will still come out without a notch or a scratch.

A lot of planning goes into designing a steel rear guard. If there’s the slightest imperfection, it won’t fit, rendering it completely useless. That’s why OriginalEuro SS rear-guard was made to be a perfect match for the rear bumpers of VW Golf vehicles. This will fit in any model from 2010 to 2014.

It’s not that difficult to install also. There’s no drilling required to mount it. OriginalEuro SS rear-guard is lightweight, with tapes on the back to stick it effortlessly. This is a product of the highest quality. It may be costly, but OriginalEuro SS rear-guard will last a long time.

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  • Completely safe in a car wash
  • Can carry a lot of weight
  • Made from hard, scratch-resistant steel
  • Lightweight and easy to install


  • Unfoldable and difficult to carry

4. AutofitPro Custom Rubber Rear Bumper Protector Guard


AutofitPro Custom Rubber Rear Bumper Protector Guard

Add a custom look to your Volkswagen Jetta Golf with the AutofitPro rear bumper protector guard. This one has unique linear patterns, so the plastic is evenly distributed along its length. So, the patterns make it both strong and fashionable. The rubber guard is also custom-fitted so that it can cover the most surface.

There’s another unique thing about the design. It’s ultra-slim. If the protector is too thick, it blocks the trunk release, and you can’t open it. But the AutofitPro bumper protector is extra thin so it won’t stand in the way of trunk release when you try to open it.

Rather than thickness, this one relies on its structure for strength. The tough polymer fiber has a consistent structure, so the stress gets evenly distributed along with the patterns.

Plastic protector guard is easy to install, and this one’s no different. In fact, the AutofitPro bumper protector is thin, lightweight, and foldable. So it’s easy to carry and place. The tapes on the back attach it to the bumper surface. No drilling or heavy machinery is required.

This highly functional stylish guard is a must-try for Jetta owners. You’re getting this at a great price since it’s cheaper than OEM guards.

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  • Stylish rear-guards with linear patterns
  • Ergonomic and easy to install
  • Strong resilient plastic material
  • The thin design doesn’t hinder the truck door


  • Some complained that it didn’t fit the tail end

5. Zeta Products, Inc. ZP-01VF15 Rear Bumper Scuff Protector


Zeta Products Inc. ZP 01VF15 Rear Bumper Scuff Protector

Last but certainly not least, we have ZP-01VF15, a rear bumper protector that takes the game of style to the next level.

This slick little bumper guard has excellent ergonomy. It’s lightweight, can be folded without damaging the structural integrity, and can be easily installed.

Moreover, the 3M tapes at the back have remarkable adhesiveness. It’ll remain tightly bound to the rear bumper, shielding it from harm, no drilling required.

The OEM-grade plastic is made from superior-grade plastic. It’ll successfully protect the rear bumper from scuffing as you mount and dismount heavy loads. ZP-01VF15 can hide the scratches and protect the bumper from the new ones.

This has been made to last longer. The thermally enhanced polymer degrades a lot less slow than regular ones. Furthermore, the polymer imparts a superior load-bearing capacity. Therefore, ZP-01VF15 can hold its own against scratches and scuffs for a long time.

It’s a champion bumper guard for a budget price, hence, a perfect accessory for car-owners. Being praised by users with op reviews, this one is a must-have on your list.

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  • Ergonomic design offers great convenience
  • Superior durability and longer shelf life
  • Method of installation is easy
  • Will fit in your budget


  • Doesn’t cover the full face

Features to Look for Before Buying

Looking for a quality bumper guard is not that hard. It has to be strong enough to withstand great punishment in the form of nicks or scuffs. Other minor features hold importance while choosing the right guard.

  • Material

Bumper guards are mainly made of plastic and stainless steel. It doesn’t matter what it’s made of as long as it gets the job done. Plastic guards are strong yet lightweight. Usually, these polymers have a consistent or regular structure; in which case, the applied stress gets equally distributed along the body.

Stainless steel guards are tougher and more rigid. They can resist deformation when excessive stress is applied. Aside from that, they can certainly break the bank. But considering the years of service, you’ll be getting off of it; it’s totally worth the investment.

Rubber guards are also common. Vulcanized rubber gets superb strength from cross-linking polymer chains. They are strong and have great longevity.

  • Design

This is a crucial attribute. You’d want the bumper guard to completely cover the face of the bumper or at least the face of the arc. To get a perfect fit, all the parameters must match. This especially applies to the steel guards, since they’re not malleable.

Plastic guards have an ergonomic design, can be carried and placed easily. But they too require precision designing to get the perfect fit. One other thing too consider about these is, they can’t be too thick. Otherwise, they’ll hinder the movement of the trunk release.

Although appearance may not be the primary attribute, you may not want to equip an awkward-looking accessory on your sublime ride. Therefore, the design of the guard has to be appealing as well.

  • Method of Installation

Many bumper guards require screws or fasteners to attach with the bumpers. My advice would be to steer clear of them. You may not have drills around to attach them. Now the guards come with tape in the back. It’s so easy to install them.

If the bumper guard’s supposed to cover the entire surface, you might want to be cautious about how you put it on. If you don’t know the right way, installing them can be a nightmare. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation.

  • Longevity

The ratings plummet when bumper guards don’t last long enough. Although both its performance and longevity depend largely on how you use it. Rough usage may slash its shelf life down to half.

But before you start to point that finger towards yourself, check the reviews to see whether other customers have faced the same issue.

FAQs: About best bumper guard for VW golf

Should I buy a bulky or light bumper guard?

A bulky bumper guard is definitely stronger. If you don’t want a massive part to ruin that stylish appearance of your ride, choose a lighter one. There are stylish bulky bumper guards in the market. Keep an eye out for them.

I can’t fit the Bumper protector, shall I return it?

Bumper guards are rarely too big for the bumper. Chances are it’s a perfect size. In that case, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation.

Can I paint the bumpers guard?

Bumper guards can hold on to the color without fading for a long time. Paints will crack as it gets exposed to sun, rain, and dirt, completely foiling the stylish look.

Will the bumper guard protect my car in case of an accident?

No. They are fit only to protect the bumper from damage.

How will I know whether the bumper guard fits my car rear bumper?

The advertisements of the bumper guards contain a list of models it’s compatible with. Contact the manufacturers directly in case of a collision.

Is a bumper guard worth it?

More than half of bumper damage occurs when you park your car on the street. Bumper Guard plays an important role to protect your car. Thus, surely bumper guard is worthy to use.

Final Word

Streets and highways are seeing an increased number of cars and new drivers, not all of them are experts.

The ride you adore so much may face damage while doing simple parallel parking. Having the best bumper guard for VW Golf will not only protect your car but also make you feel safe.

Better safe than sorry after all!

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