Top 3 Best Coolant for BMW Reviews with Buying Guide in 2022

Be it a flagship phone or a luxury car, overheating is an issue that plagues all of our beloved gadgets and gears. And to put it modestly – none of us is a fan. So, if your precious BMW happens to have certain issues with being too hot (go figure!), then perhaps our list of reviews can help you find the best coolant for BMW out there.

After all, your top-notch automobile needs the very best antifreeze that money can buy.

Moreover, providing the wrong coolant can backfire, and instead of helping your car, it can cause damages to the engine, mess up the piston timing, and more. Don’t want to take any chances? Use the ones recommended by our experts, and you’ll be just fine.

So, let’s find out what those are.

3 Best Coolant for BMW Reviews

The bright light from the heat radiator of your car might catch you off-guard. But don’t make the mistake of getting any regular coolant in a hurry. Check out these reviews and then decide.

1. BMW Grey Antifreeze Coolant: 82141467704

BMW Grey Antifreeze Coolant 82141467704

Don’t want something so blue? Check this grey coolant from the authentic company itself. As this is yet another genuine BMW OEM product, it’s going to serve your car’s engine very well. Moreover, the one-gallon bottle is economical as you won’t be using all of it in one go.

To use this, you’re going to have to mix 2 gallons of coolant with two gallons of distilled water. This is a concentrate, which means it’s not going to be causing corrosion or create deposits with long-term use.

You are obviously going to have some leftovers even after using it a lot. So, it does save your money in the long-run despite being hard on the pockets initially.

As this is based on ethylene glycol, it’s obviously highly toxic. So, it’s best to keep your pets (and animals in general) away from this substance. But in the off chance an accident does happen, the company has added a bittering agent to make it taste bad to most animals.

On top of all of this, the antifreeze protects materials like cast iron, aluminum, and steel properly.

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  • A good investment for long-term use
  • Contains a bittering agent to prevent intake by animals
  • It’s a genuine OEM product meant for a variety of BMW vehicles (not just four-wheelers!)
  • Protects steel, iron, and aluminum from damage
  • Ethylene glycol is highly toxic, so extra care is needed

2. BMW Antifreeze Coolant – Quart: 82-14-2-209-769

BMW Antifreeze Coolant Quar

For quality engine performance and the perfect BMW fit, here’s another option for you. This 1 L (33.8 FL OZ) can of liquid coolant is a great compliment for your car to work with. As this is yet another BMW genuine coolant, you don’t have to be second-guessing your choices either.

Immediately after buying it, you should take a look at the labels at the back. The dilution ratio which you need depending on how much you’re going to travel is listed out there neatly.

And despite looking like a blue Gatorade, you can rest assured that it will work like a charm for your BMW’s engine. And the budget-friendly price point just adds to why you should use it.

The fact that this comes in a one-liter bottle is perfect for those thinking of convenience. This is also good news for the BMW bikers since using up a 4 liter can of anti-freeze can actually take a lifetime.

Moreover, the packaging is neat and small enough to keep in the back of your car in case your beast needs some cooling down on the road.

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  • Packaging is small and portable for keeping in the car
  • The amount of coolant provided is convenient for bikers
  • Works fast in cooling down the engine
  • Price is budget-friendly
  • A liter (as packaged) might be too little for bigger BMW vehicles used on rough rides

3. BMW 82141467704 Coolant / Antifreeze

BMW 82141467704 Coolant Antifreeze

If you’re a BMW owner, it’s best if you accept the fact that these sweet rides aren’t your average cup of tea. Hence, they require specially formulated coolants like this one from the BMW company itself. This blue coolant suits almost every BMW car models out there, so it won’t matter whether yours is a 2006 X5 or a 1998 E39.

Although the tank’s weight in total is 4 pounds (one gallon of coolant), the amount is far from meager if you consider that it’s undiluted. That means, once you mix it with distilled water in parts of 50/50, you’ll have around two gallons to work with.

But what’s important to note is that the boiling point of the antifreeze changes once you mix it with another substance. In this case, for a 50-50 mix, the boiling point will become 212 degrees.

When you make the mixture in 60/40 parts for the sake of more protection, the boiling point will increase farther and becomes 223 degrees. As this is an OEM antifreeze, you can rest assured that you will be getting superior service and long-time protection for your car’s engine.

This usually lasts around 250,000 km, which amounts to 5 years (unless you’re racing your BMW around).

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  • Being a blue coolant, it gives extra anti-corrosive protection
  • It can fit almost every BMW model
  • The formulation is perfect for metal components of the car’s cooling system
  • Can be mixed with distilled water to increase the amount
  • Pricier than average coolants

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Features to Look for Before Buying

From preventing corrosion of internal parts to saving your car from freezing in sub-zero temperatures, these coolants are no less important than the oil itself. And for your BMW, you need to get nothing but the best for the flush. So, here are the features to consider while buying some coolants.


Do you need a can of 4 liters or just one? Are you planning to cover some seriously strenuous tracks soon which require engine-prep? How heavyweight is your vehicle to begin with?

Ask yourself these questions when opting to buy coolants. As these fluids lose effectiveness over time, there’s really no point in buying more just to have them stored in your garage for years on end.


There are various BMW coolant types in the market, which include inorganic additive technology (IAT), Phosphate-free HOAT, Silicate HOAT, and organic ones. Before you seal the deal, check out the pros and cons of these types and make your choice.

Also, check for the type of water that can be used along with the coolant. With some, you can use distilled water while others perform just fine when combined with regular tap water.

Additives (Best for Sport-heads!)

The riders who are motorsport enthusiasts tend to push their car’s engines to the limits. Hence, overheating is the biggest concern for them. To tackle this, coolants with special additives should be chosen. Certain additives help reduce engine temperature while increasing horsepower.

Forget Colors

If you’re the lucky owner of a luxury car, then the last thing you should be doing is judging what color is BMW coolant. At the end of the day, choosing coolants based on their color is like buying medicine based on its packaging.

So, stop hyping over the blues and greens and read what the bottle’s description says first.

The reason why BMW coolant colors aren’t as good to tell as people think is that they confuse people. For example, both OAT and HOAT coolants come in orange and yellow colors. You’ll find blue coolants from Honda and green ones from some older generations like IAT.

So, before the rainbow makes your head spin, go and take a look at the materials and fluid description. If it meets your needs and expectations, go for it regardless of color!

Refer to the Manual

When in doubt, go back to the basics and glance over the car’s manual to see which type of coolant is recommended. The best thing to do is to get authentic OEM products or BMW approved coolants that compliment your deluxe ride properly.

Besides, let’s face it – cheap coolants tend to not be as effective and cause more harm than good over time. They also take forever to flush out afterward when you do realize you need to use genuine fluids from the source company.

And even if the source company doesn’t have the required coolant for your ride, you can still get something that’s specifically made for that particular car brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to use a special coolant for BMW cars?

As the internal aluminum parts of BMW vehicles need protection, these cars require coolants that are phosphate and nitrite free. So, the commonly used fluids will not make the cut.

Can I mix blue and pink antifreeze together?

One thing you must always remember is never to mix up different colors of antifreeze together. This is not safe at all. So, you can’t mix blue and pink coolants together even when you’re running low on fluids.

What happens when the car doesn’t have enough coolant?

Several things can go wrong when your car doesn’t have enough coolant in its system. These include – engine block, corrosion, and a complete meltdown of internal metal components. The overhead gasket can also get blow

Why does coolant get dirty?

The additives present in coolants, when depleted, result in debris build-up on the radiator of cars. As a result, the coolant breaks down (much like regular engine fluid) and becomes dirty.

Can I add a new coolant without draining the old one from my car’s tank?

As long as you add the same type and color of anti-freeze, you will be fine mixing up the new and the old fluids in your car’s expansion tank.

Final Words

Now that you’re aware of which is the best coolant for BMW vehicles. All the coolants we have reviewed are highly effective for all BMW. If you are still confused, we recommend the BMW Grey Antifreeze Coolant.

You can go ahead and make your hot-wheeled ride as cool as a cucumber on the rough roads ahead. So, head out for some fun in the fast lane – we absolutely won’t judge!

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