Best Wheels for GTI Reviews In 2023 (Ultimate Buying Guide)

A twin-turbo engine, humongous horsepower, lucrative vinyl, seats of pure leather, and boring stock wheels. In this list, have you noticed anything odd? Yup, you’ve guessed it right — the boring stock wheels. Now imagine your favorite ride, the VW GTI with all these specs in it.

Do you really believe with those wheels you can grab the title of the finest ride in the neighborhood? We don’t think so. But what if you had the best wheels for GTI tagged to your ride? Won’t it be a car worth having the attention of every passerby?

Things have not gone too far, mate. You’ve still got the change to get your ride a gorgeous look amazing rims. But as there’re hundreds of them, the picking up ain’t going to be easy. Don’t worry; it’ll get easier just in a few minutes. All you have to do is just stick here for a while.

Best Wheels for GTI Reviews: Our Top Picks

Well, having the right options can push the bar of convenience higher every time, can’t they? So, to do something like that, we’ve got you the top 5 Wheels For GTI.

Now it’s on you which one you’re going to gift your ride with. Here comes the first one:

1. Wheelership 18 Inch Wheel for Volkswagen GTI

Wheelership 18 Inch Wheel for Volkswagen GTI

Choosing the wrong wheel is more than enough to give your ride an odd look. After all, isn’t it one of those things anyone will have a glance over in the first place?

So if you’re not planning to spoil the look, you can give the 18” Wheel from Wheelership a try.

As the construction matters the most in a wheel, the makers have made it with a superior material – the Alloy Steel. So, rather than grabbing a pile of confusion, you can rely on this Rim with closed eyes in terms of durability.

But having a steeled circle with a ton of sturdiness isn’t what you’re here for, are you? It’s the design that has dragged your attention here. Well, you won’t be disappointed with the lucrative outlook of this Machined w Black Rim for sure. On top of that, the finish can sustain the harshness of winter too.

And worrying about fitting it in? We don’t think you’ll have any problem there with this 18 x 7.5 wheel. With its structural integrity, there’s no way for you to have an issue with its performance. As a cherry on the top, JWL & ISO 9001 certification has made it more of a reliable piece.

Now the question is, your entire ride will be rolling on it. So, what can possibly prove that can it keep up on the road? For your information, this bad boy has gone through three major tests like lateral fatigue test, impact test, and radial fatigue test.

So, you can be sure it’ll do better than just fine.

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  • Made of quality Alloy Steel
  • Lucrative design
  • Size fits perfectly with the ride
  • Comes with JWL & ISO 9001 certification
  • Tested through major structural tests


  • Rims for all the wheels have to be bought individually

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2. Volkswagen GTI 18 Inch Detriot Wheel

Volkswagen GTI 18 Inch Detriot Wheel

Who can understand it better than the company itself that how much having a quality and lucrative rim matters for their cars. After all, that’s what can get the ride a better look, right?

So, Volkswagen thought of bringing something impressive for that segment and came up with the 18” Machined Detroit Wheel.

From the design to durability, they’ve taken care of each and every single aspect that you’d like to have in your next wheel. As the look is what grabs your glance in the first place, team Volkswagen has given it the perfect design. Thanks to its 5 circular spokes that have got the Rim a killer look with a perfect finish.

The Rim comes with wider compatibility to different Volkswagen GTI or Golf models. Doesn’t matter if you’re rolling anything between 2006 to 2014; it can simply fit in with any of them. If a Jetta is what you have in your garage then count the models from 2005 to 2010.

Moreover, the solid offset bolts will keep it tagged to your ride with a strong grip for the whole time. So, there’s no chance of you having a problem in that area.

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  • Stylish design
  • Has wider compatibility to different models
  • Comes with a perfect finish
  • Nuts help to maintain a tighter grip
  • Very durable


  • Doesn’t come with center cap lug-nuts

3. OE Wheels 17 Inch Rims Volkswagen GTI Wheel

OE Wheels 17 Inch Rims Volkswagen GTI Wheel

Having a rim full of style is never out of style. So, if you think you need wheels that can make those creepy circles into something shiny and worth watching, then you better give 17×7 Wheel from OE Wheels LLC a shot. This Gunmetal Rim can literally change the way people look at your ride.

As the material is Aluminum, so there’s no need for you to take a headache on the durability part. It can keep up with your ride for a long time without falling apart. So, rather than getting a new rim any sooner, you can have this one as long as you want.

And what to say about the visual appeal? It can boost that so high, unlike the regular rims, no one can ignore having a view of it. Thanks to its perfect finish with the gunmetal powder coat.

Now you can see it shining like the armor of knights anytime. Even a year of regular driving can’t make it fade away.

Now comes the compatibility. Well, you just can’t get anything more than that. You just name the model, and it’s got it all in. Whether it’s Volkswagen or Audi, it can fit in with a ton of their models effortlessly. Waiting for the wow factor?

Then, here it is. We don’t know how many rims you’ve seen so far with the TPMS compatibility, but this one is one of them. So, if you’re really in the mood to have a check on the Tire Pressure Monitoring System of your ride, it’ll be easy as pie with this.

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  • Ensures a better durability level
  • Comes with a higher compatibility level
  • Eye-catching design
  • Finish can remain intact for a whole year
  • Made compatible for TPMS


  • Doesn’t fit 2.7T, 4.2 V8, or 3.0T models

4. OE Wheels 18×8 Wheel Fits Volkswagen GTI

OE Wheels 18x8 Wheel Fits Volkswagen GTI

This brand just doesn’t know how to stop bringing superb rims, do they? Otherwise, how can they possibly come up with another amazing 18×8 wheelman’s Rim?

This time with a variation in design, they’ve made sure that you get a superior quality as well. Want to know how?

Well, team OE Wheels knows how to sculpt the sturdiest pieces out of lifeless Aluminum and they’ve done it beautifully once again. Now no matter how many miles put behind with this wheel, it ain’t going to give up.

Once again, the makers have utilized their specialty with the black powder coat and given it the amazing finish. It literally has taken its appearance to a whole other level.

If you’re thinking about giving up on its finishing any sooner, then forget it. Because it ain’t going to go nowhere for a long time.

And the design. Damn! How can it be so perfect! There’s no way you can ignore the aggressive vibe in it, just like the one you’d love to have in your ride. With the OE logo in the middle, you just can’t take your eyes off the wheel.

Thinking about whether it’s going fit to your ride or not, then here’s the answer.

If you’re driving a Volkswagen Bettle, CC, EOS, GTI, Golf, Jetta, Passat, Rabbit, Tiguan, or Audi A3, A4. A6, A8, TT, then you can take a chill pill and relax because this bad boy can fit into any of them.

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  • Construction is highly durable
  • Comes with a perfect finishing
  • Finish is capable of lasting long enough
  • Compatible to a ton of models
  • Has a lucrative design


  • Incompatible to 3.0T, 2.7T, or 4.2 V8 models

5. OE Wheels 17 Inch Volkswagen VW GTI

OE Wheels 17 Inch Volkswagen VW GTI

Team OE Wheels LLC strikes again with their 1” Rim Set. If you’re bored of seeing wheels which you have to buy individually, then this set is going to rid of that hassle just like that.

But is it just quantity that it has to offer? There’s more to its arsenal, and that’s where we’re heading.

It all starts with the super sturdy Aluminum construction. As the makers have always been highly concerned about getting their rim the highest durability, they’ve made no exception here too.

So, it doesn’t matter how much roughness you’re taking the rims through; they can stand tough.

The makers know that you’re not only craving for durability but looking for a look to impress with too. So, along with giving it the beautiful design of 5 circular spokes, they’ve got it the finest finishing as well. Thanks to its black powder coat, which has added some extra appeal to its look.

Now comes the final part, where you’ll understand if this set will be useful for your ride or not. It all depends on the model you’re using. If you own a VW Bettle, CC, EOS, GTI, Golf, Jetta, Passat, or Rabbit, then you can pick it up with closed eyes.

But if you need it for your Audi, then it has to be A3, Q5, A4, A6, A8, or TT.

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  • Comes as a complete set
  • Ensures a supreme durability
  • Beautiful design
  • Has the perfect finishing
  • Got a decent compatibility level


  • Not the cheapest Rim in the market

Things to Consider Before Buying Wheels for GTI

Do you want to throw your cash in the mud? Then simply buy a random rim for your GTI. But if you’re not in the mood to do so, then you better check out the rims before you swipe your card.

Now the question is, checking out which factors will lead you to the right wheel. Well, here’s your answer:

  • Material

This is what mostly controls whether you’re going to need to look for new rims within a short time or not. So, while you’re trying to get wheels for your ride, check if they’re made of good materials. If you’re looking for something sturdy for your GTI, then choosing one with Aluminum or alloy steel can be a better option.

  • Design

You don’t need just simple circles to roll your ride, remember? You need it to make your car look good as well. So, try to pick the one that can help you in improving the car’s outlook.

  • Size

Understand the size of the wheel you’re going to need for your car, especially when you’re ordering online. Otherwise, there’s a high chance of putting yourself into some unwanted hassles.

  • Finish

The finish quality is one of the most essential parts that you need to check out while bringing a rim in. Rims with a poor finishing have two major problems with them. One, they’re more prone to scratches as the quality isn’t good enough. Two, it makes the ride look worse.

  • TPMS Compatibility

It’s better if you can grab a rim with Tire Pressure Monitoring System or TPMS compatibility. It’ll make it easy for you to check your tire’s current pressure. Though if you think you don’t need that, then skipping it shouldn’t hurt that much.

  • Expert’s Advice

Maybe you’ve bought a ton of rims before, but still, it’s better if you can have some expert advice too. After all, they understand better which one will be perfect for your ride.

FAQs: About Best Wheels For GTI

What Is The Benefit Of Getting A Full Set Rather Than Getting An Individual Rim?

The prime benefit over here you can get by getting a full set is saving some bucks. Often we see the individual rim price is comparatively higher than a full set.

What Should Be The Duration Of The Face Finish Warranty In A Wheel Rim?

It shouldn’t be less than a year. So, while grabbing your Rim, check out what type of warranty are they offering.

Is It Better To Get The OEM One?

To be honest, it depends on your preference. Though lots of the drivers think they’re better with the quality, the truth is the gap is getting narrower every day with the regular rims.

Is A Rim Without TPMS Compatibility Bad?

If you’re more into keeping a regular check or run diagnosis on your car, then you better get one with the TPMS compatibility. But if you’re okay without it, then there shouldn’t be a problem getting a rim without this feature.

Do The VW Rims Go With Other Brands?

It does, but not all of them. While making the purchase, check out if it goes with the other brands or not.

Final Words

A right rim can give your car the amazing look, and choosing the wrong one can do the opposite. So, if you really don’t want to make a mess with the look of your GTI, then don’t even think about getting anything but the best wheels for GTI.

We’ve given you all the options to make it easier, and now it’s your call.

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