5 Best Oil Filter for BMW (Review & Buying Guide) in 2023

What is the worst thing that can happen to your car? Your car might be one of the most important things you have, and a vehicle is precious to everyone who owns it.

Now the worst thing is, when all kinds of pollutants stay unfiltered in your engine, it will settle on the surface causing it to wear, and one day it will ruin it completely.

In this case, oil filter plays a more significant role, and here we are giving you a list of the Best Oil Filter for BMW in 2022.

5 Best Oil Filter for BMW

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To find the right filter for your car, it requires some thinking. For this reason, we have made a list of the best, since this will determine your vehicles’ health in the coming years.

1. Mann-Filter HU 816 X Metal-Free Oil Filter


Mann Filter HU 816 X Metal Free Oil Filter

Mann filter is one of the original brands for manufacturing pieces of equipment for BMW. They lead in quality and are technologically advanced for the best automobile parts.

This filter is metal-free, which does not create any ash when it comes across any combustion, making it safe from leaving any unwanted residue.

It is optimal for any BMW models and fits perfectly, though there might be some cases when it didn’t work correctly in the listed models, which may cause some issues. But that’s not always the case.

Moreover, its capacity to hold a high amount of dirt makes it quite efficient for keeping the engine safe from any dirt particles or combustion residue, which improves the vehicles’ performance.

The weight is only 2.47 ounces, making it easier to make adjustments; therefore, this filter will play an essential role in keeping your vehicle’s performance to the maximum and saving you some money along the way.

Buying a good oil filter may save your engine from lasting damage and keep your engine safe due to its robust and corrosion-protected spin on the filter housing, which will allow it to operate even in harsh conditions.

Media and seal rings are of the best quality. The barrier membrane is high-end silicone, and valves are PTFE-coated; these ensure proper lubrication of the Media so that it doesn’t dry out.

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  • High separation efficiency
  • Dirt holding capacity
  • Made of metal-free elements
  • PTFE-Coated bypass valves
  • High-End silicon barrier membrane


  • Might not be sized correctly
  • They do not fit some of the listed models.

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2. MAHLE OX 353/7D ECO Oil Filter

MAHLE OX 353/7D ECO Oil Filter

Mahle is one of the pioneering companies for making parts for BMW models. This product is one of the best oil filters because of its superior pleated structure for holding a high amount of dirt.

It weighs only 3.98 ounces, which allows it to fit in most BMW models and enables you to make adjustments without getting professional help each time you try to do it.

While maintaining the highest safety standards, it follows the OEM specification. Its structural integrity is unique with high-quality seaming, endplates, and sheet metal, making it twice as durable than the regular filters.

The filters’ lubrication is taken care of by the pressure relief valves and an anti-drain check valve, which properly lubricates the Media even when the vehicle is not running.

Having a big O-ring covers the oil filter drain plugs so that you won’t require a smaller o-ring. So, it will fit your vehicle just right and control proper filtering for the engine oil and prevent any leakage from the filter.

But in some scenarios, the copper washer may be larger than expected, which may require you to buy a filter kit and make you reuse the washer. However, that’s not an issue since you won’t always need a washer.

This filter will be a perfect fit for every 2020 BMW model for its reliable metal build and pioneering filtering system, optimizing your vehicle’s outcome.

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  • Embossed and pleated filter Media
  • Maximum capacity to hold contaminants
  • Superior structural integrity
  • Pressure relief valves for lubrication
  • Improved efficiency of the engine


  • O-ring might not fit properly in some vehicles
  • Bigger crush washer

3. Bosch 72241WS / F00E369851 Workshop Engine Oil Filter


Bosch 72241WS / F00E369851 Workshop Engine Oil Filter

This filter covers most of the domestic, Asian, and European vehicles. Bosch is known for its versatility in fitting and sizing along with its revolutionary structural engineering.

You should keep in mind that the manufacturer recommends using Castrol motor oil for the best performance from their products. The technology works to filter out most dirt particles and unwanted residues from the engine oil.

It provides excellent engine protection from leaks through its stronger steel baseplates and housing, which makes up for the rigid build, and for that, you have a lesser chance of breaking or tearing due to various rough terrain.

The anti-drain back valves are constructed of silicone, which ensures the proper supply of filtered engine oil for keeping the engine clean and protected from any unwanted particles and the lubrication of the Media.

This thing weighs only 2.47 ounces, but it can hold up to 14 grams of a contaminant, which substantially increases the product’s efficiency for maximum engine protection. The synthetic rubber gasket seal holds those contaminants away from the engine.

Its pressure relief valve is vital for proper oil flow and preventing oil restrictions, which prevents it from being jammed and wearing off quickly. This feature allows the filter to pass clean oil into the engine.

In some scenarios, the packaging may cause some issues. The fitting can be a problem for some vehicles even though it’s on the listed cars. But that’s not always the case, since the manual provides a complete list of compatible vehicles.

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  • 13 grams of contaminant holding capacity
  • Strong baseplates and housing
  • Prevention of leaks and warpage
  • Silicone Anti-Drainback Valve
  • The spiral-wound metal center tube


  • Breakage due to extreme weather
  • Sizing and fitting issues

4. K&N Premium Oil Filter


K&N Premium Oil Filter

This product is one of those aesthetically enhanced filters which provides a little more attraction. Its exceptional design allows proper flow rates and ensures constant oil flow, making it safer for your engine and maintaining its health.

The product is compatible with all vehicles listed and allows you to install it easily when you have all the proper tool kits. So, it’s easy to make oil changes frequently and without any professional help.

Media and housing are built to hold a high amount of pollutants and residue, which helps the engine be at its optimal condition and filter out all the contaminants from the engine oil.

Because of its structural integrity, it has fantastic durability, which makes it perfect for all kinds of terrain and will enable it to handle more extreme conditions. It will also prevent any breakage and leaks from the stress of the conditions.

Maintenance of this product does not require you to often change the filter, making this a much more money-saving option; This fact alone improves the filter’s reliability for more extended uses.

But, even with the highest of praises, it has some quality issues concerning its capacity. Although, most of the time, it performs the best for all models of vehicles. However, not providing it with the proper maintenance will slowly wear out its cellulose Media.

Although the Media stays well lubricated due to the silicone valves and the silicone prevents it from losing its structure even at high temperatures.

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  • Higher rate of oil flow
  • Heavy-duty canisters
  • Durability
  • Weight of only 1.6 ounces
  • High filtering capacity


  • Restricting oil flow
  • Visible holes on the sides

5. Bosch 3307 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter


Bosch 3307 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter

This premium oil filter, from the company Bosch, is a model-specific product. It is compatible with a wide range of vehicles from BMW.

Bosch 3307 has a large filtering area, which is about 42 percent larger than the usual, making it adept in holding a high amount of residue and dirt components. This feature helps it to filter 14 grams of dirt.

Consisting of a broader filtering area allows it to have a 30 percent thicker filter Media and housing, which traps a higher number of contaminants. The whole Media and housing are built from a blend of synthetic and natural elements, making it more affordable.

Moreover, the filter meets all the OEM requirements, which is ideal for any engine specification, and it fits perfectly into your vehicle without a hassle.

Enforcements made from metal spiral-wound center tubes make it more durable internally for all conditions, which prevents any risky breakage; it also stops any contaminants from getting into your vehicle with the help of end caps.

Silicone made Anti-drain Back handles the lubrication of Media so that there are no dry starts and keeps the filter from being worn out.

Rather than having a cellulose paper on the filter, it’s better to have a synthetic one, with lesser micron would also make it much better. But the extra thick head makes it much safer for any situation and trap contaminants more efficiently.

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  • Larger filtering area
  • 30 percent thicker filtering Media
  • Dirt filtering capacity of 14 grams
  • Relief valves ensure oil flow
  • Nitrile sealing gasket


  • Cellulose paper on the filter element
  • Lack of O-ring in the gasket housing

Before You Buy What to Look for

Now the critical part, when you’re buying a good BMW oil filter, there should be a few things that it needs to have. Those are the things that make an oil filter suitable for your engine.

But to figure that out, you need to assess it from a technical perspective. For that, we’re here to point you in the right direction. Here are the few things and types of filters you need to look for –

Filtering Capacity

This part is quite self-explanatory but let us make it more transparent. The filtering capacity is the capacity up to which the product can hold dirt and combustion residues from entering the engine.

Most filters should have the optimal capacity, which is about 10 grams, but some possess a higher ability. You might want to look for the higher-ability ones so that you don’t have to look for a replacement or get services too often.


Filtering Media is one of the essential parts inside a filter; this will determine the high filtering capacity and ensure efficiency. Now, each Media is made of different materials; each has additional advantages.

Synthetic Media is the best for efficiency; it allows for more excellent airflow and makes conventional synthetic materials. However, the only downside to these is the price rise. Synthetic ones are slightly more expensive than the other ones.

Though there’s another choice, a blend of synthetic and cellulose Media, this one is more affordable and provides better performance than the usual cellulose one.

Anti-Drain Back Valves

These valves prevent the vehicles from suffering any dry start and keeping the Media well lubricated and not dry out. Though the builds are of different materials, the silicone anti-drain back valves are better than rubber.

Now, where is the difference? Well, it’s basically on the capacity of holding its structure even under low or high temperature, which saves you from any breakage and leaking into the engine.

End Caps

This part might seem like something of lesser concern, but this is one thing that separates the good from the bad.

Most premium filters will have metal end caps, while the cheaper ones will have it made out of plastic or rubber. Metal caps are better at holding out contaminants since they are more durable.

Micron Level

It predicts that “the more, the better,” but it gets much more confusing in this case. The lower the micron level, the better; having an efficiency of 99% at a higher micron level is terrible.

You should always keep in mind this point since this will determine the money’s worth. Now, the micron level of 15 is better than any other number with a high-efficiency rate.

Bypass Valve

This valve will allow the oil to be bypassed to the engine when the filter loses its capacity to filter or requires replacement. This valve needs to be much more durable for it to give optimal operation.

Valves made of stamped steel or metal spring is usually more durable than something made of plastic. Most premium filters have this made of metal spring. So, this is important to keep in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is better, Synthetic media or Cellulose media?

In the case of performance, synthetic Media is much more efficient than cellulose Media. Its durability is also premium, but the synthetic ones are more expensive than cellulose.

How will I know if it fits my car?

Every oil filter comes with a manual that will make this clearer since it will list all the compatible vehicles.

Is it okay to go longer between oil change intervals without maintenance?

It is not an ideal thing to do; making regular maintenance will allow your filters to last longer and go for a long time without changing it.

Do I have to change the filter with every oil change?

It is the best option in saving money since if you overuse a filter, it will activate the bypass valve and allow unfiltered oil to go in the vehicle.

How long does an oil filter last?

It depends mostly on the condition you are driving in and the amount of maintenance done on it. Some of the premium filters go longer than most.

Final Words

This list of Best Oil Filters for BMW will make it much easier for you to find what you need to maintain your car correctly. It would be best not to compromise on this for the best engine protection from any unwanted residue.

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