Best Outboard Motor Lock – Top 5 Selection For 2023

Nowadays, people are technologically advanced, so they tend to do most of their works easily within a short time and prefer a last long solution. The invention of the motor engine makes our life smooth.

But it isn’t easy to find out the best outboard motor lock. Regular locks are not enough for cars, trucks, trailers, boats to secure the highest protection in terrible situations, even if you keep it to an honest person.

These smart locks help to insert clamp bolts with a hardened stainless-steel body to get relief from theft. Different reliable brands provide fixable outboard motor locks with different features, lengths, and sizes.

This article will help you get the right product. We picked the top five motor locks which can cover your desired features. So, let’s start.
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Best Outboard Motor Lock Reviews

Here presents some outboard motor locks description explained with detailed features. That’s how the reviews section assists you in taking the right one. Here, we made a shortlist of the top-selling, super quality, and high-performing locks. Let’s get them.

1. PANTHER MARINE Outboard Motor Lock | High Security | 316-Graded

Key Features

  • Includes nose dampeners for rattle prevention
  • Its weight is almost 2.8 pounds
  • Around 300series of stainless steel
  • Hardening by cold working methods

PANTHER MARINE Outboard Motor Lock

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If a motor lock offers you high security, you should snatch it and never let it be damaged. Panther Marine provides high strength with 316 stainless steel, which can easily prevent theft. For this, this is a wise choice.

It is a 6 x 12.5 x 2 inches outboard motor lock. It can easily fit up to 1/2″ (12mm) engine bolts. You don’t have that option to make a duplicate of it. Glad of the additive qualities that it is manufactured with 300 series grade stainless steel.

It gives you an opportunity for noise dampeners to reduce disturbance.

Basically, you can use it for turnbuckle design. It is used for tightening the rod. Moreover, it has two security keys which ensure extra protection.

Moreover, it’s a stainless steel-made lock of 316-grade series, which is suitable to prevent you from any unwanted situations. Due to the heavy-duty outboard bracket, it takes someone a long time to break it.

Another thing is when you disassemble the unit; The key must be a stand at unlock position while upper and lower parts are pulled strongly. At a minimum effort, it will be demounted on almost all commercially-available handy outboard motors.

2. Fulton Outboard Motor Lock | 5yr Warranty | Robust Barrel Key

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty barrel
  • Epitome of durability
  • Limited warranty of 5 years
  • Superb foam filler to reduces noise and vibration

Fulton Outboard Motor Lock 5yr Warranty

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The heavy-duty product of Fulton outboard motor lock comes with a lock mechanism that ensures maximum security. So, its solid performance is really appreciating.

The brand is still dominating the marketplace for its fascinating weight (0.51 Kilograms) and quality.

It generates 2 security keys which are specially designed that you can’t make similar to it. This product works in an easy way, and your use will be hassle-free.

As anyone has a problem with excessive hard sounds, the manufacturers include a foam filler to reduce noise and vibration. It also feels too comfy from disturbances.

Besides, all the Fulton outboard motor lock gives the prime priority on product warranty. This product has 5 years of assurance of good service. That means your properties are safe at least 5 years.

Another thing is it has been shipped from the USA, so here you can rely on it. The design of the Fulton outboard motor lock is unique and here used advanced technology. It can accurately give you better feedback.

If you look for a small lock that can provide maximum safety, then you are about to have the best small outboard motor lock from Fulton. Its 16 x 4.5 x 2 inches dimension ensures less noise and makes it an eye-catching product whatsoever.

3. Amarine Outboard Motor Lock | Wear-resistant | Stainless-Steel

Key Features

  • Lower noise and vibration level
  • Ensures maximum security
  • Suitable lock mechanism
  • Made of a sturdy and well-made material

Amarine Outboard Motor Lock Wear resistant

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Are you confused about the quality of the outboard motor lock? Don’t worry! Amarine offers a sturdy and well-made one when you are purchasing. So, you can purchase a polished stainless-steel item here.

Typically, a stainless-steel outboard lock should have a last long lifespan on saltwater. Amarine’s lock has the feature too.

Generally, it has designed with safety measures, also has an adjustable clamp slot. Besides, it has an easy mechanism which suits different bolt diameter.

People use outboard motor locks, which can prevent rattles, vibrations. Amarine has ensured exactly the same feature on it. This lock has an internal sponge lining in both sections for noise protection. Now, you are out of any troubling sound while dealing with the lock.

This outboard lock is easy to use. It comes with a better mount that key facing down to keep water out. Its additional benefit is highly durable and fully mind-blowing service quality, which finally meets your satisfaction level.

This tool’s height is 1.57″(40mm), length 11.89″(303mm) and width 1. 54″(40mm). It means the product is almost 0.79 Kilograms, so it is user-friendly, and anyone can handle it. If you start it with the key up, water will be cut off through the lock and the U channel.

4. Mcgard Marine Outboard Motor Lock | Affordable | Full-Machined

Key Features

  • It fits for small outboard motors
  • Ideal for mounting nuts replacement
  • Cost-friendly option
  • Hard stainless-steel machine product

Mcgard Marine Outboard Motor Lock Affordable

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Replacing the mounting nuts is the best option to restore a lock to its pristine condition. In this sense, your Mcgard Marine Single is the best outboard motor lock that offers nut replacing as well.

Its mounting nuts can be replaced easily in any motors like Honda 8-20 hp, Johnson/Evinrude 6-30 hp, Mercury/Mariner 8-25 hp, Nissan 8-18 hp, Suzuki 8-30 hp, Tohatsu 8-18 hp, Yamaha 8-25 hp (lock may fit some 2 strokes up to 30 hp, verify hole diameter).

So, you can easily join it with your motor nut’s place. This process is also hassle-free for you.

Moreover, it is a fully machined product made of high-quality stainless steel. In case if it is attacked by gripping tools, the lock automatically turns a free-spinning collar. This 6 x 7.5 x 1.5 inches package is convenient and safe for small outboards with a 5/16″ hole.

In fine, you will get this product a set of 1 lock, 1 key, and 2 washers within a reasonable price range. I can assure you that this lock gives the best protection and save your money in the future.

5. Marine Outboard Motor Lock | Long-lasting | 304 Stainless Steel

Key Features

  • Ensures portability
  • Provides 304 grades polished stainless steel
  • A convenient motor locks
  • Versatile product that can use for a long time

Marine Outboard Motor Lock Long lasting

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Nowadays, people are dependent on stainless steel products for their durability. If you search so, Marine City motor lock tries its best to fulfill customer needs by manufacturing a motor lock for long-lasting use.

It has a superior quality; everything is double-checked and electronically tested before selling on the market. So, to get the maximum protection, you can rely on it.

Plus, the two halves of the lock have sponge linings to prevent rattling vibrations and noises while running the engine. So, users never experience any bothering sound or vibration after starting the lock.

It will be preferable as it comes with polished and high graded stainless steel for outboard locks. As a result, it is safe and serves you at its best. Nevertheless, these integrated lock systems are used to secure the two halves of the lock to fasten the engine fixation.

It may be larger than others but gives the maximum protection for your boat. And also fit every mounting nut. The motors up to 10 HP or max weight is 82 lbs., Mounting Size 4-7/16″ × 5-11/16″, Broad Size: 8-1/4″ × 10-3/8″.

Therefore, if you are seeking a multi-use lock, it can be of great use on sailboats, powerboats, locks, and holds motor up or down in two vertical runs, etc. Are you searching for a portable one? Then this 0.77-kilogram motor lock is the ultimate destination for you.

Everyone needs a reasonable motor lock with key service. Their prime motto is high quality (304 grades) with low cost one. So, you should think about this one for purchasing.

Things to Consider Before Buying Outboard Motor Lock

You should obviously consider a few things before buying any product. This is the most crucial matter where you purchase a lock system.

Do not be panicked! Our expert team has researched and spent a long time gathering some crucial points that will be very helpful for you to choose the best small outboard motor lock for you.

Manufacturing Materials

Before choosing the outboard motor lock, you need to pay attention to the theme of using polished stainless-steel products with high grades or more than 300. It can tighten up the mounting nuts. Other features like portable, maximum protection, durability, etc., should be a prime concern before buying any motor lock. Besides, you can choose some oil for turbo cars.

Size, Weight & Dimension

If you buy a motor lock on your vehicles that is too heavy to use, then maybe you have chosen the wrong one. Lock size, weight, and dimension should be mentioned while buying that. It will help you to find portable and small outboard motor locks.

If you are a bike rider, then you can pick the idea about the size of your lock. To determines where and how you can go to this site, lock up your bike.

Noise Reduction

All these products have a common feature that they can avoid extra noises and vibrations. Here uses the upgraded technology that is internal sponges on both sections, locking nuts and mounting nuts. That’s how it reduces the maximum noise and vibration of the lock. So, you should see whether the outboard motor locks have such features. Make sure you also check our guide for tire paint pen.

Time Consuming & Cost Effectiveness

Choosing the right motor lock is essential, but you have to think about your budget and should buy an environment-friendly product. So, take something which has low maintenance and affordable for you.

Some of them are easy to use. You can repair your lock nuts within a short time by replacing the mounting nuts. This process also can give you maximum security to prevent theft, robbery, etc.


The quality of the lock’s metal and the internal locking elements should be fascinating.  All brands cannot always be trusted. And some people dishonestly make the duplicate one which is not efficient.

If you focus on the stainless-steel motor lock, it should be high graded or more than 300 grades and above 40 Hp. You can find a cheap lock with very little security. But if you buy a lock just using some more money and if it services a long time that will be beneficial for you.

Reliable Manufacturer

You should select the manufacturer who is dominating the markets. When determining the standard and the quality, you should believe in brand reliability and sometimes consider the costly product because costly products provide you 2Security keys which you can’t make the duplicate one.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. How Can I unlock the locked motor?

It’s very simple.

An engine can be locked by losing lubricant and overheated.  As a result, it will no longer produce power. So, you could unlock it when it cools down. Otherwise, it may lead to an accident.

2. Does the outboard motor lock freeze?

Yes. It is.

If the temperature is downing fast, it will freeze. This low temperature is the basic reason for freezing a boat motor.

3. How does a motor lock work to prevent theft?

These are made of good-quality hardened steel, which is almost 300plus grade and above 40hp. At first, lock the engine to the vessel and lock a chain around the tires, and then wheel it.

4. How to replace the bolt that clamps the motor to the transom?

It’s very simple.

Buy an extra one bolt and use the appropriate size of engine for your motor, which can work on saltwater.

5. Why should I prefer Panther Marine outboard motor locks?

Some high-quality brands provide 2 security keys, and you can’t make any identical of them. So, choose the best small outboard motor lock. It will give you the highest security and reduce extra noise and vibration during lock-up.

Final Words

This list of the best outboard motor lock will supply you with all the information that you need to consider. From this, you can evaluate one from the other. But one final recommendation, please check the efficiency and warranty of the motors before buying this. Another thing is if you are considering the budget, then go for any five of these, which I have reviewed here.

Take a read of this review. Maybe a little time investment can bring a positive change to help you make a good decision.

Enjoy the Ultimate Security!