How to Choose the Best Exhaust System for Pickup Truck

Who doesn’t want some added growl to the pickup? And the best way to ensure this is to get a new exhaust system! More than that, your pickup will earn gain some performance surely. A new exhaust will keep the engine cooler and help it last better!

So, if you are planning to get a new exhaust, you might have some questions. Let us tell you how to choose the best exhaust system for pickup trucks without any mistake!

These tips are enough to help you invest your money in something that is worthy and will add some power to your vehicle!

Before Your Buy a New Exhaust System: Tips and Tricks to Buy the Right One

Here are the tips and tricks to help you buy the best exhaust system for a pickup truck! Adding some growl to the pickup never goes out of style! So, try it!

The Law to Learn

If you have ever read about the exhaust system discussion, you already know about the law. Exhaust has a direct connection with the sound of your vehicle. And if you are planning to settle for an exhaust system, you must ensure that you are keeping the law in your mind. There are sound-level laws in your country or state.

Also, local areas can have different sound-level requirements and permission factors. There are different exhausts available by the companies. Some of them are 50-state legal for you. On the other hand, some exhausts are only designed for off-road use. When you get your hands on an exhaust system in the market and plan to buy it, you have to ask the company if it is legal in your area or not. The company will tell you about the loudness of your exhaust system.

It is a good idea to check out the websites of the company to learn about the sound of the pickup after installing their exhaust. If the law permits you, you are free to buy whichever exhaust system you want for your truck.

Types of Exhaust

Types of Exhaust

There are different types of exhaust systems available in the market. We will discuss them in short here. Check it out!

Cat-Back Exhaust System

Cat Back Exhaust System

If you have bought any exhaust systems before, most of them might be are of cat-back systems. Even if you own a Chevy, you can get your hands on the cat-back chevy colorado exhaust system. These cat-back system exhausts will keep the factory catalytic convertor intact. In short, these are installed for changing the exhaust tubing along with the muffler.

It will only go behind the catalytic converter so that it can improve the sound and flow of your vehicle without touching the factory catalytic converter. However, when you are planning to upgrade the exhaust manifold, there are facts that you need to keep in mind. If you upgrade the manifold with the header or the freer-flowing catalytic convertor, think before you do. This again goes to the laws.

You have to check the state emission laws. In most cases, there are requirements of the law regarding this upgrade. In these systems, you have to replace the catalytic converter with the mufflers. So, you have to add new mufflers along with tailpipes. These will provide you more power gains and are not so difficult to install!

Header-Back Exhaust System

Header Back Exhaust System for Ford Mustang

In these systems, you have to replace the header collector with the tailpipes-everything! All the exhaust system components will be replaced here. And by doing this, in this system, you will see large pipe diameters inside the system. These are designed for a better exhaust flow. However, you have to pay a lot for this system. And installing it will be complicated and so, you have to take the help of a professional.

Axle-Back Exhaust System

Axle Back Exhaust System

In this system, you will get the required components from the exhaust tip to the rear axle of your bikes. These are not designed for a lot of power gains like the cat-back or the header-back ones. But it will lower your cost. Also, if you need something easy to install, go for this kit!


The Kit

Most people think that getting just the exhaust will do the work but that’s not the case here. Searching for all the gears and hardware one by one is tough for you. Also, not all the hardware will fit your exhaust and the bike! You should get the one that comes with the full kit.

The kit will include the necessary hardware and connectors. From tubing to the instructions will be included in that kit. If you are not getting any direct instruction manual from the company, check their website. It is a good idea to skip the company that doesn’t have any instruction manual added to their kit.

Exhaust Configuration

Another important fact to think about is the exhaust configuration when you add a new exhaust system to the pickup truck. We have described it all here.

  • Single Exhaust System
  • Dual Exhaust System

Single Exhaust System

The exhaust systems you see in day-to-day life are the single exhaust system. In this system, there is one set of exhaust components. In this set, the exhaust top and the muffler are included. This exhaust trip will end at the axle of your pickup. If you are settling for the aftermarket solution of the single exhaust, there will surely be added performance. On the other hand, these are less expensive and don’t weigh much comparatively.

Dual Exhaust System

And if you are settling for something better, a dual exhaust system can be your cup of tea. There are two different pipes added to this exhaust system. These are added at the header and directly go to the exhaust tips. If you are interested in the two-muffler outlook, let us tell you that you will surely add growl to the pickup!

Also, as there are two pipes for exhaust flowing, your engine will stay cooler than before. The cooler the engine, the longer it will last! If you plan to buy a 2018 silverado 1500 exhaust, you can have complete faith in it! For these two exhaust pipes, you will need one H pipe and one X pipe so that the flow is perfect.

However, keep in mind that these are expensive and will last for a shorter period than the single exhaust system. Because there is rust build-up inside the pipe for less pressure of divided exhaust flow. The rust will affect the lifespan of your exhaust pipe.

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The Compatibility with the Engine

Not all the engines are the same! Every engine has different requirements. The exhaust system for Chevy Colorado you are going to buy should match the engine and compliment it. The engines of the vehicles usually have different technologies added. It can be turbocharging or cylinder deactivation.

Whatever it is, the exhaust system you are picking up should be compatible with the kit you are buying. Not all exhaust kits will fit your engines. Especially, the high-end engines are going to require more compatible exhaust systems so that the performance matches. So, before everything, you work is to know your vehicle and your engine!

Wrap Up

Adding a new exhaust system to the pickup trucks will not only improve the sound but will also add some improved performance. Anytime, adding a high-grade exhaust system will improve your vehicle’s capability! But before you buy any of them, you have to know what you are searching for!

Make a list of your requirements and do the necessary research when you decide to buy the exhaust system for your pickup truck. You cannot just invest in any of the devices! Get your money in a place from where you will get a good return!

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