Best Replacement Shocks for Ford Ranger- Reviews with Buying Guide in 2022

Let me start with a question, don’t you just love it when you go through a fairly bumpy road and get to feel all the crevasses? Jump up and down as the road wants you to? It sounds like a free joy ride! Doesn’t it? Yeah… no, I thought so too.

It’s hard to drive around when your shock absorber doesn’t really absorb any shocks but gives you a lot of them instead. That’s why you need to know the best replacement shocks for Ford ranger and get yourself one as soon as possible.

Yes, deciding on which one you should get for your Ford can be intimidating and confusing. But that’s where I come to your rescue. Here is an array of choices for you to go through. May the best one wins your heart.

So, without further ado let’s head right on to the reviews.

5 Best Replacement Shocks for Ford Ranger Reviews

Here are the top 5 replacement shocks according to the market demand. Take a look and pick your best fit.

1. Gabriel 43167 Rear Spring Assist Load Carrier Shocks

Gabriel 43167 Rear Spring Assist Load Carrier Shocks

1st one on the list is from Gabriel. This replacement shock has brought together the power of spring and shock. Just like captain planet brought all the earthly elements together. This one might not be as powerful as captain, yet it’s pretty impressive.

The height of your ride plays a super important role in this criterion. And this replacement shock will help you balance that. What I mean is there would be no uneven height distribution. The unique and genius constant rate of the anterior coil springs helps to do so.

It also helps the vehicle to remain stable throughout the ride. If you are wondering how much load can this baby bear, then let me tell you 3 healthy people can easily thump on it without a sweat. Each replacement shock can handle about 500lbs load.

Gabriel is flexible. It can be used with any ford model, if not then with most of them for sure. By itself, it weighs about 15 pounds. That’s pretty lightweight if you ask me. And these things tend to rust over time, so they already send you painted shocks. It helps prevent rust and corrosion.

The finish of this baby is not just any other. It has a chrome finish. So, it’s super durable. It also has a leak-proof piston seal, that way, you can use it for a longer period of time without having to break a sweat.

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  • Constant-rate of the anterior coil springs
  • Lightweight and economical choice
  • Has chrome finish and is painted for protection
  • Leak-proof piston seal ensuring longer life
  • Could be a bit short for some model of Ford

2. Rancho RS5000X Gas Shock Set

Rancho RS5000X Gas Shock Set

Next up is Rancho Shocks RS5000X. It is a unique blend of boosted compression of the stupor absorber and the phenomenal valving system. This is a baby birthed under the supervision of Rancho’s motherly care and a team of engineers.

This proprietary system enhances the vehicle’s ability to handle both on and off-road experiences. So, what’s so different about this shock absorber? Well, it uses compression discs inside as well as patented progressive rebound.

When you experience lesser shocks, then it helps the shock gets equally distributed throughout. About when things get a bit heated up then this baby comes into play.

Whenever you hit a pothole off-road or anywhere else, Rancho’s progressive engagement valving grants prompt fluid flow. That saves you from a gruesome initial impact.

This early release of flow in the fluid helps the vehicle to act instantaneously so that you don’t have to face a bad driving day. Pretty neat! Huh?

Now let me tell you a bit more about its tuned compression control valve. This one is customized to your vehicle, and it helps to control the fluid flow. It is a disc-based valve.

The RS5000X model has a body as thick as 2 and quarter inches. I have told you once before that bigger is better, and that exact motto is used here. Bigger indeed is better. This large shock body authorizes increased fluid capacity. That way, it is ensuring a smoother ride more than ever before! Thank you, Rancho.

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  • 2.25-inch-thick shock body for better absorbency
  • Progressive engagement valving for better fluid flow
  • Has customized tuned compression control valve
  • Spectacular compression and valving system
  • A bit on the pricier side

3. SENSEN 2282 Front or Rear Struts Compatible with 1998-2011 Ford Ranger 2WD & 4WD

  SENSEN 2282 RS Rear Struts Compatible  

SENSEN is a renowned brand and has been the word of the town for quite a while. And this baby is a 2282 model of this veteran company. Let me tell you all about this strut — the glorious tale of SENSEN 2282.

First of all, this will fit right like a glove, like a match made in heaven to your vehicle. That’s a relief cause a lot of brands out there seem to mess this up a lot — no worries if you choose to stick with 2282.

This beast pretty much guarantees you a safe and fun-filled ride. Don’t blame me if you chose to drink that last bottle of beer; that’s on you, buddy. But these shock absorbers can take on anything. You are free to drive off-road without any hassle with SENSEN.

Before you even tell me that you want to test first, then believe my words, then you should know SENSEN has done that part already. These struts had gone through strict routines to get manufactured or proceed any further in the supply chain. So much so that they are ISO approved. There is no room for suspicions there!

It is highly durable and long-lasting. What makes it so sturdy and amazing is that it has nitrogen gas inside the coiling tube. And the tubes are twin tubes so that they can absorb the shocks of the bumpy road even better. There will be no squallier or squeaky sounds coming off!

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  • ISO approved shock absorbers
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Nitrogen charged twin coiling tubes
  • Perfect fit to the vehicle of choice
  • Top mounting gear is not included

4. Skyjacker Black MAX Shock-B8560

Skyjacker Black MAX Shock B8560

Let’s take a moment and appreciate its beautifully built body. Stunning truly! Skyjacker has always been a category favorite of mine. Now now, don’t worry I’m no biased reviewer. It is what it is, and Skyjacker will steal your heart as well. I’m sure of it!

It maximizes the fluid motion capacity so that your vehicle can absorb most of the vibration. The fluid motion is controlled by the twin-tube design. This is pretty clever if you ask me. It’s not a lot but it is a lot at the same time!

This one is built with super-advanced foam-cell technology. What it does is it wedges in compression in order to compensate for oil expansion. That way, your ride can be smoothly operated and maneuvered just as you please!

Foam-cell technology is genius! It can also take away all the remaining air inside the twin tubes. Now you can mount them in any direction as you wish. This shock absorber cleverly handles the heating problem.

Don’t worry about your new favorite replacement shocks rotting away; they won’t! Because they are chrome-platted. With 373 Degree Arc Welded End Mounts, you have nothing to worry about.

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  • 373 Degree Arc Welded End Mounts
  • Super advanced foam-cell technology
  • Extraordinary fluid motion capacity
  • Twin-tube design which is chrome platted too
  • Installation isn’t as easy

5. Detroit Axle – 4PC Front and Rear Shock Absorber Set for 1998-2011 Ford Ranger

Detroit Axle 2WD Front and Rear Shocks Replacement for Ford Ranger Mazda

Now, on to the last dime! I introduce you to a superstar! Detroit Axle Shocks, it a market favorite. Ford owners all around love and adore this baby. Why won’t they! It is so good at its job.

In the whole package, you would find two front and rear absorbers. There is a piston seal in there to make sure there is a compact seal in between the pressure tube and the piston. The lesser there are leaks, the more a replacement shock will last you.

The dimension of this trout is 24 x 8 x 18 inches. This means it can be easily fitted with most of the fords out there. Although, it is advised by the manufacturer that you buy the one specific to your model.

Furthermore, the fit for this baby is amazing. Most of the ford owners are amazed at how well it had fit their vehicle. Gone are the days of awkward off-road riding because Detroit Axle replacement shocks are the ultimate replacement shocks that make driving smooth as butter.

Any ford ranger model is a good fit for this baby. It takes a lot of effort to deliver the best performance at an economical price range. But Detroit Axle has done the impossible. The pricing is great — a proper bang for your buck.

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  • Amazing fit for your ford ranger
  • Installation is very easy
  • Smooth riding experience and is long-lasting
  • Won’t break your bank AKA affordable
  • Might be a bit short for some

What to Look for Before You Buy Best Replacement Shocks for Ford Ranger?

So, the big question is, keeping all the brands aside, what should be the core requirements of a good quality replacement shock? You cannot just get any Strout and expect that to be good because that’s too good to be true.

Certain criteria should be present for a replacement shock to be considered good. Otherwise, you will be dumbfounded with a regular one. Plus, it is super important to get the best one, as it plays a great role in controlling your vehicle on rocky roads. One wrong move and game over.

  • Good Compression

A Strout with good compression will give you tons of flexibility. If it offers great compression ability, then it is certain that it can withstand a lot of loads and weight. So, no matter how heavy the vehicle or bumpy the road is, it can take the fight head-on!

  • Fluid Flow

The greater the fluid flow inside the tubes the better. This saves you from the initial impact of a badly built road. Not to mention the tracking roads! An early release of the fluid will also give you a better edge on acting as fast as you can.

  • Good Fit

This is a no-brainer. If you don’t have a good fit in your replacement shock, then what’s even the point of going through all this trouble. Make sure you have a very good fit and the exact model that your ride needs. That way, you will get the max out of it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have more questions? Take a look at these!

Why do I need a larger shock body?

Remember bigger is better? Yup, it is. The larger the shock body is, the more chances it has of absorbing the shock and providing a larger area for the fluid to move around.

How to install a replacement shock?

First of all, clean up the mounting points really well. With the washer facing down and bushing on the top slide it from the bottom. Get all the angels right and bolt it on the place.

When do I replace the old one?

Well, this should be a no-brainer. When you feel discomfort riding and don’t feel like the current one isn’t working properly, inspect it thoroughly. Check for rust. If it’s rusty, change immediately.

Will this raise vehicle height?

Nope. They are shock absorbers. And they don’t raise it rather distribute the height properly in any road condition.

What if I don’t replace them?

It can get dangerous. As the vehicle will almost lose all control on a bumpy, rocky road, they can even turn over. Are you willing to take the risk? If you are, be my guest.

Final Words

Well, I don’t intend to be a control freak, but I cannot stress the fact enough that a good replacement shock is very important. It can even save your life in some cases. The best replacement shocks for ford ranger might not be the easiest thing to find, yet there are some good solid choices in the market.

Take a look at this list, for example. If you find your treasure from here, keep it safe and thank me later!

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