Best Model Paint for Hand Brushing – Top 5 Picks in 2023

If you are thinking about developing your hobby with colors or, more specifically, painting miniatures for table-top games, you are on the right track. Indeed, this is the right place where you will get a proper guideline to choose the perfect paints.

As you have to consider an acrylic paint kit for detailed drawing, vibrant colors, and long-lasting coating, you should prefer high-quality paints along with brushes so that it will reduce your hassle and get the ultimate painting experience.

Finding the best model paint for hand brushing shouldn’t be a problem, but with so many different brands and types in today’s market, it can be very difficult. I’m here to help.
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Best Model Paint for Hand Brushing Reviews

In this segment, we have designed the model paint reviews with their detailed features, specifications, and how to use them. Indeed, it will help you get your desired model paints set. Let’s dive into the reviews.

1. The Army Miniature/ Model Paints for Hand Brushing | Reliable Quality

Key Features

  • High-quality painting
  • It contains three types of color; primary, organic, and metallic
  • It comes with a detailed painting brush
  • Great for beginners and veterans alike

The Army Miniature Model Paints for Hand Brushing

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Are you looking for one of the best model paint with brand reliability, aren’t you? If you think so, The Army Painter painting kit is the most suitable for your miniature or models. Let’s explore what it comes with.

The set is just awesome! It covers various types of colors which can satisfy you and give you a better experience as a beginner.

You don’t have to depend on primary colors. It takes time to stuck slowly on the surface. But more colors in a set helps you to customize your desire one.

Don’t take hassles on purchasing art accessories. We are offering you a set of 50 Warhammer miniature paints with a detailed paintbrush. More specifically, it has 39 organic acrylic paints, five metallics, four quick shade washes, two effect paints, and 1triangular-handled brush, etc. All the brushes are detailed for head spinning.

Every bottle contains up to 18ml, which is much enough for good coloring and pigmentation, the density of the mixture is so balanced, not too thick or too watery, and the kit is portable so you can easily take it on a long journey.

Moreover, Army paints provide a balanced volume color in each bottle so that you can use them for a long time. Airbrushes or paintbrushes are included in the pack.

2. THEAN Model Paints for Hand Brushing | Set of 24 | Versatility

Key Features

  • Great budget option
  • Decent selection of colors and brush tools
  • Satin acrylic paint
  • Best for versatile using

THEAN Model Paints for Hand Brushing

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For those who are searching for the versatility of a painting kit, there is a search-ending paint set for them.  THEAN Acrylic Paint is premium quality paint that is pretty affordable. Let’s get into it.

This paint is greatly adjustable on wood, fabric, canvas, terra-cotta, paper, ceramic, etc. With 24 acrylic tube paints and 3 professional-grade artist brushes, you can create vibrant landscape paintings and portraits or decorate wood, rocks, glass, and more.

It’s an approachable option for craft lovers and painters who usually depend on brush paintings and follow its techniques.

The kit contains 3 high-quality artist paintbrushes. One is for covering large areas, one is for adding highlights, and the last one is for shadowing and specifying complex parts of the paint more detailed. A painter can proudly display these model paintings at home or at an art Gallery.

Not only these, but this professional kit is also non-toxic and biodegradable and meets all US ASTM D-4236 and EN71-3 standards. It is packed with a bearable storage box which includes a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for your peace of mind. So, you don’t need to tense about skin problems after using it.

The paint is a little bit thick, but you can easily fix it by adding a small amount of water to thin the paint when using for vinyl toys, so we can regard it as one of the best acrylic paint for plastic models in the market.

3. The Army Model Paints for Hand Brushing | Non-Toxic | 2 Brushes

Key Features

  • Water-based and non-toxic
  • It comes in a variety of color
  • Less effort to work with
  • Get pro-brushes inside

The Army Model Paints for Hand Brushing
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If you have an adjunct one that still wants a new set of paints that has more and more features than your older one, then you are on the right track. This Army Painter has many new materials for both the beginner and veteran workers.

If you need a stronger pigmentation than ever, then you are in the right direction. Army painters have more fabulous color combinations and high blend-up coverages than any other brands.

This hobby collection paint Set is our top pick in this top 5 roundups. It is regarded by many in the world of models and miniatures as the best acrylic paint for hand brushes.

It contains 20 different colored model paints, two miniature paintbrushes, a model tool kit, basing set, etc.

It has amazing eco-friendly colors, which gives special adaptability and durability. You can apply this paint on any surface, and it will dry within a short time.

Time and money both are the most precious thing in our life. The product won’t waste your money and time. I can assure you that you won’t be lost if you prefer this miniature set.

4. Vallejo Model Paints for Hand Brushing | Easy-Mix | 3 Base Colors

Key Features

  • Paints can be mixed easily
  • Specially made for shoe pieces and mini toys
  • It comes with primary, secondary, and metallic colors
  • Leave a smooth finishing after each application

Vallejo Model Paints for Hand Brushing

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If you’ve graduated from the “beginner” title, then I will suggest you take this paint set.

The permanent pigment is the basic feature of this color set, so you can get the accurate shade from it. This makes your miniature more fascinating. However, this paint includes each of your mandatory pigments. So, you can mix the existing colors in certain ratios to compile a new shade.

The consistency of smooth and well burnish strokes can be found by this paint set. The colors do not create bubbles and assure the better finishing and professional look that’s sought after by every painter

The starters and veteran model-makers find it the best paint for model cars with water-based colors. Though all of these acrylic paints are mainly water-based, this one is special for you. It can be used without water too! In both ways, the paints leave a marvelous finishing.

Nevertheless, the set contains your primary and secondary colors, in addition to, few of your favorite metallic ones. Also, the paintbrushes are specially planned for gaming pieces. Have you started base paint or dry brushing? If so, you can follow this method as the color will dry quickly and stay for a long time.

As these colors give you attractive, presentable, and lively show-pieces, it is considered the best model paint for hand brushing.

5. The Army Model Paints for Hand Brushing | 5 Brushes

Key Features

  • The painting set provides maximum coverage
  • It comes with 50 variety of colors
  • Long-lasting bonding formula
  • Water-resistant painting set

The Army Model Paints for Hand Brushing 5 Brushes

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Finally, we are demonstrating to you one of the best-selling paints and famous ones. When you just know its features, you would realize why it has been popular for so many years and beating with other competitors.

Are you interested in a start-up business of miniature painting? You can rely on this painting set. Because a business mind always considers materials that will produce more in a less cost-effective way. By buying this 50-color set, you will obtain all the shades at a low-cost price.

After using it, you can feel a thick consistency and heavy coverage.

So, use a few drops of water before using it so that you will get the desired outcome.

You can get both tastes, Matte or metallic, in it. And these colors last long on your product. For these reasons, the paint kit is suitable and gives unwrinkled stretch marks on canvas, paper-board, or ceramics.

You can get a smooth painting due to 5 detailed and quality brushes, which will ease your painting. You don’t have to be worried about extra brushes. Such an amazing fact, right?

Things to Consider Before Buying Model Paints for Hand Brushing

Here we have found some specific factors you should consider before confirming your order. Otherwise, you will get some hassle. That’s why we have put together some factors of model paints so that you can find the best acrylic paint for plastic models. Additionally, you can check our review on sandpaper for drywall.

Color Variation

While choosing paints for hand brushing, you should move to those brands that provide both primary and secondary shades. If you get more brushes along with the set, it helps with detailed painting. Moreover, it will save you time and extra costs also. Besides, you can choose some Glue for Making Cards.


All of these are formulated with safe and biodegradable ingredients which are non-toxic and eco-friendly at the same time. Otherwise, you will be affected by various skin diseases, which eventually cause at the end of the day cause a burning sensation.


Top branding paint sets provide lightfastness. It indicates the paint should give a smooth, bright, and vibrant color in extended light exposure. A necessary level of pigment layering helps to get the expected outcome, So if you want your models will last long, then try to buy a paint set that has included the lightfastness rating on their manual.

Resistance Capacity

If the color doesn’t have enough resistance capacity, the pretty models will look faded and lifeless over time. So, if you want vibrant paints, you should need quick dry acrylic paints for your plastic models.

Application Process

Most of the acrylic colors are water-based, so a brush is a must for painting, and some have a dropper cap, airbrushes to art. Choose a type of color that gives you maximum facilities that you can get all features in the same kit, apply easily and comfortably.


Go for a color that offers upgraded qualities with the best weathering effect because the low graded coating will be faded after some days. It also causes poor pigmentation and blending capacity. So before buying, make sure about these things.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Should I mix water with these paints while blending?

No need to do that.

Here water is already mixed, for a short portion, this will cover a large area, and you need a small number of colors to paint the model.

2. How can I apply these paints to models?

You can follow any of the detailed brushes, extra dry or airbrushes which the paint kits provide. You don’t need to take hassles for buying a brush separately.

3. Which temperature is suitable for keeping acrylic paints?

As it is water-based, its first quality is fast-drying. If you freeze it or keep it in excessive heat, this paint will become worthless.

So I recommend you keep it between 65° to 75° F all year round. In this limit, you can store it for over 10 years easily.

4. Can I use this paint for miniatures?

Yes. These are the best acrylic paint for plastic models. Besides model painting, you can use this paint for miniatures or other similar purposes. These paints set included with all necessary color and accessories.

5. Why are non-toxic paints needed?

Usually, children play with colors. So toxic ingredients on paint kits can be harmful to their skins. These products are made with eco-friendly chemicals and suitable for every person.

Final Words

Now I feel you can realize how to take legitimate factors to purchase the model paint or acrylic ones to make sure the highest satisfaction. You additionally have found the most premium ones that we have chosen for painting.

Choosing the best model paint for hand brushing with amazing and vibrant quality is mostly needed.

Good paint has an effect on both artists and creation and will also help you to improve your painting skills. I hope this guide will clear your confusion and help you to be successful in your next painting session.


Happy Painting!