Glue for 3d Printing Bed

Top 5 Best Glue for 3d Printing Bed – Recommendations For 2021

You are a 3D printer user, and you don’t have to fight bed adhesion problems? That is quite unusual, isn’t it? In order to solve the problem of bed adhesion in the printing board surface, you need obviously suitable glue for your 3d printing bed.

Similarly, it is very important to match printing glue formulas with the exact bed surface material for the 3D printing process. Nowadays, there are many adhesive options for solving your printing bed issues. But it’s a little bit confusing to choose the best glue for 3d printing bed.

Luckily, you’ve no worries when we are here. We are confident enough to provide you a rich source of top-notch glue for 3d printing bed with full details.

Keep following the guidelines for your desired product.

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Magigoo MO2016 Glue for 3D Printing Bed | All-in-One Adhesive
Magigoo MO2016 Glue for 3D Printing Bed | All-in-One Adhesive

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LAYERNEER Original Bed Glue for 3D Printing Bed | Strong Grip
LAYERNEER Original Bed Glue for 3D Printing Bed | Strong Grip

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ACEIRMC Glue for 3D Printing Bed | Non-Toxic
ACEIRMC Glue for 3D Printing Bed | Non-Toxic

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Magigoo MO2018 Glue for 3D Printing Bed | All-in-One Adhesive
Magigoo MO2018 Glue for 3D Printing Bed | All-in-One Adhesive

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Prevailent Starter Pack Glue for 3D Printing Bed | Easy Release
Prevailent Starter Pack Glue for 3D Printing Bed | Easy Release

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Best Glue for 3d Printing Bed Reviews

Here are the five of the most popular glue for 3d printing beds that you will find very useful for your printer’s issue. Keep reading to find out all that you want to know and aware of the features of the printing glue sticks.

1. Magigoo Glue for 3D Printing Bed | All-in-One Adhesive

If you are searching for an all-in-one printer-friendly adhesive, you may choose this Magigoo’s glue. It is very easy to use. Even more shocking, it can be cleaned with water. Thus, it gives a very user-friendly application.

You can also use it with most other plastic filaments like PLA, ABS, HIPS, PET-G, and even Nylon. Thus, it has proved itself as multi-material glue.

Plus, it can work on glass surfaces like PEI, Buildtak, Kapton, etc. that makes it more distinguishable.

Moreover, Magigoo always designs its properties with easily releasing ingredients from the 3D printing build plate. Plus, this glue stick is very long-lasting. You can apply it every time without having any risk of a failed print.

Therefore, this glue is inflammable and safe for use. Plus, it gives no bad stinks, which makes it more comfortable to use. Therefore, it is totally toxic-free glue. It leaves no residue on the surface generally. Even if it sometimes does, you can just clean it water.

That’s why, if you want to reduce print problems from warping, curling, print failure, you can definitely choose this product to prevent printing issues.

Key Features

  • Compatible with all material & surfaces
  • Inflammable & bad-smell free
  • Easily applying & washable
  • Long-lasting

2. LAYERNEER Original Glue for 3D Printing Bed | Strong Grip

Are you trying to fixing the 3D printer’s some problematic issues like warping, struggling with print removal, etc.? Then, it must be said that if you choose this Bed Weld glue, you will not feel any regret later.

Bed Weld has always supplied you with the original product to your doorstep. Likewise, this glue lasts for a very long time. You can even print for several times with a single coating.

Plus, it makes your printer cool by itself to free you from struggles with your part removal after printing.

Bed Weld glue is designed with a dynamic thermal coating, which can work with the heated build plates like PLA, ABS, PETG & CPE, etc. Besides, before using it on aluminum surfaces, you’ve to first place a layer of Kapton tape and then apply it.

It comes with a unique applicator that enables coating with no mess. The coating dries very fast and leaves no stickiness at all. Thus, you will be free from the clogged nozzle.

Besides these, Bed Weld gives you 3 months manufacture guarantee. So, if you’re searching for a printing bed adhesive for your multi-material 3D printing surfaces, it can be the best glue for 3d printing PLA.

Key Features

  • Ensures long-lasting
  • Works on multi-material surfaces
  • No stickiness & clogs
  • 3 months manufacture guarantee

3. ACEIRMC Glue for 3D Printing Bed | Non-Toxic

If a printing glue stick doesn’t function as its main job to reduce the hassle of printing issue, then what will be the use of buying one? Hopefully, you can take this glue without any doubt.

This glue is well-known for its strong bonding. It is bonding with the bed surface that is not much sticky so that it can save you from warping issues. Plus, it is so convenient and compact to use that you can use it again and again.

Moreover, you can easily clean it from the bed surface, including easy application. This glue is non-toxic and cruelty-free. Even, it can be easily cleaned with water.

You’ve to just rinse water in the glue residue and clean it with the help of a washing sponge.

Besides these, though it remains in solid form, it has good viscosity and rich density. This glue stick can easily be applied on any mini model of a 3D printer like 3 3Pro CR-10, 10s, S4, S5, etc.

Furthermore, this glue stick is a strong adhesive. You can use it on hot heated bed surfaces like PLA, ABS, PETG, etc., before printing as a first layer. It is way easier for you to remove from the printer.

Key Features

  • Non-sticky & non-toxic
  • Suitable for hot heated plates
  • Easily washable
  • High viscosity & density

4. Magigoo Glue for 3D Printing Bed | Non-Greasy | Odorless

Magigoo has always ensured its quality and effectiveness of products. If you want to have a large format FDM/FFF 3D printer bed adhesive, then selecting the Magigoo’s MO2018 glue stick will definitely be a wise option.

This glue stick can work properly on various filaments and printing bed surfaces. It can repeatedly use on hot heated and glass bed surfaces also. It sticks when your printer gets hot and releases when the printer gets cooled.

Moreover, it is very useful and safe for an application like child’s play.

It easily grips to 3D printing bed surfaces and reduces the risk of warping. Plus, it is so well-designed that you can easily release the 3D print after cooling down the printer once.

Besides, this glue ensures a long-lasting effect. You can print up to 230+ average prints on a single usage of it. Plus, it is easily washable. You can just clean its residue on the printer’s surface only by cleansing water.

Additionally, this glue is inflammable and odorless. It gives you additional convenience for using it in a closed room or educational workshop for children. That’s why it is highly recommended for you to use it as the best glue for 3d printing bed.

Key Features

  • Works with various filaments & surfaces
  • Long-lasting & safe
  • Non-greasy & odorless
  • It gives ease of cleaning

5. Prevailent Starter Pack Glue for 3D Printing Bed | Easy Release

Are you being a beginner in the 3D printing process and trying to solve common problems in your printing projects? Then, this Prevailent starter pack will be a great tool for you and other advanced users.

Prevailent T-80 is a stronghold and easy release glue. It holds parts while printing and releases after the printer is cooled down once. Plus, you can easily apply and clean it also. You just need water to clean its extra residue from the bed surface.

Besides, this glue is compatible with using many multi-material filaments and bed surfaces.

You can undoubtedly work with it on any heat-plated bed surfaces and with Kapton, Buildtak, other borosilicate glass beds also, etc.

Prevailent T-80 is constructed to be your trouble-free solution. It is water-soluble, toxicity free and bad smell-free also. Thus, it provides you the ease of use and cleaning.  You can take it without any doubt as it is made from original renewable resources.

Moreover, this glue is a cost-friendly and effective glue for use in the printing process. It contains enough adhesive, leveling cards for hot & cold operating temperatures, a customized sponge brush, no mess applicator, and a Quickstart guide for your easy use.

Key Features

  • Ensures easy release & string grip
  • Works with multi-material surfaces
  • Toxicity & bad smell free
  • Enables easy clean-up

Things to Consider Before Buying Glue for 3d Printing Bed

Bed adhesion is a common problem for 3D printers. So, there are certain things that you have to pay attention to before buying glue for solving this bed adhesion problem. Let’s discover all those things before choosing the best glue for 3d printing PLA.

Bonding Capacity

The main feature of a printing glue is its bonding capacity with multi-material filaments and surfaces. If it does not maintain its bonding reliability and effectiveness, then you can’t have the hassle-free solution for your 3D printer bed.

So, make sure that the glue can work with multi-material surfaces like PLA, ABS, glass build surfaces and provides you great service.

Easy Application & Release

The adhesive should be easily applicable and release. It should have the capability to release from the printing bed surfaces once it is cool down. Even it can be applied easily on every mini model for 3D printers and reduce warping, struggling print removal, etc.

That’s why you’ve to check the glue’s application and easy release factor. If it is easily applicable, you will feel enjoyable using it.


Every 3D printing bed glues should be safe to use. It should be non-sticky, odorless, toxicology tested, inflammable. It should have no messy applicator so that you can easily put it on the surface of the printer, and it will leave no unwanted residue.

So, make sure the safety issues of the glue area on the exact point. Plus, you don’t take any chances with the safety issues.

Long-lasting Ability

If a printing glue does not last for long, then you will feel uncomfortable using it. So, it should contain in enough quantity. Plus, it enables you to print again and again on a single use of it without any troubles.

So, make sure that your selected glue has the long-lasting capability to ensure your great printing process.

Easy Clean-up

The main important thing before buying printing bed glue is its effectiveness of easy clean-up. If you buy a glue that does not easily clean up, you will find it more difficult to use. You’ve to check that the glue is easily removed facility from the heated plates.

So, make sure that your intended glue for 3d printing bed is water-soluble and easily cleans up with just rinsing water over it.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can I use this glue on glass bed surfaces?

Yes, you can.

You can surely use this glue on various borosilicate glass bed surfaces like Buildtak, Kapton, PEI, etc. As glasses are very hard and resistant to scratches, the glue is mainly designed with the basis of glass bed surfaces. It’s because you don’t have any warping issues while using it.

2. Can I use it several times on the first layer?

Yes, of course.

You can obviously use it several times, putting it as a first layer. The glue for 3d printing bed is so long-lasting that you can even print again and again. It leaves no unwanted residue on the printer surface also. So, you don’t have to face the issue of struggling with print removal.

3. How can I avoid the issue of sticking glue on bed surfaces?

You don’t have to take much trouble for this matter.

The glue is water-soluble, for which you can easily clear it with water. You have to just cool down your printing bed first. Then take a sponge soaking in water and rinse it over the printing bed on glue’s residue. Thus, you can easily avoid the unwanted issue of sticking with prints.

4. Can I use it on hotbed surfaces?

Yes, definitely you can.

The first thing about printing glue for 3d printing bed is its compatibility with the temperature. The glue is highly manufactured with thermal design coating that can easily work with hotbeds like PLA, ABS, HIPS, etc. So, it can be your best glue for 3d printing PLA.

5. How will I choose the right glue for my 3D printer?

Firstly, you have to check glue’s reliability to multi-material filaments & temperature. Accordingly, you have to ensure its safety, application, release, cleaning issues and viscosity, density, and toxic-free long-lasting features. Thus, you’ll receive a good product.

Final Words

Printing gluesticks are very important for every 3D printer user to avoid warping, curling & other printing problems. Your selected glue should have the accuracy of heat & water-soluble, long-lasting, non-toxic, easy application & cleaning process, etc.

If these above-mentioned criteria are matched perfectly with your desired one, then you’ll be able to have the best glue for 3d printing bed.

Have a Long-lasting Bonding!