Best Cloth to Clean Car Windows – Top 5 Selection For 2023

Are you still having the same streaky line on the car’s windows even after using a good cleaning agent? If yes, then it is clear that you are not using the right kind of cloth for car windows.

Car windows need a specific cloth to leave a crystal-clear surface. The cloth, which never leaves a lint or streaky line, is ideal for car windows. That’s why you need to choose the microfiber towel, which is considered the best cloth to clean car windows.

Sometimes, choosing the right microfiber towel somewhat tricky in the saturated market. Not to worry! We have narrowed down the list with top-rated towels through real testing. Let’s get them.

Best Cloth to Clean Car Windows Reviews

In this section, we have reviewed these selected car towels with detailed features. That’s how you can discover the most suitable cloth from the list. Let’s dive into the reviews.

1. MR.SIGA Microfiber Cloth to Clean Car Windows | Pack of 12

Key Features

  • A multipurpose towel
  • Never leaves streaky lines
  • Much absorbent and lint-free
  • A long-lasting towel survive after 100 washes

Choosing a scratch-free microfiber cloth is the best way to kick off the list, isn’t it? If you think so, just take a look at the first selection. MR.SIGA brought such a fantastic microfiber that comes with some premium features.

MR.SIGA has a good reputation in manufacturing microfiber cloth to clean car windows. They have used ultra-soft materials to make the cloth scratch-free. So, there is no change to leave any streaky lines.

The main advantage of the cloth is its dust cleaning performance. Some dust and grimes are not visible to naked eyes.

However, within a single wipe, it can remove all dust by using a medium cleaning agent.

The secret behinds its performance is the construction formula of the cloth. The cloth has made of 85% polyester and 15% nylon. As a result, it becomes an absorbent towel, which is ideal for any windows cleaning. Besides, it never leaves any lint after using.

As it is a versatile cleaning towel, you can use it for other cleaning purposes such as kitchen, countertop, bathrooms, mirrors, and so on.

This is a pack of 12 pieces of towels. The pack comes in 4 individual colors.  And each color got 3 pieces of towels. Interestingly, you will get the pack at an affordable price.

2. Microfiber Cloth to Clean Car Windows | Lint & Streak Free | 8pcs

Key Features

  • Special towel for windows or mirrors
  • Environmentally friendly microfiber towel
  • Two different types of cloth for better cleaning
  • Ability to survive after hundreds of washings

For those who are looking for multiple cloths to clean car windows, there is good news for them. We are introducing two different types of microfiber cloth, which are considered the best towel to dry car without scratching.

First, talk about the formulation of the cloth. The manufacturer ensured all naturally produced materials for these clothes. That’s how they ensure a streaky free cleaning. Besides, they guarantee environmental safety as well.

To get the maximum cleaning window, you must use the two towels step by step while cleaning car windows or glass.

First, clean the glass with a damp green towel. Afterward, use the blue towel, which is lint-free, while drying the surfaces.

This pack of towels provides a long-lasting cleaning solution. Interestingly, these towels can still survive even after hundreds of washings. It can be washed by machine or hand.

The pack includes green and blue towels. You will get 6 pieces of green and 2 pieces of blue towels. The dimension of the green towel is 16″x16″ and the blue towel is 12″x12″.

Therefore, if you are especially looking for a pack of towels for cleaning car windows or mirrors, you can undoubtedly go with this pack. Plus, the price of the towel is at the buyer’s range.

3. E-Cloth Cloth to Clean Car Windows | Scrubbing & Polishing | 2pcs

Key Features

  • Offers two different cloths
  • Ensures 300 washing guarantee
  • Provides better polishing by a green cloth
  • White damp cloth removes grimes at first attempt

Are you looking for some specialized cloth for cleaning the car window? If so, then you can rely on the E-Cloth. They come with 2 different types of microfiber towels for better cleaning.

Most of the towels can not remove some invisible dust and grime on the windows. However, this waffle-weave cloth removes such dust within the first application. Afterward, you can polish the windows with its second polishing cloth.

Using this towel is very easy for all. First, damp the white towel and wipe out the windows. Then use the second microfiber towel until dry the surfaces.

Interestingly, these two towels never leave any lint after cleaning.

If you usually do not use the chemical for cleaning, you can use these towels to get the same level of cleaning. These towels have engineered though millions per square inch, so it breaks and eliminates the grimes without using harsh cleaning agents.

If you are not satisfied enough with your existing towel, just throw it away and grab this pack right away. E-Cloth is considered the epitome of durability. Because it provides you the guarantee of 300 washes, that means you are safe for the next 3 years.

4. AIDEA Lint Free Cloth to Clean Car Windows | Multipurpose | 8pcs

Key Features

  • A non-chemical and eco-friendly towel
  • Made of 87% polyester 13% polyamide
  • Never leaves lint or streaky lines
  • Allows washing a hundred times
  • Dry quickly and never becomes fade
AIDEA Lint Free Cloth to Clean Car Windows Multipurpose 8pcs

If the lint-free cloth is what you are looking for, then AIDEA microfiber towel surely impresses you. In fact, it is considered the best cloth to clean car windows because of its durable and quick-drying cloth.

How these clothes become so durable? AIDEA has manufactured the towel by 87% of polyester and 13% of polyamide. Besides, these towels are devoid of any harmful chemicals. As a result, it good for both humans and the environment.

Only the ultra-soft and non-abrasive features of the cloth is enough to impress you. You will never experience any scratch after using the clothes.

Plus, it will leave you a streaky free surface after drying. Moreover, these clothes are ideal for stainless-steel appliances.

AIDEA cloths have a good reputation for their long-lasting durability. It will allow both machine and hand washing. Interestingly, you will have the same cleaning experience even after hundreds of washing.

The dimension of these clothes is 16″x16″. So, you can effortlessly use them for cleaning kitchen equipment and bathrooms beside car cleaning. Apart from that, the cloth dries quickly and never fades away.

Finally, the cloth’s price insists you to have the pack because it offers a minimum price for such a car cleaning cloth.

5. iCooker Cloth to Clean Car Windows | Versatile | Pack of 12

Key Features

  • 15 x 12 microfiber towels
  • Comes in various colors
  • Most durable and machine washable
  • A cost-effective cloth to clean car windows

For those who are searching for a versatile cleaning cloth beside window cleaning, there is a good pack of microfiber towels for them. iCooker brought such a cleaning towel, which would be worth spending for multipurpose uses.

Most fascinating features of these towels are, it never leaves any steaky spots as it is a super soft microfiber towel. Plus, it will ensure you a lint-free glass or window after cleaning.

The multiple colors give you extra facility while cleaning. As it is a versatile cleaning cloth, you can use each color for an individual section.

The good news is that it comes with two towels for each color.

Besides cleaning the car windows, these cloths are ideal for kitchen uses. There are no harmful chemicals in these towels. So, you can effortlessly clean all kitchen appliances and utensils with this pack of clothes.

Most of the users prefer these microfiber towels due to their durability. You can use a single towel for a long time. Besides, the towel has good resistance; that’s how it remains the same, even after a hundred washing.

If you are concern about the budget, let’s clear it. iCooker offers an affordable price for this pack.

Things to Consider Before Buying Cloth to Clean Car Windows

The majority percent success of the car cleaning is depending on the towel that you are using. So, if you miss some significant features while buying the towel turns out to be a disaster. That’s why we have put together some factors which will help you to choose the best towel to dry car without scratching.

Types of Towel

Cleaning a car’s windows or glasses demands a specific towel for better cleaning. In this regard, you can choose the microfiber towel which provides the best performance for glass cleaning. Or, you can go with some other cloth which specially made for glass cleaning.

Chemical Effects

Some cloth has manufactured by using various chemicals. These have harmful effects on humans. Plus, it has an adverse effect on the environment too. So, if you use these towels for cleaning, especially for kitchen equipment, then you are prone to danger.

So, it is better to check whether the towel has chemical effects or not before buying.


Since all the towel comes in a bundle, it is wise to choose a towel that allows you maximum use. I mean, you should better pick a multipurpose cloth to clean car windows.

Some manufactures come with multipurpose towels, which are providing high performance even in glass cleaning.

If you pick such cloth, you can use them for other purposes such as cleaning kitchen equipment, appliances, bathrooms, countertops, and mirrors.

Individual Colors

While choosing the cleaning towel, one thing should keep in mind is the individual color. If you choose a pack of different color towels, you can easily identify the towel while cleaning a particular section.

It is essential while choosing the pack of multipurpose cloths. So, you can easily separate one from another.

Other Features

While buying the cleaning cloth, you can not avoid some significant features of microfiber towels. For instance, first, check its durability and softness. Then see whether the towel leaves any streaky lines after drying. Plus, don’t forget to choose a lint-free towel.


A pricey product doesn’t always indicate a quality product. If you have the same product at an affordable price, why you choose a costly towel?

In this case, you can choose a pack of towels. In fact, it is the most cost-saving way if you buy a pack of cloth to clean car windows.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can I use these towels other than car cleaning?

Yes, you can.

Though these clothes are specially made for car windows, you can use them for multipurpose use. So, you are safe to use the towel for the kitchen, bathrooms, and countertop cleaning. Besides, you can choose some gelcoat repair kit.

2. How many times can I wash these towels?

It depends.

Most of the towels can be washed more than hundreds of times through hand or machine wash. However, some manufacturers offer more durable towels, which allow you to wash up to 300 times. Make sure you also check our guide for weatherstrip adhesive.

3. Which cleaning agents are compatible with this towel?

You can go with any type of chemicals. To precisely, it is better to go with some clay bar lubricant or other car cleaning agents. Remember! It doesn’t require any harsh chemicals to use.

4. Why should I use these microfiber towels?

In general, microfiber towels are best for cleaning car windows, glass, and dashboards. Because they never leave any streaky line or lint after drying. So, you should always use a microfiber towel for cars.

5. How can I discover the best towel to dry car without scratching?

It is easy.

First, you need to consider some features. For example, check whether it is a soft and lint-free towel that never leaves any steaky spots. Then see its durability and washing capability. If the towel included all these features, that means you are about to buy a quality product.

Final Words

Now finding the right towels would be easy for you as you have already known which things you should consider while buying. So, if you consider the buying guides and reviews section before buying, you will undoubtedly choose the best cloth to clean car windows.

Hope that you will find your desired towels for car cleaning.

Happy Cleaning!