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Top 5 Best Tire Paint Pen Reviews [Updated 2021]

Every tire got the same color regardless of the vehicle’s types. Though it is the universal color for tire, you may notice how dull they look with the same black color.

However, A tire paint pen can change the total biography of the tire altogether.

Painting on tire not only makes the letters visible but also brings a gorgeous look at the appearance of the vehicles. That’s why the wise decision would be choosing the best tire paint pen instead of other painting collections.

Where other paints are not able to make a durable bonding on the rubber of the tire, the tire pen can do the job easily with a simple application because they are specially formulated for tire painting.

Therefore, to ease the finding of the tire paint, we have discovered some permanent paint pen for the tire. Let’s get the painting pens.

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Car wash Safe Tire Paint Pen (2 Pens, Red) Waterproof
Car wash Safe Tire Paint Pen (2 Pens, Red) Waterproof

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Tire Paint Pens for Multiple Surfaces - (15 Colors) Quick Dry
Tire Paint Pens for Multiple Surfaces - (15 Colors) Quick Dry

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Permanent Tire Paint Pen, Anti-Fading Ink - 3 Pack (Red)
Permanent Tire Paint Pen, Anti-Fading Ink - 3 Pack (Red)

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AllstarTire Paint Pen - Red-Work On Glass, Plastic, And Metal
AllstarTire Paint Pen - Red-Work On Glass, Plastic, And Metal

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Permanent Tire Paint Pen- 13 Colors - Tread Rubber Metal
Permanent Tire Paint Pen- 13 Colors - Tread Rubber Metal

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Best Tire Paint Pen Reviews

This section will make it simple for having your desired tire paint pen since here we will discuss every spec of the painting pen. Let’s dive into the reviews.

1. Car wash Safe Tire Paint Pen (2 Pens, Red)

A professional tire painter always looks for a specialized paint pen for tires. Due to the special features, the pens are preferable for all tire painting. Seeing the Tire Ink (a specialized tire paint), you will understand the difference between the specialized and common paint pen.

Most of the paint cannot bond the color on the tire surface, because the rubber of the tire is so hard to bond the ordinary paint. In this instance, the Tire-Ink pens would be perfect for making a strong bond for more than a year.

A two-sided tip is the main requirement for tire painting. Because there are two types of letters are usually seen in the tires. That’s why you will get the two tips in the paint pen for recessed letters and the raised letters.

Due to the variety of tire, most of the painting pens cannot adjust with multiple surfaces. However, you can go with this pen for effortlessly painting on numerous surfaces such as cars, trucks, bicycles, and ATVs.

Alongside the quality of the paint marker, they brought eight variety of colors for meeting your painting desire. That’s why most of the automotive genius consider the pen as the best paint for tires.

Key Features

  • Tire specialized paint pen
  • Eight variety of colors collections
  • Minimum one year of color bonding
  • Provides huge resistance during car washing

2. Tire Paint Pens for Multiple Surfaces – (15 Colors)

Searching a versatile paint pen is not a bad idea for painting on car tires. The letters and tire-surface are varied from the tire to tire. To make sure of the utilization of the paint pen, you can stand with these pens, which will ensure the multi surfaces painting.

For outdoor surfaces, oil-based paint is preferable since they can bond the paint for a long time. That’s why this oil-based pen is recommended for the tire painting. However, the tire endures a lot of heating that cannot peel away the paint.

Besides working on many tires, the pen can be used on all most every surface. That’s why it is wise to choose this pen for your DIY projects, which will ensure you maximum use of the painting pen.

As a versatile paint pen, multiple colors are expected. However, the variety of 15 colors arouses you’re artistically desired immediately after getting the paint on hand.

Besides the multiple colors, the formulation of the pen ensures a long-lasting bonding on any other surfaces because of its permanent ink. So, if you are seeking the best paint for rubber tires, it would be difficult for you to skip the paint marker.

Key Features

  • 15 variety of colors
  • King of versatile paint pens
  • Special oil-based paint for DIY
  • Ensure permanent bonding on the tires

3. Permanent Tire Paint Pen, Anti-Fading Ink – 3 Pack (Red)

Due to the lack of high resistance, most of the tire paint either crack or peel away. While driving, the tires absorbed as much heat, which can easily peel off any paint. In this instance, you need a permanent paint bonding that you will find in the CHUIR tire pen.

If the paint is bonding with the tire rubber, which means the paint will make a bond with the other surfaces as well. That’s why the marker can be compatible with multiple surfaces such as glass, plastic, leather, rocks, and so forth.

The composition of the paint is somewhat unique than the other paints. The paint dries quickly and makes a durable coating on the tire immediately after finishing. That’s how the paint can sustain for a long time on the tires.

For bringing a brilliant outlook on your DIY project, you can go with the paint marker. To have a long-lasting bonding on rubber, you can use some rubber protectant before painting. Most of the artist prefers the paint for board painting and graffiti.

With the tiny fraction of penny, you are getting the 3-pack permanent paint pen for your tires and other surfaces as well. After considering the pen, I bet you will be covetous for having the tire pen.

Key Features

  • A versatile paint marker
  • Special paint pen for DIY projects
  • Waterproof & anti-fading paint pens
  • Makes a durable bond on tire rubber


4. All star Tire Paint Pen – Red

The color of the tire has the same regardless of the car’s model. Sometimes it is quite boring if your fancy car also got the same colors tire. Don’t get frustrated! Get the All star Red pen for bringing an appealing look on your tires.

Due to the paint formula, the pen got huge resistance to fighting on adverse weather. The UV protection of the paint makes sure the long-lasting bonding. As a result, you can move anywhere without hesitating the paint durability.

For the DIY painting-project, a multipurpose pen is always preferable. From your tire rubber to multiple surfaces, you can cover with the tire markers. Hence, to utilize the paint and your every penny, the painter should get the multipurpose tire painting pen.

The application process is quite simple as the pen is specially formulated for a DIY project. After cleaning the tire, you can directly go through the application. After finishing, you will be getting a brilliant color instantly as it dries quickly.

For the perfect painting solution on the tire or other surfaces, the automotive experts are considering the marker if you are looking for the best tire paint pen. Hence, without any hesitation, you can get the pen for having the ultimate painting experience on your tires.

Key Features

  • Long surviving painting
  • Extreme weather resistance
  • Compatible on multiple surfaces
  • Able to prevent cracking and peeling

5. Permanent Tire Paint Pen- 13 Colors

The universal color of the tire (black) is not always fascinating for all. If you don’t want to look at the dull tires, then why you have to suffer from that? Get the multiple colors of paint pen to give your tires a fancy look.

Besides tire painting, you can go with the pen for painting on other surfaces of your vehicles. Sometimes, the pens would wonderfully replace some metallic paints for the car.

Because it is compatible with various surfaces such as plastic, glass, wood, and metal, the pens also work on porcelain and ceramic surfaces.

After the painting, you will get the same performance on multiple surfaces. It is an essential trait of paint pens. Along with that, the 13 colors can provide you a fascinating painting experience.

A multi-color painting pen is mostly preferable for DIY projects. The tire-paint is not only working well for the tire but also for the cardboard and paper. That’s why it becomes the first choice of most professional painters.

After having the painting experience, you can easily distinguish the marker with others. Because it’s every strip gives you dazzling painting patters while driving.

Avoiding the pens would be difficult if you measure the paint features and performance. The most exciting thing about the marker is its reasonable price, which also intensifies the desire to have the paint pen.

Key Features

  • 13 color pens
  • Cost-effective pen set
  • UV and water resistance
  • Ensure maximum color bonding

Things to Consider Before Buying Tire Paint Pen

Although you are informed about the tire painting pen, it would be wise for every buyer to consider some crucial factors beforehand, which will help you to choose the right paint for your tires. Let’s have a look at them.

Bonding capacity

Tire paint always demands a durable bonding as the tire is enduring a lot of heat while running. If the paint cannot bond strongly with the surfaces, eventually the paint will peel off.

Therefore, bonding capacity is so significant for tire painting than the other paints.

Color Variation

Completing a project with a single color paint would so difficult. Sometimes it looks quite dull if there is no variation on tire painting. As a result, multiple colors are preferable for painting on the tire.

Besides, if you stand with the multi-color pens, it would be easy for you to paint with other surfaces as well.

Moreover, if you are intended to choose a versatile painting pen for tires, then pick the multi-color pens for utilizing the painting collection.

High Resistance

Tires are constantly getting huge pressure and heat while running. That’s why it needs massive resistance to make a durable bonding on the rubber surfaces.

The UV rays are the invisible enemy of the tire paint. So, if you haven’t confirmed a high UV resisting paint beforehand, that means you are approaching the worst consequence of your tire paints.

Car Wash Friendly

Most of the tire paints have the water-resistance, which means they will stand with chemical soap during car washing.

Therefore, you have to make sure the car wash friendly features of your tire painting pen beforehand.

Surface Compatibility

Although this is a standard feature for every paint, however, if you ensure the features of your selected pens, you are about to utilize your hard-earned money.

The high compatible pens would be a blessing for completing the other painting project alongside tire painting. Hence, how can you deny this trait of the tire pen?

However, the selected paints can adjust with multiple surfaces with keeping the uniform performance level for all.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What kind of paint is suitable for tire letters?

Automotive experts recommend the industrial or marine graded paint for the tire. However, the paint has strong resistance and ensures non-toxicity. That’s why you can pick that type of paint pen for your tire.

Overall, oil-based paints are the best paint for tire letters because of their high resistance capacity. Before getting the paint, check whether it is oil-based or not.

Can the paints stand with the 3000 psi pressure washer?

Yes! They can tolerate 3000 psi pressure as it is compatible with the auto car wash system.

Moreover, these paints are car wash friendly so that they can endure washing soaps and chemicals as well.

Will these paint pens work on plastic?


These tire pens have a wide range of compatibility to adjust with most of the surfaces. The pens are not only perfect paint for the tire, but also you can use these for painting on plastic, glass, wood, cardboard, and paper.

That’s why this paint mostly recommends for DIY projects.

How many pens require for painting four tires?

It depends on the letters of the tire. Usually, a paint pen can cover four tires if you apply a single coat.

However, it recommends using the two pens for four tires. Since the signal coating cannot stand for a long time, so, to get the long-last painting performance, you should apply a double coat with the two pens.

Can I apply for a tire shiner after the painting?

Yes! You can.

While using tire shiner, you should choose the tire gel instead of a spray shiner. Because the spray sometimes destroys the painting or make it dull.

You should use a tire gel after completing the tire paint to avoids such an incident.

Final Words

Everyone wants to make a difference in their car from others. Only the tire painting can bring a radical change to the car’s appearance.

Painting on the tire is not unreasonable at all. After having the painting experience on the tire, you will also empathize why people go crazy for painting tire.

Regardless of the quality of the tire, the paint has a significant influence on the outlook of the cars. When it comes to the appearance of the vehicle, it would be difficult for you to skip the best tire paint pen.

Have a Durable Paint!

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