Top 5 Best Lightweight Jeep Bumpers | Ultimate Review & Buying Guide

If you are a jeep owner then you know sometimes we like to get rowdy. Regardless of the fact that a jeep can take on anything, we shouldn’t really put it through a lot. Yet a jeep is meant to take on the rough treatment still you can at least help it with an amazing bumper.

A good bumper will not only protect your vehicle but also may save your life someday. But finding the best lightweight jeep bumper isn’t an easy task. So, what to do? Fret not! I have already done the boring task for you and arranged a list of 5 options that are the veterans of the category.

Without further ado let’s head right to the reviews.

5 Best Lightweight Jeep Bumper Reviews

Tired of looking through the internet for a good bumper? Look no more because I have the solution for you. Go ahead give it a good read to find your match.

1. WARN 102355 Low Profile Front Bumper

  WARN 102355 Low Profile Front Bumper

The first superstar of my list is WARN 102355. If you have been in touch with this sector then I’ve no doubt in my mind that you have stumbled upon this name ‘Warn’ quite a few times. How do I know? Here’s how.

Warn has established its name throughout the market with excellent quality products and this one is no different. This is a 2-inch tube that provides ridiculously good protection to your vehicle.

What kind of tube this is you ask? This is a grille guard tube that is well known for its amazing guarding abilities. The tube will not be damaged anytime time soon because there is a powder protection coat. That makes the WARN 102355 unbeatable against corrosion.

The best part is the installation. I know how much of a pain in the bum could the installation be with jeep bumpers. But not this one. This has an easy installation option. Just bolt the bumpers right in place with a wrench, and you are good to go — no cutting, no grinding!

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  • Corrosion-free bumpers for long term usage
  • Easy installation, no cutting or grinding
  • 2-inch thick tube for front and back
  • Grille guard tubes for amazing protection


  • Paint is not as durable

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2. Front Bumper Winch Plate Crawler Jeep Wrangler

Front Bumper Winch Plate Crawler Jeep Wrangler

If you are in the market for a beast that will absolutely take on anything you throw at it then this one might be it. The D-Ring Rock ECOTRIC Crawler is as badass as it sounds.

The bumper is made out of stainless steel. So, you see? You have that steel protection. There is a built-in winch too. You know those unfortunate situations, where you find yourself stuck in mud or snow? ECOTRIC has already thought about it and made a built-in winch so that you can pull yourself out of the situation.

Moreover, the winch is capable to pull about 9,000Lbs. That’s amazing! Also, you get to have a safety catch for the unforeseen uncomfortable parking situations.

Want to mount separate light in front? Now you can with these amazing quality bumpers. The bumpers are coated with special powder to make it last a lifetime unless you do something out of the line, though!

If you are curious, then we should mention that the absolute dimension of the bumper is 56 “L x 12 “W x 15 “H. You have to buy the front and the back separately, and don’t worry about the installation. There is a manual included for your convenience.

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  • Stainless-steel bumpers with powder coating
  • 56 “L x 12 “W x 15 “H is the overall dimension, which is amazing
  • Built-in winch plate, so multifunctional
  • Safety catch is also there for the ease of parking


  • Texture coating quality isn’t up to the mark

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3. Front Bumper W/Winch Plate Jeep Wrangler

Front Bumper W Winch Plate Jeep Wrangler

This bumper is a solid looker. But don’t get deceived. It does serve not only the eyes but also serves the very purpose of protecting your jeep! This one from ECOTRIC is an outright genius.

First of all, this is built like a monster! It has a 2” x .120” thick steel wall that makes it rugged and strong. There is a powder coat on top to keep the very bumper protected from the oxygen that’s in the air. It prevents it from reacting with the oxygen, thus prevents corrosion.

There is a built-in winch plate in case you decide to have it be a winch for you too. But in that case, you have to get the winch separately, without the plate of course. You have lighting options in the front too. So, you can have a safe drive around at any time within 24 hours.

You also get to have two solid built clevis (D-ring) attachments. The list does not end here. Because you also get 1/4” thick convection mounting brackets. If convenience had a synonym for a brand, then ECOTRIC would definitely be one of them.

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  • Extra powder coating to protect the bumper
  • Built-in winch plates for adding a winch
  • 2” x .120” thick steel wall for ruggedness
  • LED mounting capability at the very front


  • Finish wasn’t very satisfactory for some

4. Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier Jeep Wrangler

Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier Jeep Wrangler

Those hilarious memes on the internet of a person being a physical bumper and back up alarm get me every time! As funny as it is, let that exist only in the memes and you get a real good rear bumper to protect your vehicle like a pro. In that context, I introduce you to the LEDKINGDOMUS rear bumpers.

It has something unique that none of the other bumpers had, a rear tire rack, which is also adjustable. Store up to a 37-inch mega tire without any hesitation. There is also a back bezel that allows you to operate without using both of your hands. You don’t have to worry about losing any bolts this way.

This baby is built crazy strong! It is made out of 3/16” steel plates. The bumper is coated with a powder that is a textured one and has a black finish. Black is always elegant. Don’t forget the 2 x 4.75 ton D-ring shackles that makes this bumper hard to resist.

Worried about the installation? Leave that to them, because you get an installation manual to walk you through the process. No drilling, grinding, or modifications are necessary here. You get rubber protection all around to stop the bumper or the load from any potential scratches.

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  • Comes with a built-in rear tire rack
  • Made out of 3/16” steel plates
  • Powder black finish to work against corrosion
  • Easy installation with manual guidance


  • Installation direction might not be easy for everyone

5. OEDRO Front Bumper, Compatible Jeep Wrangler

OEDRO Front Bumper Compatible Jeep Wrangler

And the very last product on this list is OEDRO Front Bumper. This is one of the best lightweight jeep bumpers that is available in the market as of now.

Unlike the other bumpers, OEDRO does not stop with just the powder finish to protect the bumpers against rusting. They also incorporate high-end laser welding technology. This step makes them invincible against rust.

This one has built-in flood beam lights. Yep! You read it right those are in fact included with the purchase. The beam lights are 36W & 40W each and come in a pack of two each. How incredibly generous! Thank you, OEDRO

However, I know it’s hard but doesn’t be impressed just yet because there’s more to come. I haven’t told you yet how durable this beast is. It has 5/32” steel sheets as well as 2 “X0.120” steel tubing. Caught in an unexpected accident? Don’t worry, OEDRO will keep you and your vehicle safe.

The installation process is fairly easy if you ask me, but you still get a manual with the purchase. Rugged, good-looking, and long-lasting, what else do you need in a man! Ops in a bumper, I mean. JK!

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  • Built-in flood beam flashlights
  • 5/32” steel sheets as well as 2 “X0.120” steel tubing
  • Powder coating and laser wielded for rust-free bumpers
  • Pricing is great for the package


  • Fitting issues may occur

What to Look for Before You Buy?

I understand if you want to look through more options. That is a viable instinctual behavior. But are you confident that you know the bones of a good bumper? I mean, if you are not familiar with the basics of what to consider and what to throw away, then the shopkeeper can fool you into buying a bad bumper.

And trust me I’ve been in numerous situations where I’ve seen people getting a bad deal for a big chunk of money. Do you want that to happen to you? I’m sure you don’t. For that reason, you should be aware of some basics. Here are some basics before you go on a shopping trip for bumpers.

  • Material Matters

Do not buy any kind of flimsy material, no matter how much the seller insists on it because a poor bone will definitely give you poor protection. Lean towards steel material. Of course, steel does give you amazing protection as it’s sturdy.

But don’t forget that steel can also rust! So in that case, you have to get stainless steel. Otherwise, a rusty bumper will leave you with no choice but to get a new one. So better if you get a rusty proof steel material, to begin with.

There are also options of powder finishes that give your bumper a cool pattern. Black ones are the most famous powder finishes as off now. Get yourself hooked up with one of those.

  • Multifunctional 

If you can get your bumper to do more than just protecting the vehicle, then why should you go for that, right? Of course! Get the bumper, which can also double as a light source for the darkest alleys or a winch for troubling situations.

Some of the bumpers can even carry some extra loads. That can be very useful in case of carrying an extra tire or a ladder basically anything you can think of. Now that’s what I call convenience. And you should settle for less than what you deserve.

  • Easy Installation

Easy installation should also be your priority. What’s the point if you can’t even get it done by yourself.

A bumper shouldn’t be too tough to install. Some handy power tools are all you should need to get the job done. Otherwise, it’s a bad deal.

  • Pricing

Getting a good bumper is not equal to breaking the bank. Be very mindful of that. Who says you have to pay a load to get a good bumper for your beloved jeep? Above mentioned bumpers are perfect for your jeep and none of those are poorly priced.

FAQs: Best Lightweight Jeep Bumper

I see you might have some more questions. Take a look!

What Are The Parts Of A Bumper?

A bumper initially has two important parts for designated workloads. First is the cover or the energy absorber. They are the protectors that swallow the impact. And the bumper ends for additional support.

How Do I Fix My Own Bumper?

In the case of small indentations, there are ways of you fixing it on your own. Crank up your heat gun all the way to the max and screw some screws in the indentation. Then heat up the surface and pull it outwards. Repeat if necessary

What Is The Powder Finish?

Many of the steel bumpers come with a textured powdered finish. They are there to protect your steel bumpers from rusting.

How To Install And Bumper?

Most of the bumpers come with an installation manual. So follow that. But in a general sense, you should be able to bolt the bumper in place with a simple power tool.

What’s A Stinger Bumper?

A stinger bumper is a special type of bumper for the big vehicles. The important and basic task of those is to offload things. Also, distribute the weights so that the vehicle doesn’t rollover.

Final Words

So, did you find the best lightweight jeep bumper for you yet? If not don’t lose hope! I know it can be a pain in the bum sometimes to shop for such critical things. But it’s a vast sea, and there are plenty of fishes out there. Never say never!

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