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5 Best Metallic Paint for Walls in 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Initially, paint comes to mind when we think about the interior beautification or renovation of the house. Before picking up the painting roller, you have to be informed about the best type of paint for interior walls.

For the interior, metallic paint is the most preferable paints than its solid counterpart. Metallic paints are manufactured with a blend of metal flakes or powder for providing extra glow on the surface of the materials.

As a result, to have a better outlook and glossy finishing on interior walls, why won’t you choose the best metallic paint for walls? Along with that, it provides numerous advantages than other paints.

As we have noticed, finding metallic paint is a mind-bending job because a bunch of similar products is available on the market. So, we skimmed off some top-rated metallic wall paint for you. Keep reading!

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Metallic Silver, ME150-32
Metallic Silver, ME150-32

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Metallic Accents Paint, Quart, Soft Gold
Metallic Accents Paint, Quart, Soft Gold

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Matte Metallic Paint, Platinum Silver
Matte Metallic Paint, Platinum Silver

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Metallic Accents Paint, Sterling Silver
Metallic Accents Paint, Sterling Silver

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Studio Finishes, Molten Metallics Paint
Studio Finishes, Molten Metallics Paint

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The Best Metallic Paint for Walls Reviews

In this section of the review, we are going to showcase every spec of the metallic paint. Consequently, it will help you to distinguish the specific paint among them. Lets’ dive into the reviews.

1. Modern Masters Metallic Wall Paint – Silver (32oz)

Modern Masters designed this silver metallic paint, especially for larger-scale architectural applications. However, if you are thinking about choosing the Royal silver for interior walls or DIY project, you can grab it, since it works excellent on multiple surfaces.

MM silver metallic paint consists of traditional pigment for making a strong paint composition. Plus, the pearlescent pigment used for provides a shiny glow after application. If you use it in your interior walls, it will give you a shiny glow when it comes to light.

For use in both interior and exterior, it provides full-fledge performance due to the paint’s everlasting durability. Along with that, the paint gives maximum protection from any adverse weather conditions due to its water-based solution.

Though it composed of multi-chemical blending, it has no toxic impact on working surfaces. As it is a versatile printing solution, it can effortlessly compatible to work on multi-dimensional surfaces. Therefore, you can have this paint for your multi-purpose use.

Key Features

  • Compatible with multi-dimension
  • Pearlescent pigment for extra shimmering
  • Become durable for smooth coated-finishing
  • Best suitable for both interior and exterior ambient

2. Rust-Oleum Metallic Paint for walls – Soft Gold (32oz)

Finding a versatile paint is challenging, however, if you are looking for gold metallic paint that works equally on any surfaces, then this is for you. Rust-Oleum designed the paint to perform simultaneously on both interior and exterior surfaces.

The quality of the paint is awesome. Because it composed of some features which make it resilient for fighting with any adverse weather. For example, the water-based formula gives maximum durability after application.

For your interior painting, you can directly go for the application. Because, after the application, it provides an iridescent finishing with extra-shimmering. The soft-gold metallic paint will be shining brilliantly when it contacts to lights.

The application process of the paint is very simple as it is designed for DIY. After cleaning the surface, you can paint by spraying or rolling. It takes a maximum of 30 min. to dry. Besides, you can use this bottle for covering 105 sq. ft.

The double-coated formula ensures the longevity of the painting. Plus, the price of the paint is quite reasonable. As a result, by considering the print quality and performance, we can conclude that it is one of the best metallic paint for walls.

Key Features

  • Designed for working on multiple surfaces
  • Comes with the multi-resistant ability
  • Shining with extra-glow due to original soft gold flakes
  • This bottle is for painting 105 sq. ft.

3. Modern Masters Metallic Paint for walls- Platinum Silver (Matte)

Modern Masters brought another top-notch metallic wall paint for you. This paint can be used on numerous surfaces such as walls, furniture, trim, ceilings, and so forth. Afterward, it has also designed for commercial use, that’s how it ensures the optimum performance on the interior/exterior surface.

If you are not comfortable with your existing painting due to its rough-coating. Then this silver metallic paint would be the solution, as it is providing you a strong coating after application. Along with that, its water-based formula makes it more resilient for better performance.

For having a glossy appearance, you can try the paint on your walls. Because it’s platinum metallic flakes provide a gentle shimmering on the surface after application. Moreover, this shiny appearance on the matters can endure for a long-time without fading away.

The silver metallic paint can be applied by spraying or rolling. As it is a low VOC paint, which ensures the safety and easy application for the DIY project. This odorless metallic paint dries quickly within 30mins after application. Besides, you can use the bottle for a maximum of 100sq ft.

Therefore, you can choose this pearl white paint for DIY because of its excellent features. Along with that, the price of the product harmonizes with its feature. So, you could consider it for your next painting.

Key Features

  • Brings an extra- glossy appearance
  • Premium quality for longstanding painting
  • Ensure maximum resistance in any weather
  • This bottle can cover 100 sq. ft.

4. Rust-Oleum Metallic Paint for walls/trim/furniture – Gold Mine

Have you got some stain or other contamination on your walls? Then to cure that part of the wall, you can use the superb metallic paint for not only brings a new-look on your walls but also have a sparkling glow on the wall.

In addition, Rust-Oleum brought a quality product, which has widespread use on multiple materials such as furniture, doors, trims, and some interior parts of your building. While applying on the outdoor surface, no need to think about the performance or the durability of the painting, because it equally works on both interior/exterior surface.

This pearlescent paint includes mica beads with metal flakes for bringing a shimmering look after the application of the paint. Apart from this, the metallic paint got extra-resistance due to its water-based formula.

Rust-Oleum ensures the easy application process, which is made more friendly for DIY. By roller or paint-brush, you can use it. For use on other materials, you can either brush it or spray it. As it is a quick performer, it takes only 30 mins to dry completely.

So to speak, it is the premium metallic paint by Rust-Oleum since they bring huge elegance to its color. So, if you focus on the color or product quality this could be the best metallic wall paint.

Key Features

  • A premium-quality paint
  • Use Mica-beads for extra-shiny glow
  • Quick application & drying
  • A long-lasting paint solution

5. Molten Metallic Paint for walls/wood/trim/furniture – Silver

Benjamin Moore brought a fine metallic paint for professional and household painting solution. It has designed for both interior/exterior use, that’s why they have to ensure the maximum painting quality for better performance.

After applying the paint, you will have a fine luster on the surface. This metallic coating provides extreme protection from any adverse weather conditions. As a result, this paint can survive for a long time with its pristine outlook.

This molten paint can be used on various surfaces such as furniture, trim, walls, ceiling, wood, etc. To have a long-lasting performance of the paint, you should use primer on the surface of the materials before applying the paint.

This paint would be easy to use or you can apply it by yourself if you follow some safety measures before going to apply. The maximum surface temperature would be 10°C. Otherwise, the rest of the application process is the same as the other paints.

The price of the product is a bit higher than the other top metallic paints. But if you look at the quality of the product, you can see how it can harmonize with the price.

So, if you are looking for a longstanding shimmering on the surface without hesitation of budget, then it would be the finest metallic paint for you.

Key Features

  • Perfect for both interior and exterior
  • Leave a fine glossy appearance after applying
  • Ensure the sky-high quality and longevity
  • Follow safety instructions for DIY

Things to Consider Before Buying Metallic Paint for Walls

As we always see, buyers become disappointed after purchasing the paint for not considering some significant factors of metallic paint. As a result, to prevent you from after-buying harassment, we put together some crucial factors for you to think before choosing the best metallic wall paint.

Indoor/Outdoor Functions

It is so difficult to function on both outdoor and indoor with keeping the same level of performance, because, outdoor walls are easily affected by adverse weather unless it has painted with hi-quality paint.

However, these above metallic paints are able to perform equally on both surfaces due to the product quality.

Shining Features

The metallic paint has specially composed for extra-glow on the surface. The price is also a huge difference between metallic and solid paints. So shiny features of the metallic paints are important.

The shining quality of the paint is depending on its metal flakes or mica beads qualities. So, check whether these features include in the metallic paints. If the paint includes these shining objects then you will be an ultimate gainer.

Resistance Ability

Since metallic paint can be used in both indoor and outdoor surfaces, so resistance abilities of these paints are essentials.

Outdoor walls have to fight against adverse weather conditions and other forces. Thus, it demands high-weatherproof resistance capabilities, so it can survive and perform well.

Color of the Paint

The color of the paint would be an important aspect to consider before buying. If the paint is used for interior, it needs some color combination with the surrounding ambiance. In the interior, as the source of light is not as bright as outside, so the color of the paint would be affected by the interior lighting.

As a result, you should be conscious of the painting color, whether it is compatible with your interior color.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Are these paint water-based?

Yes! It is.

These all metallic paints are composed of the water-based formula for ensuring the maximum performance and long-lasting durability.

2. What is the maximum coverage area for a painting quart?

Usually, it is appropriate for a 32oz canister to cover more or less 100sq. ft. But sometimes, the coverage area would be more, if some thinner or other painting fluid added.

3. Can I use these paints by power spray?

Yes! You can.

These above all metallic paints can be used by either brush/roller or power spray. The application method should be accepted by your materials.

4. Can I use these paints on brass or plastic?

Yes! You can.

However, you have to make sure that, you need a brass or plastic primer to wipe on before going to apply the metal paint.

Final Words

Metallic paint is an essential and luxurious product for every house. It would be more essential If you are much conscious about your interior design or wall.

However, it is an expansive painting than its counterparts. But if you use this painting at once, it will provide the same benefits as the several applications of the other paints. Along with that, this metallic paint gives you an extra luster and reflecting glow on the surface.

As a result, I would be wise to have the best metallic paint for walls, so that you can get the long-lasting shiny coating on the walls. It will also prevent you from the hassle of frequent use of ordinary painting.

Happy Painting!

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