Paint for Plastic Toys

Best Paint for Plastic Toys – Top 5 Selection For 2021

No painters become professionals until they have a fair experience with the paints. If you take a look around the market, you will see that there is no shortage of options for paint.

But alas! Among these options, most of them are not very good and would leave you disappointed in the end. Then the dream of becoming an expert will be buried under the dust. If you rely on the article, you will definitely get the best paint for plastic toys.

Here we are with such options that may turn out to be the perfect solution for your kid’s room makeover!

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Testors Paint for Plastic Toys | Durable | Gloss Finish
Testors Paint for Plastic Toys | Durable | Gloss Finish

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Benicci Paint for Plastic Toys | Quick-Dry | Eco-Friendly
Benicci Paint for Plastic Toys | Quick-Dry | Eco-Friendly

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Castle Art Paint for Plastic Toys | No Drying | Water-based
Castle Art Paint for Plastic Toys | No Drying | Water-based

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The Army Painter Paint for Plastic Toys | Highly Pigmented
The Army Painter Paint for Plastic Toys | Highly Pigmented

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Breyer Paint for Plastic Toys | Non-Toxic | Best for kids
Breyer Paint for Plastic Toys | Non-Toxic | Best for kids

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Best Paint for Plastic Toys Reviews

In this segment, we are signifying the ins and out of the paint for plastic toys. As a result, you will be cleared which one you should pick for your toys. Let’s dive into the reviews.

1. Testors Paint for Plastic Toys | Durable | Gloss Finish

Undoubtedly it is one of the top-notch paints for plastic models. Testors makes a started set with a variety of colors, and you can mix it with specific custom shades for miniatures and models.

This paint kit has excellent color choices and high-quality paints. It provides eight different shades (Gloss Yellow, Red, Dark Blue, Green, Black, White, Gold, Silver) that furnish antique models. This paint is also ideal for use on wood and paper works.

Testors enamel paint set is suited for users aged 14 years and above. The product has included metallic shades, which is one of the paint for plastic toys.

Besides painting on plastic toys, you can use the paint for other painting purposes. For instance, you can paint on armored figurines, trims, or the wooden toys as well. This versatile features made it different from other brands.

The main advantage of having such paint is its standalone pack. That means the pack included all painting color that you need for plastic toys. Plus, it comes with 9 bottles of paints at a reasonable price.

Key Features

  • It can use on any indoor or outdoor projects
  • It contains eight different colored paints with a thinner
  • Easily used on wood, paper works, and plastics
  • It is almost 13.8 ounces, so not so heavy to carry

2. Benicci Paint for Plastic Toys | Quick-Dry | Eco-Friendly

Here’s another astonishingly versatile product that should catch your attention. You can use this paint on your favorite surface, plastic, canvas, wood, styrofoam, plaster, clay, ceramic terra cotta, and so on.

What makes it the best paint for toys is its quality. It provides you 24×12ml paint set, 12brushes a sponge, and a curt mixing knife at a friendly price. This product is also 100% non-toxic and eco-friendly.

If you are a beginner in this field, then it is suitable for you. It is actually adjustable for all. Its quick-dry technology takes a short time to fridge your toy’s paints.

As toys are kid’s favorite things in childhood, these points are the major concern of painters. This item is a little bit heavy, which is a total of 1.15pounds.

You can paint on all these surfaces like canvas, paper (primed), wood, fabric (patterned or plain), glass, metal, silk, ceramics, cardboard, composite panels, and much more!

 Key Features

  • 100% non-toxic, so perfect for kids
  • Cost friendly for the beginners
  • Comparatively heavyweight to carry
  • Quick-dry technology so that immediately fridge your artworks

3. Castle Art Paint for Plastic Toys | No Drying | Water-based

When you are old in this game of plastic or antique models painting, there’s one thing that pushes you to the verge of satisfaction. And you will be overwhelmed when a unit can provide you with the below-mentioned benefits along with the best advantages.

After using the Castle Art acrylic paint set, you will get a rich, velvety texture and vibrant results. If you liked the 22ml sets but want larger tubes, this 75ml set is suitable for you.

It can be an ideal gift for any painter and goes a long way.

This acrylic paint set from Castle Art gives both seasoned and processional painters equally smooth painting on paper, plastic, wood, and even fabric. Its easy glide formulation creates a satiny finish, bright and long-lasting result.

Castle Art acrylic paint has been specially created to achieve superior coverage and maintaining the highest flexibility you need. This product quality and balance are certified by ASTM D-4236 and (CE), so it is water-based and non-toxic.

It provides strong plastic tubes that assure well-balanced and fresh paint every time. Moreover, we know the disappointment of receiving damaged paints so, the manufacturer had assured extra care when packaging. This can be an inspiring presentation box for a professional painter.

Key Features

  • Easy to use and smooth application
  • Incredible quality with value
  • Best for gift and presentations
  • Come with tutorials, so you can start creating immediately

4. The Army Painter Paint for Plastic Toys | Highly Pigmented

If a paint set offers you outstanding consistency for making your miniature model into an exciting piece for life, we are talking about heavy-pigmented acrylic paint, which is specially selected for new hobbyists and veteran miniature painters alike.

The Army Painter provides a booklet that contains detailed tips and strategies for a high -standard finish, speed paint in a short amount of time. This exclusive set has spray, paint, dip, and methods. It also consists 96 acrylic color war paints, 8 metallic war paints, 11 quick shade washes, and 9 effect paints.

The best thing about the brand is its budget-friendly option. Besides, each paint comes in a pipette bottle. The paint is easier to mix but harder to reserve. The colors are rich, and the washes are a great shortcut for shading large units quickly.

The dropper bottles are great in helping the paints not dry out, though sometimes there is some paint clogging the dropper, which can be frustrating. The construction of this set, quality, and price range support this as the best paint for plastic toys.

Key Features

  • Affordable and superior quality
  • It can be a great gift for novice artists and veteran painters
  • Perfect consistency; neither too thick nor too thin
  • Its highlighting brush make a detailed figure of war-hammer or other military models

5. Breyer Paint for Plastic Toys | Non-Toxic | Best for kids

Here’s another craft set that takes the versatility to another level. We are talking about a set that is soft, easy to use and satisfying for beginners. The set encourages creativity and imagination, and each kit peak a unique feature of model horse customizing.

It includes 5 stablemates horses, 6 fantasy color paint pots, a paintbrush, and an instruction booklet. Each of the horses is ready to paint.

Breyer activity and painting kits can be the perfect gift for horse lovers of all ages!

There are 3 different sized horses in the set. Stallion is 3.5″x2.75″, Mare 4.25″x2.75″ and Foal is 2.25″x1.5″. As it is suitable for kids so it is a 100% non-toxic and balanced mixture. As painting is one of the most popular hobbies or activities of kids, so why not with Breyer’s!

Key Features

  • Customized horse painting
  • Best for kids and beginners
  • Motivate creativity and thoughts of a child
  • Soft and non-sticky paints

Things to Consider Before Buying Paint for Plastic Toys

If you are looking for a suitable paint for children’s toys, metals, and antique models, you are probably wondering what you need to consider?

In fact, buying the toys paint somewhat tricky in general for the beginners. However, to make your decision easy and finding the perfect paint, we have designed the section with some crucial points.


Plastic, paint, and fabric can contain toxic substances that are harmful for human. Furthermore, there are some paint which contains substantial toxic that is susceptible to kid’s hormone. That’s why every patent should aware of the harmfulness of the kids painting. Besides, you can choose some black spray paint.


Paint resistance is another significant factor that should consider while choosing toys paint. If the paint has some resistance like UV resistance, then it can stay on the surface for a long time.

So, if you need the best performance out of a painting set, don’t forget to check the paint resistance. Make sure you also check our guide for tire paint pen.


Durability of the paint means how long it last on the surfaces. There are some factors that determine the durabiilyt of the paint. Sometimes it depends on the surfaces or the types of the paint.

It is considered that acrylic paint is more durable and flexible than the other types of paint. However, that not means the other paint types are not suitable for plastic. Check out the most essential review for glitter paint for walls.


Viscosity generally means the thickness or color consistency of the paint. It depends on the surface of the matter that what thickness would be suitable for it. For instance, if the paintable surface demands a thick paint, in this case, you go with a thin viscous paint that means the paint will not last long on that surface.

So, you must check the viscosity of the paint before taking them into the cart.

Drying Time

A lot of artists prefer acrylic paints for toys because they dry so quickly, but this can be a hassle if the paint dries out on the brush or palette before you’re done with it.

So considering the drying time is a significant aspect for the toy’s paint, otherwise, chances are higher to have a devastating painting. So, don’t forget to check the perfect drying time of the paints beforehand.



A costly painting set always doesn’t mean quality paint. If the set includes all things that a premium should have, it considers the best paint set to go.

In this regard, you can choose a paint set instead of choosing a single set. It is seen that the cost of a set-paint is always lower than a single paint.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can I paint metal with it?

Yes, you can. As far as I know, you can paint any clean surface with this paint like plastic, metal or wood. But, always make sure a spot inside or on the bottom before you start any project.

2. Does this set come with a paint thinner?

Yes, it does. This product contains different sizes of brushes and airbrushes also. But you may have to consider getting a larger container to fill it up when you run out. You would be surprised how fast paint thinner disappear especially when using several different colors and brushes.

3. Can I use this paint on clothes?

In my opinion, I would say no, although some colors might stay on clothing.

4. Is the paint water-base or oil?

These all paints are acrylic paints. It means these are water-based or water-soluble.

5. What are the figurines made of? Plastic? Or plaster? Is it breakable?

They are molded plastic. I’m sure a child could break the little legs off if they wanted to, so you have to be careful as it can harm your child if it breaks.

6. Is this paint recommended to paint a doll’s face? Like plastic or vinyl?


You can paint on everything with these paints set. It’s a nice set, and the brushes are great. I recommend this product to anyone because it is the best paint for toys out there.

Final Words

Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional painter, it’s always a good idea to figure out what brand of paints fulfills your needs.

Here each product can help you to learn how to manipulate paint, mix, and varnish and finally, how to complete your plastic models. So, they fit with your envisioned goal.

Hopefully, you have got your desired paint set as you have scrolled down the list of the best paint for plastic toys.

Have a Great Painting!