Best Dustless Brake Pads 2023 (Review & Buying Ultimate Guide)

Let’s face it; brakes are the most important stuff for your safe ride. You can’t let the guard of your vehicle down while you’re driving. However, sometimes brake pads get dusty, and if the dust goes inside your shoes or touches your feet, you’ll start to feel itchy.

Now, if, somehow, you take your feet off the brake pads and start to itch them with all the pleasure, chances are, you’ll end up crashing. Turn the tables by getting the best dustless brake pads and keep driving your car with the convenience you need.

Today we’re reviewing the top 5 brake pads available in the market.

Top 5 Best Dustless Brake Pads 2023 Review

Since brake pads are directly connected to your life and death, we left no stones unturned to find out the effective ones. In our driving test zone, we have created these alarming situations and tested these brakes just to see how effective they were.

And we’re going to shed some light on the ones that passed our rigorous tests.

1. Akebono ProACT Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pad (ACT787)


Akebono ProACT Ultra Premium Ceramic Brake Pad

Perfection is what we all desire. And when it comes to braking your car, it’s not only desire but also essential. No worries, you will be backed up on the road by the ACT787 ProACT Ultra-Premium from Akebono.

It’s important for you to know that this is a ceramic brake pad set that comes with an extremely enduring surface. Also, it got a substantial thickness that adds more life to it. In consequence, you’re getting more value in return with this purchase.

Unlike other brake pads that create a hell of dust, with this, you will get clean wheels even after driving for long hours. A big thanks to the manufacturer for making this low dust pad with ceramic. Otherwise, your wheels would be plunged in the dust!

To top it off, it has an integrated friction material/a formulation named ProACT ceramic friction. Well, you don’t need to know the terms, just know that this formula will eliminate all sorts of annoying squealing and groaning noise when your break.

Surprisingly the ACT787 from Akebono doesn’t even need a break-in period. Plus, it has the power to resist fade and even minimize wear on rotors. You can have peace of mind while replacing your factory brake pad with this, as it meets OE quality.

You are better off not employing it for rough and tough track use. Nonetheless, for the majority of drivers, these brake pads will give optimum control.

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  • Ceramic brake pads to ensure durability
  • Produces less dust owing to ceramic materials
  • ProACT ceramic friction to prevent braking noise
  • Meets OE quality to provide smooth performance


  • Comes with limited hardware

2. Wagner QuickStop ZD1539 Ceramic Disc Brake Pad


Wagner QuickStop ZD1539 Ceramic Disc Brake Pad

Car brakes are a thing that no driver can even dream of missing, even if only for once. Because one mishap can end you up with a lifetime of regrets and sorrows. No worries, you can take the QuickStop ZD1539 disc pad set from Wagner.

This disc pad is made of ceramic; thereby, it’s confirmed that it’s going to be on your wheel for a prolonged time. Additionally, it can handle high brake temperature yet produces less dust during braking. So, you’ll have clean wheels with utmost braking control for a long time.

Plus, the QuickStop ZD1539 boasts an application-specific design so that it can reduce as much noise as possible. Along with that, it’ll also diminish the vibration when you press a hard brake.

As we mentioned above that dependable braking is extremely important to avoid an uncertain incident. With that thought in mind, it has been engineered to OE fit – delivering you with a steady as well as consistent braking performance.

Most importantly, you’ll get hardware made of high-quality stainless-steel and OE-style lubricant with this. As a result, you won’t sweat while installing the QuickStop from Wagner.

Now, just because you’re replacing your factory brake with this set doesn’t mean that it’s not top quality. Rather you can rest assured that you’ll get even braking control end-to-end the life of this brake pad.

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  • Ceramic disc pad to ensure enduringness and produce less dust
  • Application-specific design reduces noise
  • OE fit for offering consistent braking performance
  • Easy to install with the included premium hardware


  • Reportedly small back pair for the Toyota BRZ

3. StopTech 309.10780 Street Performance Front Brake Pad


StopTech 309.10780 Street Performance Front Brake Pad

Are you a hardcore gearhead looking for a superior brake pad? Then look nowhere as we’re giving you the 309.10780 Street Performance front brake pad from StopTech.

Manufactured with a high-temperature compound, these brake pads have the ultimate capacity to resist heat and wear. Thus, you’ll get a steady braking performance during roaming across the canyons.

Not only that, but its scorched pad surface will also provide you A-1 braking performance whether you’re driving in cold or hot weather. So, you should realize by now that how much stopping power you’ll have during driving on the aggressive street.

Plus, its para-aramid composites will offer you a linear response. Well, it means that whenever you press the brake pedal, your vehicle would sense as if it decelerated at the same rate. As a result, it’ll stop your car expeditiously.

Nevertheless, the 309.10780 Street Performance from StopTech will produce minimum brake dust to keep the wheels clean and working.

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  • Heat and wear-resistant owing to a high-temperature compound
  • Scorched pad surface for good braking in different weather
  • Provides linear response due to para-aramid composites
  • Produces a minimum amount of brake dust


  • Pretty expensive

4. ACDelco Professional Front Disc Brake Pad Set


ACDelco Professional Front Disc Brake Pad Set

Are you looking for front brake pads that work with almost all the vehicles on the road? Then you can’t consider anything more than the 17D1159CH Professional front disc brake pad set from ACDelco.

With this set on your wheels, you won’t miss your factory brake pads. This is a premium class set of brake pad that is made of ceramic. That’s why it will resist premature wear as well as corrosion.

Plus, it integrates ceramic formulation so that you can get the most stopping power during a panic stop. Aside from that, you’ll notice a dramatic decrease in dust buildup, thanks to its superb formulation.

If you’re thinking that we’re just hyping about this 17D1159CH brake pad from ACDelco, then you’re wrong. Because it has been tested to SAE J2784 in order to check braking effectiveness. So, you can be confident about it.

In addition to providing outstanding performance, it’ll deliver you premium slots, shims, and chamfers. By installing them on your wheels, there will be no NVH or noise, vibration, and harshness during braking.

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  • Made of ceramic to prevent corrosion and wear
  • Produces low dust owing to the ceramic formulation
  • SAE J2784 tested to offer brilliant braking
  • Ensures NVH by providing premium hardwires


  • Reportedly makes a squealing sound

5. Bosch QuietCast Premium Disc Brake Pad

Bosch QuietCast Premium Disc Brake Pad

Without including the Bosch, our review would seem incomplete. Because the BC905 QuietCast rear brake pad from Bosch offers outstanding performance and effectiveness.

Its ceramic brake pad comes with a brilliant design to safeguard the pad from premature wear and tear. Not only that, but it is also going to expand the life of your rotor. So, you won’t need to replace both the pad and rotor for eons.

Besides, these brake pads come with a protective layer that will help it sit on your wheels and give you the ultimate braking power for a long time.

Are you scared of driving on an aggressive road? No worries, it has been engineered with premium materials so that you can get outstanding stopping power. Also, the brake is going to work quietly, no matter how hard you press the pedal.

The BC905 QuietCast brake pads from Bosch are constructed with aerospace-tested, which is why it doesn’t include copper. As a result, it’ll save both you and the environment by cutting down harmful dust to zero.

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  • Exceptional design to resist wear and tear
  • Protective layer to deliver long-lasting stopping power
  • Brakes quietly owing to premium materials
  • Aerospace-tested to omit copper use


  • Doesn’t come with wear indicators on both pads

What to Look for Before Buying Best Dustless Brake Pads?

As you cannot buy a car by just seeing the outlook, likewise, you shouldn’t buy brake pads by only reading reviews. Because there are some important factors that need to be present within the pads. And we’re going to discuss them below for you to make the final purchase unequivocally.

  • Materials

First and foremost, the factor that you should check before buying brake pads is which materials are used to make them. There are basically three types of materials used for making brake pads — semi- and fully metallic, organic, and ceramic.

The semi-metallic and fully-metallic brake pads are pretty durable. Whereas the organic brake Pads provide braking performance, though, it wears out soon. On the other hand, ceramic brake pads are durable and provide remarkable stopping power.

  • Noise Level

As aforementioned, semi-metallic brake pads can provide you with ace braking performance; however, they’ll irritate you with deafening noise. On the other hand, organic brake pads are quiet, but the braking quality is not fair enough.

However, ceramic brake pads produce less to zero noise. But, ultimately, the choice depends upon your needs. So pick the one that will suit you.

  • Dust Buildup

One of the most annoying things to see after riding for hours is that the wheels are all wrapped up in dust. No, you don’t want to spend hours cleaning up wheels every week, do you? If not, then you definitely should go for ceramic brake pads, as it produces less brake dust comparing to other brake pads.

  • Application

Last but not least, choosing the best brake pads greatly depend on your driving application. You know some pads are built for lighter cars with which the majority of people go shopping, office, etc. And there are others that are designed for people who do their best to make Ken Block impression on a race track.

Now, depending on your driving style, you should get the brake pads that will meet your needs.

FAQs: About Best Dustless Brake Pads

When Should I Replace Brake Pads?

Typically, you should replace brake pads after riding every 40,000 to 50,00 miles. However, the number can vary depending on your driving style as well as conditions.

How Do I Know That I Need To Change My Brake Pads?

The first indication that you’ll get is a screeching, whining, or squealing noise that tells you to change your brake pads. Aside from that, when you hear deep metallic grinding, see indicator lights, then it’s time you should change the brake pads.

Should I Replace All Four Brake Pads At Once?

Yes, you utterly should replace either both the front or both the rear brake pads at once. But you actually don’t need to change all four pads at the same time.

Are The Front And Back Brake Pads The Same?

No, the size is not the same. Even the size and shape of the caliper of the front is different from the rear. You cannot interchange the front and back brake pads.

What Will Happen If I Put New Brake Pads On Damaged Rotors?

If you put new brake pads on damaged rotors, the pad won’t be able to touch the rotor properly. As a result, the stopping power of your vehicle will reduce.

Final Verdict

Unquestionably, premium brake pads can save your life during a nerve-racking panic stop. But along with optimum stopping control, the pads should not build dust on your wheels.

We have included the best dustless brake pads so that you can cut some slack from rigorous cleaning. Now, if you pick any of our products, you can rest assured that along with maximum braking control, you’ll get a cleaner wheel indeed.

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