Best Exhaust Pipe Expander Tool Set to Buy in 2023 – Top 5 Picks

Working with exhaust pipes may seem daunting and like something that should be left for professionals. However, if you have a knack for average tinkering and mechanical work around the home, then you can easily try your hand at exhaust pipe work. In fact, with the right tool, exhaust pipe jobs are not tough at all.

Speaking of the right tool, finding the best exhaust pipe expander can prove to be a challenge in itself. If you do a quick search, you will come across many identical products at many different price points. How shall you choose?

That is where we come in. Today, we will talk you through the process of choosing a pipe expander and then review the 5 top ones.

Quick Summary for Top 5 Products

Best Pick 1
DNA MOTORING TOOLS-00202 1-5/8 to 4-1/4 Inches...
  • HIGH-QUALITY DNA TOOLS - Each item in...
  • PIPE EXPANSION KIT - This exhaust pipe...
  • CONVENIENT TO CARRY - The exhaust...
  • EASY OPERATION - Impact driven...
Best Pick 2
NYXOVA Exhaust Pipe Expander Stretcher Tool Set...
  • Exhaust Pipe Stretcher Kit: This...
  • Premium Quality: The exhaust pipe...
  • Size: The exhaust pipe stretcher...
  • Easy Operation: Just select the...
Best Pick 3
Oyaface 20PCS Black Tunnels Kit 2G to 1 Inch Hard...
  • VALUE PACK: 20 Pieces (10 Pairs) of...
  • SIZES: Tunnels (1 Pair of Each Size): 2G...
  • MATERIAL: Flexible Silicone Rubber...
  • QUALITY: Smooth Surface and...

This kit has everything a professional would need for expanding exhaust pipes, built with high-grade materials for superior performance.  

With a wide application range and premium aerospace-grade aluminum, this set provides professional performance.

This is a single tool capable of working on a set range of pipes – its universal size appeals to anyone looking for compact tools.

Made for mufflers and repairing, this set will work smoothly on a wide range of pipes without breaking the bank.

A premium build kit with high carbon steel material, this expander set provides the highest precision and the best fit – every time.

How to Choose The Best Exhaust Pipe Expander Tool Set

Before we get to the reviews, let us talk about the things that should be considered when choosing a pipe expander for yourself. You should always do your research to find the best product for you.

Here are the things you should check:

Size Compatibility

When browsing the options for pipe expanders, you will notice that pipe stretchers have a range of diameters they can work with. The diameter of an exhaust pipe of the vehicle you will be working on must fall within this range, or else the expander will not work.

If you are a mechanic who is likely to work on multiple cars with different exhaust pipe sizes, consider getting an expander kit. Such kits come with several expanders of different sizes, from small to medium to large. So, no matter the vehicle you have, it will work.

You could also try getting universal expanders if you are unwilling to get a kit. Universal expanders can fit the most common vehicles.

Feature Compatibility

Spend some time reviewing the key specifications of the expander you are considering to evaluate if it will be a good fit for the type of vehicle and exhaust pipe you have. For instance, some pipe expanders are durable enough to work with stainless steel pipes, while some are not.

So, you should always check these intricate details to find the best tool for the job.


Take a close look at the materials a pipe expander is made with. This will reflect the quality of performance and durability you will get. An easy way to know if a specific pipe expander is good is to check if it meets the performance standards.

You should also take the build quality and precision into consideration, as both will impact the performance. Lastly, check if the expander can tolerate impact, heat, exertion, et cetera.

Brand Value

I will admit that sometimes, we come across hidden gems from lesser-known brands. But brand value exists for a reason. A reputed brand name is an indicator that the product you are buying will perform at least moderately well.

Other than that, well-known brands also offer a better warranty, free servicing, customer loyalty benefits, etc. So, look for products from brands that are popular in the community.

5 Best Exhaust Pipe Expander Tool Set Reviews 2023

In this section, we have constructed reviews for the top 5 products with all the little details for your ease. You can do professional pipe extensions easily using these.

1. Lisle 17350 Pipe Stretcher Kit – Best Overall Kit (Editor’s Choice)

Key Features

  • Compatibility: From 1 5/8 inches to 4 ¼ inches
  • Exterior: Polished
  • Included Parts: 5 expanders, expanding tool, case, anti-seize compound
  • Lift Type: ½ inches or ¾ inches impact wrench
  • Material: Aluminum

Our first pick is the best choice if you are looking for a beginner’s exhaust pipe expander that is very versatile and well-performing.

This is a set meant to be used with many different vehicles. With this thing, you can expand pipes starting from 1 5/8 inches diameter all the way up to 4 ¼ inches diameter. The parts are made of good-quality aluminum that will hold up for years.

Due to the aluminum make, some may argue that this set is not eligible to be used with steel pipes. However, that is not true as the kit works perfectly with stainless steel pipes. This is a testament to how durable the individual parts are.

Our first pick for the best exhaust pipe stretcher kit has received rave reviews from DIY custom exhaust makers. It is the ultimate product for custom exhaust enthusiasts, as you can fix common issues such as dented connectors, near-perfect fits, lapped joints, etc. Also, the kit as a whole is very easy to use.

What We Liked

  • Very easy to work with – perfect for novices
  • Durable – will last a long time
  • Supports several different sizes
  • Compatible with stainless steel

What Could Be Better

  • Does not come with instructions

2. Orion Motor Tech 28mm Exhaust Pipe Expander Stretcher Tool Set – Best for Versatility & Quality

Key Features

  • Compatibility: 1 5/8 inches to 4 ¼ inches
  • Included Parts: Expander collets of different sizes, bearing set, expanding die, drive expanding tool
  • Material: Aerospace-grade 6061 Aluminum
  • Lift Type: ½ inches or ¾ inches impact wrench

The 2nd choice on our list is known for its wide range of expansion and heavy-duty build. Thus, it’s one of the best tail pipe expander kits out there.

The first thing that stands out about this product is the versatility it offers. This kit comes with a lot of collets, so you can use any combination of expanding collet or collet sets to get your desired size.

However, the smallest collet sometimes struggles to provide a 2-inch result. Unless you work exclusively with 2-inch pipes, that should not be a big issue.

The build quality of all the little parts of this set is truly great; they look very professional. Aside from looking great, the aerospace-grade 6061 aluminum ensures that these items perform like a professional kit.

You also get a dependable, robust bearing that will smoothen the stretched pipe evenly, standing up fine under heavy loads. It is very high-performance and saved a lot of effort and time when we tested the kit.

What We Liked

  • Extremely durable bearing provides smooth results
  • Tough and robust build
  • Easy to carry if needed
  • Versatile size range
  • Professional appearance and performance

What Could Be Better

  • It gets difficult to get a perfect 2-inch expansion with this set

3. Lisle 32500 Exhaust Pipe Expander – Best for Universal Fit

Key Features

  • Compatibility: 1 5/7 inches to 2 7/16 inches or 2 3/8 inches to 3 ¼ inches
  • Fit Type: Universal
  • Weight: 2.81 pounds
  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Natural

Next, we have a universal pipe expander from a trusted brand. This is an individual tool that is handy enough to keep in your toolbox.

This product comes in clamshell packaging. It is made of steel, which ensures that even the toughest pipes can be enlarged with it no problem. It is a practical, rugged, and economical tool to have.

You do not always need a set of expanders in your toolkit. A universal expander can be a good alternative for that. This particular product comes in two sizes – a small one that works from 1 5/8 inches to 2 7/16 inches and a large one that works from 2 3/8 inches to 3 ¼ inches.

At times, it may seem tough to use, particularly if you are expanding a tough pipe such as steel. But remember to lubricate all of the parts well with grease, and it will work amazingly. For tougher pipes, it will be best if you use a torch to heat them up.

What We Liked

  • Universal, one item fits a good range of pipes
  • Compact, economical, and practical
  • Comes in two sizes to cover most pipes
  • Expands and round-outs pipes smoothly

What Could Be Better

  • The bolt could be stronger

4. Fibre Shop 3-Piece Muffler Tail and Exhaust Pipe Expander Tool Set – Best Value Set

Key Features

  • Compatibility: 1 1/8 inches to 1 ¾ inch, 1 ½ inch to 2 ½ inches, and 2 1/8 inches to 3 ½ inches
  • Colors Available: Black and Gray
  • Items Included: 3 expanders (small, medium, and large), 6 leather hose, and 1 red plastic case
  • Finish: Metal
  • Heat treated and drop forged

If you want expanders to fit mufflers to cars, then this next set would be the perfect tool for the job. Additionally, it provides remarkable value for the money.

The first thing that stood out about this product is how good of a value it provides. Compared to many similar sets, this one costs much less while still maintaining a good performance.

Since you get different-sized expanders, there is better coverage of the size of pipes you can work on. It makes a great option for beginner tinkerers on a budget. Aside from the wide application, beginners can also utilize its ease of use. Using this is pretty straightforward, with no confusing little parts.

This kit excels at repairing damaged pipe ends, removing all the dents, and making them smooth again. It is a great choice if you work with mufflers. In fact, it’s the best exhaust muffler tail pipe expander we have on our list!

What We Liked

  • Great at fixing damaged and dented exhaust pipes
  • Straightforward and easy usage
  • Best value for money
  • Comes as a complete set with everything included

What Could Be Better

  • Not suitable for heavy-duty jobs

5. STKUSA Stark Tail Pipe Muffler Spreader Kit – Best for Precision

Key Features

  • Material: High carbon steel
  • Compatibility: 1 1/8 inches to 1 ¾ inch, 1 ½ inch to 2 ½ inches, and 2 inches to 2 ½ inches
  • Included Parts: 3 expanders, O-ring set, and carry case

Last and certainly not least, we have another kit for you that ensures high precision, every time!

This kit comes with 3 exhaust pipe expanders. These 3 expanders ensure that you can work with any size pipes, no problem. So if you are in a profession that specializes in car exhausts, this will be a great starter tool kit.

The parts in this kit are made from high carbon steel, a material known for its durability and strength. On top of that, all the parts are built very nicely. So, you can expect high precision from this product. There will be no leaks or rattling with this one.

Despite the high carbon steel, though, we would suggest that you do not try any demanding job with this set. It will work beautifully for light and medium-duty works, but it may struggle with anything heavy-duty.

What We Liked

  • Professional, highly precise job
  • Robust and secure build ensures perfect fit
  • Wide application with 3 expanders
  • Decent performance for the price

What Could Be Better

  • Only good for light-duty jobs

FAQs About Exhaust Pipe Expander Tool Set

1. Can I Expand Pipes Without Heating Them Up?

Ans: Yes, you definitely can. Heating may help with tougher materials, but it is not an absolute necessity for all exhaust pipes.

2. What Materials Are Exhaust Pipes Made Of?

Ans: Because the exhaust pipe is exposed to very high heat and vibrations, the materials used are those that can withstand these with no problem. Such materials include stainless steel, carbon steel, cast iron, aluminized steel, and other alloys.

The durability, resistance, and hardness of the pipes depend on the type of material.

3. What is The Job of a Tailpipe Expander?

Ans: A tail pipe expander is used for increasing the length of a pipe, maintaining equal proportions and the same diameter.

4. Why Do You Need an Exhaust Pipe Expander?

Ans: Exhaust pipes, particularly custom-made ones, do not always fit well. Very often, the mufflers for exhaust pipes are manufactured by a different company and do not properly fit. An exhaust pipe expander can expand the diameter of the pipe to ensure it fits well and can accommodate the muffler.

5. Can I Expand Galvanized Pipes?

Ans: This depends on the model of expander you are using. If the galvanized pipe is too thick, it may strip the threats of your expander tool. So, be cautious if you are trying this.


With the best exhaust pipe expander in your toolset, you can repair, expand, and add accessories to pipes as needed. While it may seem like a very specific tool applicable for niche jobs, in reality, these tools come in handy in many different situations. Just trust us and get one, and you’ll see.

With that, you have reached the end of this article. I hope the information we have provided has been helpful to you. Have a great day!

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