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Top 5 Best Glitter Paint for Walls In 2021 (Top Selling Collections)

According to the color-science, colors have a profound impact on our bodies and mind. And, a sparkling color has more. It can appease our minds and make us more electrifying when we come to some scintillating colors.

That’s why, intrinsically, we are always looking for some glittering colors for our painting. A glitter paint additive is not only pacifying our mind but also protecting our walls in many ways.

Glitter paint is an essential tool for enhancing interior beautification. That’s why you may look for the best glitter paint for walls or other indoor materials.

In fact, finding glitter wall paint would be an easy task, if you have spent a lot of time on reviewing and analyzing the product intensely. These days, it is difficult to go through.

However, don’t be tensed! We have discovered five top-notch glitter paint additive for you. Let’s get the paint-additive.

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Glitter Paint Additive (Rose Gold) for Wall, Wood, Matte, Satin
Glitter Paint Additive (Rose Gold) for Wall, Wood, Matte, Satin

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Rust-Oleum Glitter Interior Wall Paint, Iridescent Clear
Rust-Oleum Glitter Interior Wall Paint, Iridescent Clear

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Silver Holographic Glitter Paint, Crystal Additive, for Acrylic paint
Silver Holographic Glitter Paint, Crystal Additive, for Acrylic paint

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Silver Glitter Paint, for Emulsion Paint, Indoors/Outdoors
Silver Glitter Paint, for Emulsion Paint, Indoors/Outdoors

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Interior Silver Paint Crystals
Interior Silver Paint Crystals

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The Best Glitter Paint for Walls Reviews

In this section, we will be showcasing the glitter paint with in-depth details, so that it can help you to choose the best glitter paint additive for your interior/exterior walls. Let’s dive into the reviews.

1. Glitter Paint for Walls/Wood/Matte/Satin – Rose Gold (Additive)

Hemway brings some innovation in the glitter interior wall paint. After having multiple blind tests, they proved the quality of the paint throughout the world and get the top-position among them.

The glitter additive can be used on various surfaces such as interior/exterior walls, ceiling, furniture. That’s how it can bring a sparkling glow on the surface.

Sometimes, it considers as the best glitter paint for wood. You can apply it with Acrylic, latex, emulsion, and mod podge. However, it recommends using glitter with latex paint for having a better outcome.

Though it composed of various chemicals, it has no adverse effect on humans or materials. As a result, it ensures maximum-safety for using on your bedrooms, children’s rooms, or even in dining rooms.

For getting a long-lasting glitter solution, this is the epitome of durability among the others. Because it never fades away by the time. So, to have a better glittering-experience, you can make a combo-color by picking your favorite one from 33 colors.

The application process is very simple as it has designed for DIY. After firmly mixed with the matte you can roll throughout the surface. Make sure the accurate matte quantity for a single pack to have the better alloy.

Key Features

  • Ensure product quality through blind-testing
  • Harmonizing with multiple surfaces
  • Brings 33 colors for extensive application
  • Ensure sky-high safety for the user

2. Rust-Oleum Glitter Paint for Walls – Iridescent Clear (Interior)

Rust-Oleum brings liquid paint with added some shiny features to provide stronger iridescent glow on the walls. Rust-Oleum’s glitter paint can simultaneously work on multiples surfaces such as furniture, wood, varnish, gloss, matt, and other painted surfaces.

This is not a standalone painting quart; it is only a glitter wall paint additive. So, you can apply the paint on the painted, satin, or matte surfaces. Otherwise, it will not be lasting or cannot give you a perfect shimmering. Remember! Don’t apply the paint directly on masonry surfaces.

The water-based formula makes the paint shinier. That’s why it can emit extra sparkling on any surface after a well-finished application.

Rust-Oleum includes some resistance capacity to ensure a long-lasting coating. Besides, its glitter flakes provide the maximum protection to prevent fading.

As it has designed for DIY, so the application is very simple. After cleaning the top coating of the walls, you can paint the liquid-glitter by using roll or brush. Then leave it untouched for 1 hour. Along with that, you can use this quart for 30 sq. ft.

The price of this glitter wall paint additive is not excessive. So, to bring a sparkling appearance on your wall, it would the best glitter paint for walls.

Key Features

  • Best liquid additive for glittering walls
  • Able to provides a pleasant sparkling
  • A quart can cover 30 sq. ft.
  • Design for durable glittered finishing

3. Silver Holographic Glitter additive for Acrylic, Latex & Emulsion

V1RTUS has designed the holographic wall paint to provides the maximum sparkling after application. It can compatible with multi-surface such as walls, varnished-furniture, wood, metal, and so forth.

After a well-finished application, you will understand the quality of the product. On the other hand, they made sure of the high-quality paint, after having some tests and trials throughout the world.

To have a better glittering experience from the holographic additive, you should select a better-painted surface. Furthermore, you have to blend the additive with emulsion, acrylic, and latex paint.

V1RTUS ensures the widespread application by measuring the safety issues of this glitter wall paint. So, you can widely apply to your bedroom, dining, even the walls where the children have easy access.

Though the glitter paint can easily be applied, you have to follow the instruction for having a seamless finishing. Before going to the application, you have maintained the matt ration for this pack, otherwise, you will not get enough sparkling after finishing.

The glitter wall paint has 25 colors, so it is good enough to satisfy your long-pursuit of multi-colors glitter.

Key Features

  • Available on 25 colors
  • Emit an excellent holographic tint
  • the quality is guaranteed by wide-testing
  • High-temperature resistance for long-lasting finishing

4. Silver Glitter Paint for walls – Indoor & Outdoor (Additive)

Are you looking for an extra shimmer paint for walls? Then you would be a wonder to have the gorgeous sheen finishing after applying the “My Glitter Wall” additive.

This glitter wall paint has designed for ­matt and silk emulsion. So, to have a better glittering experience, you have to skip another coated surface such as satin or eggshell.

“My Glitter Wall” additive pack composed with silver glitter-flakes. That’s why it is able to emit as much sparkling glow as possible after finishing.

Experts recommended this 150g pack for 1.5 litters of paint. In some cases, it can be blend with 2 liters of paint. Furthermore, before going to apply, you have to mix it thoroughly for 5-7 mins to have an extra-shimmering glow.

By the way, the application process would be pretty simple, if you keep these words in mind. Otherwise, it would be a true disaster, because you will not get the expected outcome.

Therefore, to have an ultimate glittering experience within a reasonable budget, you have to consider the additive. Because the features of the glitter paint and its price go with each other.

Key Features

  • Performing well on emulsion paint
  • Silver glitter-flakes for extra shimmering
  • 5 mins blending bring maximum results
  • 150g pack is suitable for 1.5 litter paints

5. Valspar Interior Glitter Paint for walls – Crystals Silver 

Valspar composed this silver additive with some extra glitter-flakes to enhance the brightness of the walls. Though it is special for interior walls, it can also compatible with multi-surface such as varnished, wood, furniture, and other painted coating surfaces.

Valspar ensured the glittering quality and guaranteed for long-lasting finishing. However, most of the time it depends on how you are applying this glitter paint. If you make sure the proper application procedure, then it will provide you longstanding sparkling coating.

The glitter paint leaves you a bluish-grey after well-finished application. You can use this paint with other emulsion paints as well. However, it recommends using the additive with Valspar glaze for having a better result.

Generally, it suggests that 100g glitter-additive for 1.5 litter of paints. However, if you would like to see an extra glittering on your walls or materials surfaces, then you can add a 7-8 pack of additive to 1 gallon of paint. Then you will see miraculous shimmering after finishing.

This clear glitter paint additive comes with a 28g single pack. To compare with the others, the price of the product is a bit higher. However, if you see the colors and quality you would love it.

Key Features

  • Composed of extra glitter-flakes
  • Guarantee the premium quality glitters
  • Use with Valspar glaze for extra sparkling
  • Easy to apply & special for DIY

Things to Consider Before Buying Glitter Paint for Walls

Though you have enough information about glitter paint, you have to consider some factors before purchasing the glitters. By considering a few factors of the paint, you can easily prevent future disappointment and come up with the best glitter wall paint. Then why should you avert these? Let’s have a look at the following.

Glitter Flakes

The intensity of the glitter flakes indicates the intensity of the sparkling capacity. Since glitter is the core element of glitter paint, so if the glitter paint got less intensity due to low-quality glitter flakes, then what is the point?

As a result, to have an intense sparkling you cannot overlook this point.

Composition Formula

Composition formula is an important aspect of all chemical-based products. It defines the product capabilities and its overall performance.

For the liquid glitter paints additive, you have to check whether it is consisting of water-based formula or not.

On the other hand, for non-liquid glitter paint additive, you have to make sure the paint formula, that you are going to mix with the glitter additive.

Resistance Capabilities

Since the glitter wall paint would be the final coating of a surface, that’s why you have to think about the resistance capacity of the glitters. That’s how you can ensure the maximum protection of the walls.

Glitter paint should have to fight against the weather temperature and able to heal minor damage on the walls. That’s why it is essential to have a high resisting paint.


This another important aspect of glitter paint. Because it will save you from future wastage. Though most of the glitter can adjust with maximum matt or paint, few of them are not able to adjust with multiple colors.

In this scenario, if you check the compatible rate beforehand then you may turn your existing paint jar into a glitter paint by adding these additives.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. How does the glitter-paint work on walls?

First, you have to mix the glitter additive with emulsion paints. After that, you can start painting with a roller. Then leave the surfaces untouched until dry. After drying you have to buff the paint for getting the final glossy appearance.

2. If I cover the glitter paint over other paints, Does it leave any residue?


When you paint glitter-paints over other coatings, there is no chance to see any texture, bumpy, or residue on the walls.

3. Are the glitter paints stored in the bottom of the paint can?


During application, when you pour the glitter additive into the paints can, after that, you have to blend them smoothly right away. That’s why there are no chances to store the paint in the can.

4. What would happen if I add 2-3 packs of glitter in the paint?

Well! It depends on the quantity of paint.

If the paint is 1.5-2 litter, then you will get a brilliant sparkling glow on your surface. It recommends that for 1.5 litter of paint is perfect for 100g of glitter paint additive.

5. Is it leave wall bumpy? Or Will it be hard to paint over paint?

First, there is no chance. However, you have to make sure the proper application, otherwise it would be bumpy.

Second, it recommends that the paint should be applied with emulsion, acrylic, or latex paints. So if you mix the additive with these paints, then you can easily use the paint over paint.

6. How can I blend it with paints? Can I just pour it in?

Well! It is pretty simple.

First off, you have to make sure the paint, whether it goes with this additive or not.  Afterward, you have to pour the additive into the paint and mix it for 5-7 mins. Afterward, you will get a fine mixture that is ready to go.

Final Words

A glittering paint can serve us in many ways. This does not only help you to enhance the interior beauty of walls but also provides strong resistance to protect the wall.

As the glitter wall paint have some significant function for protecting our interior/exterior walls, so it is hard to compromise with the quality of the glitter paint additive.

That’s why we have discovered these best glitter paint for walls so that it can prevent you from future buying frustration.

Have a Great Glittering-Day!

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