Top 4 Best Car Lift for Small Garage Reviews In 2023 (Ultimate Buying Guide)

Getting a vehicle might take you to places easily, but it needs a ton of maintenance. You also should be regular about it if you want maximum performance from your car or jeep.

Maintaining a car is not easy. You need to have tools like jacks, drills, and more to fix certain stuff. However, jacks might be a hassle if you work under the car frequently, which is why you should get a car lift.

We have the best car lift for a small garage if you are worried about the product’s size. So, you can go for car lifts that are big and suitable for a repair or mechanic shop, or you can get a small one. It’s totally up to you.

Top 4 Best Car Lift for Small Garage Reviews In 2023

There are numerous products of such kind available in the market. With so many options, you might not understand which brands are making the right claim. That is why we are here to help you by shedding light on some of the best models in the market.

1. Triumph NSS-8 8000lbs 4 Post Service Lift

Triumph NSS-8 8000lbs 4 Post Service Lift

Even though some car lifts can theoretically fit inside a small space, the challenge lies in getting it through the gate. Since the garage gates are small, you might not be able to fit the entire shelf.

However, you can pick the parts apart and also connect them at your own convenience when you get the NSS-8 by TRIUMPH. It has flexible parts to experiment with and create a car lift that perfectly fits your space.

Generally, this product has a height of 84 inches and a length of 175 inches. Within the height, you also get ten levels. So, you can decide at which level you want the car to be. Moreover, there are also automated locks to keep the vehicle in place.

You also get drip trays and jack trays with the package. If you are working with liquids, these trays will hold it in place, ensuring a clean workspace. These trays are also movable, so you can place them where ever you need.

To enable a smooth shift from the ground to the lift, it also has a runway elevation of 165 inches, and its width is 93 inches. So, you can easily work in an everyday car such as a sedan, or work on expensive cars as well.

The product may look like a bunch of steel rods hanging in the air, but it has exceptional strength and is perfectly capable of hoisting cars that weigh thousands of tons.

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  • Extremely easy to assemble
  • Comes with adjustable parts
  • Compact dimensions
  • Ten levels with auto-locking
  • Convenient drive-through


  • Does not have a two-story system

2. Apluslift HW-10koh 10000 lb Two Post Overhead Auto Hoist

Apluslift HW-10koh 10000 lb Two Post Overhead Auto Hoist

Many car lifts have an uncomfortable feature where you cannot hoist the vehicle with ease. There might be several reasons, such as the car being too heavy for the product or the rigged system.

So, if you do not want to face such issues, you can try the one by APlusLift. It boasts a hydraulic list that automatically pushes the car up with the press of a button. What is more convenient is you have several levels to which you can lift.

You can easily lift an impressive amount of weight up to 16 inches, thanks to the hydraulic system. However, if you are concerned about the car being that high up, this product also has several safety features.

It has a safety lock release with double points, so the lift will not move unless you are sure. Hence, if you are doing some heavy work underneath the vehicle, it will not wobble.

Moreover, it also has an overload warning system. You can lift 10,000 lbs. on this device, but if the car is being too heavy for some reason, it will warn automatically. It also has paddings around the doors so that there is no scratching.

This thing is an industrial-grade steel product with added coating for extra protection. So, it will not attract rust, which also keeps your car secured. So, if you need to repair your car own, APlusLift 2 Post home garage lift can ease your works.

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  • Can lift 10,000 lbs.
  • Helpful hydraulic system
  • Safety lock release
  • Has padding to prevent scratching
  • The outer exterior has a protective coating


  • Setting up the device can be hard

3. BendPak Dual-Width 2-Post Asymmetric Car Lift

BendPak Dual-Width 2-Post Asymmetric Car Lift

If you repair work in your home garage or have a car repair store, then the lift you use should do more than hoisting vehicles. You need to check the car and ensure everything is alright thoroughly.

But what if your workplace is small? Well, we have a lift with advanced features as well. With the BendPak lift, you can work on the vehicle’s inside and get access to the vehicle’s interior.

It has rubber padding to prevent the car from getting in touch with the product. Moreover, it also has a comfortable design to get inside and get out of the car with ease, making it the best auto lift for a small garage.

Usually, people face problems while loading the vehicles into the product. But this product gives you options as you can load asymmetrically or symmetrically. Thus, you will not have to line the car to the center at all times.

Moreover, the top bar is expandable, which means the weight of the product is adjustable. So, it should also help in lifting different kinds of cars. If it does not fit the lift, simply expand it.

With the hydraulic system’s help, you can work on vehicles of varying weight on this product. However, vehicle weight should not be more than 10,000 lbs. The lift also has measures for that. It has overhead padding that should shut off when any disturbances occur.

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  • Adjustable top bar
  • It allows access to the interior of the car
  • Overhead padding
  • Has a single point release system
  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical loading


  • The lift can be expensive

4. Triumph 9000 Pound 4 Post Automotive Storage Parking Lift NOS9000

Triumph 9000 Pound 4 Post Automotive Storage Parking Lift NOS9000

This model is another one from the brand TRIUMPH, but it is more powerful, and of course, will cost a bit extra. If you liked the previous model but wanted something more, this might be perfect for you.

The NOS9000 is a more robust model and will easily lift 9000 pounds. It is also tall, so you can also use the shelf as a storing product. Meaning, you can place one car on the rack and store another vehicle below it.

It is a handy trick if you own a small repair shop and need more storage space. If you are worried about the product weighing too much, then do not. It has four posts, which provides extra support.

The lift also has distinct levels up to which it can lift the product. At each level, the device automatically locks itself so that the car cannot slide down. Besides that, it also has a safe release linkage system.

So, overall the product is very safe. Moreover, it is also easy to load the cars on this device. You will get aluminum ramps that are attached to the base.

They are 36 inches and will elevate from the ground as the lift also rises. The exterior of the lift looks very cool with its red and black shades.

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  • Can lift 9000 pounds
  • Has a safe release feature
  • Elevated ramp for easy docking
  • Four posts for extended support
  • Can lift high


  • The lift is very heavy

Features to Look for Before Buying

Now that you know which models are the best, you should also check some essential features for your car lift.

  • Weight

Many people get a car lift without knowing how much their operating vehicles weigh. As a result, the product faces unnecessary strain when hoisting. It eventually makes the device weaker and less durable.

Moreover, more weight than the recommended level can easily shut-off safety measures, which can be hazardous. So, you should know how much your vehicle weighs.

If you work on multiple cars, it is better to choose a lift with 10,000 lbs. There are models with an even higher capacity, but they will also be costly.

  • Levels

How high you want the car to be is also a determining factor while choosing such a device. Usually, there are distinct levels, such as 10 or 9 levels up to which you can lift.

But the height differs from product to product. The lift can have ten levels and still be smaller than a lift with eight levels because of the product’s total height.

You also have to consider the space in your garage. If you get a huge lift and does not fit inside your garage, then what is the use? However, jeeps and SUVs need more height, so if those are the models you repair, you might need a bigger lift.

  • Loading

How someone docks a car into the vehicle is personal to them. However, you can usually line the car to the center and then slide in or back the vehicle. Whatever the way is, whether symmetrical or asymmetrical, it should have a ramp.

The elevation will make a smooth pathway for the vehicle to get into the lift. Usually, these ramps have a bit of elevation. You should also check if the ramps are sturdy enough or if they will get cracked when a heavy car runs over it.

Some models have features where you can increase the width, which helps to accommodate bulkier cars.

  • Lifting

These products lift using various mechanisms. However, electrical lifts are the best as they are more powerful and stable compared to other products. There are also manual lifts, but they require some level of handwork. So, if you are in a hurry, you should not bother about those models. However, manual models are less expensive in general.

The way these products elevate depends a bit on the material. If the product itself is hefty, then it will consume more energy to move along with the car on the top. However, getting a very lightweight lift is also not a good idea.

  • Safety Features

These lifts must have as many safety features as the budget can afford. Firstly, you should always check whether it automatically locks at different levels and has safety release options. So, without ensuring, the lift will not move at different levels.

Besides that, you should check for overhead padding or side paddings. Those will prevent the car from getting scratched up. If there are any sharp edges on the lift, that is a bad sign, as you might get hurt. Also, if the vehicle is bigger than usual, it can bump into it.

  • Attachments

There are not many attachments that you can get for a car lift; however, it is easy to get messy while working and fixing the vehicle. That is also hazardous as you can trip on the liquid and find yourself in an awkward situation. So, some models come with drip trays.

The liquid from the lift gathers in one spot on these trays rather than spilling everywhere. There are also extra paddings that can keep the lift hazard-free. Besides that, you should also check how difficult it is to install the lift.

FAQ: Best car lift for small garage

Is a two-post lift dangerous?

No, if the posts are appropriately supported, then it is not hazardous.

What should the amperage be for my lift to work?

It will depend on the brand and the model, but a car lift usually uses 30 amp or more.

How do I know that the lift will not slip?

There are lock systems at different levels that will stop the product from slipping.

Is it possible to increase the width of the device?

Not on all devices, but some have the feature where you can extend the top bar.

Is symmetric loading better?

Not really, both symmetric or asymmetric loading is fine, but it depends on the product’s model and your comfort level.

Final Word

The best car lift for a small garage will not be hard to find if you know what you want. Fortunately, we have organized all that information under one article so that you can buy the product with ease!

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