Top 5 Best Tires for BMW 335i Reviews with Ultimate Buying Guide In 2022

If the metallic beast you’re rolling is a BMW 335i, then know this – you’re not riding a car, but riding a piece of elegance. But imagine, what if this elegance starts being a bit shaky on the road with those low-end tires? Sounds like a loss in its appeal, doesn’t it?

Well, if the tire is what pulling your ride’s performance down, then maybe it’s time to think seriously about getting your ride the best tires for BMW 335i.

But doesn’t all the tires claim that they’re better than all the others? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back here. Get ready to grab your finest tires for your beautiful monster.

Top 5 Best Tires for BMW 335i Reviews In 2022

To save you from tons of hassles, we’ve taken the liberty to find out the top 5 tires that can give your ride a better edge of performance. The beauty of these tires is that you can even pick them up for other cars as well. So, let’s get started with the first one then –

1. Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season


Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season


Durability is probably the first headache that you have to take while grabbing tires for your car. But what if you could get something that can not only get you the durability but also give you a comfortable ride in all seasons? Well, none of this is impossible if you have the Cinturato P7 All Season from Pirelli in your ride.

Imagine a tire that can take you 50 more miles, even if it gets punctured. Sounds unbelievable? But the truth is that is what will happen when you put something like the Cinturato P7 in your car.

But what else this tire has to offer in order to prove itself perfect for your ride? Well, then its noise level is a worth mentioning feature for sure. Rather than making it all run noisy, this tire can keep the level decently low.

And if traction is you’re concerned about, then we think the decent level of dry and wet traction won’t make it less than easy for you. On top of that, you’ve got a superb steering response as well, which will make sure that you have complete control over your ride.

Along with that, two steel belts inside have taken their strength and durability a whole other level. And if you had a tough time with the last tires, then this ain’t going to put you through the same as it comes with the polyester cord body.

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  • Can run up to 50 miles in punctured condition
  • Has the decent dry and wet traction
  • Comes with amazing steering response
  • Keeps the noise level low
  • Comes with superior strength and durability


  • Not meant for ice or snow traction

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2. Vercelli VC295 Strada II

Vercelli VC295 Strada


Are you already a fan of redial tires that make the road smoother and keeps the car more in control? Then, there’s no way for you to not love the VC295 Strada II from Vercelli.

What to start with? After all, there’s a ton of features that can simply blow your mind. The first one on that list is its Uniform Tire Quality Grade or UTGQ codes, which is 500AA. This means treadwear, traction, and temperature resistance, in all of these segments, it has hit the perfect score.

If we look at the traction, the directional tread pattern has made it better than ever. No matter what the road condition is, this bad boy isn’t going to let the control go out of your hands for sure. Another amazing aspect of these tread patterns is, they don’t only keep the journey comfortable, but quiet as well.

From the control, don’t you think when you get a tire, it should deliver you the perfect driving stability? Thanks to its solid center rib, there won’t be any problem in having the maximum driving stability with it. In case of handling, it has large tread blocks that’ll make the handling easy as pie.

And thinking about the muddy and snowy roads? Then probably you haven’t noticed the amazing grip of this M+S rated tire. Even if you’re driving an old car with smaller or bigger tire sizes, it has a variety of sizes from 16″ to 22″. So, there goes your worry about the garbage on getting the right size.

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  • Perfect traction on different surfaces
  • Ensures maximum driving stability
  • Got a wider variety of sizes
  • Ensures a better handling
  • Comes with a high score on UTGQ standards


  • Has scope for improving the temperature resistance

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3. Firestone FIREHAWK INDY 500


Firestone FIREHAWK INDY 500

When all the others started the race of bringing up the finest tires, how can a brand like Firestone stay seated in the back row? So they’ve jumped in too and brought is something impressive like the FIREHAWK INDY 500.

Though this tire has grabbed a position in our top tires list for BMW, it can also keep up with other rides like coupes and sedans too. Even if you’re driving a sports car, it shouldn’t have a problem with fitting in.

Thanks to its race-inspired technology, which can push its traction level beyond your imagination in both wet and dry conditions. And the cornering performance? Only the best one can be compared to it.

On top of that, its asymmetric tread pattern, along with perfecting the cornering, ensures the required driving stability as well. So, rather than taking a sweat of worry, you can just relax and have complete control of the car in your hand.

If steering response is what makes you more tensed with your current tire, then you can leave it to the continuous center rib of the FIREHAWK INDY 500. It’ll take care of the steering response by increasing it. So, all you can expect on the other side of the steering is a better driving experience.

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  • Can be used in different types of vehicles
  • Delivers better traction in dry/wet condition
  • Ensures a great cornering performance
  • Maximizes the driving stability
  • Increases the steering response


  • Not the best one for freezing weather

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4. Milestar MS932 Sport


Milestar MS932 Sport

If a tire with perfect handling and traction is what you’re craving for, here comes the MS932 Sport All-Season tire from Milestar to fill that gap up. As team Milestar is known for making high-grade tires, they’ve made no exception that here as well. But what it actually is hiding in its arsenal? Let’s find out.

The first thing you can’t save your attention from is its large tread blocks. Now you can expect anything from this tire but always will end up with the best performance, especially on the grip part. Even the braking has taken an improved edge with these impressive tread blocks.

And what to say about the hard corners? Put them in, and you’ll get nothing but a swift and smooth performance on the cornering. Thanks to its circular grooves backed by multiple sipes, what has made the water evacuation too easy. Now, while rolling your ride in the rain, there’s no way for you to run short on traction.

Now comes the steering response. Well, this is a point where you can’t help giving all the credit to its amazing construction. After all, it has made the overall response quicker than ever. No matter what surface it is, whether inner streets or highways, the level will always be high on that aspect.

By the way, if the cold season strikes again, this tire can also keep up with the light winter. There’ll be no storage of comfort in driving. But taking it to an icy road might not be a good idea.

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  • Ensures a high response rate in steering
  • Maximizes stability in corning and braking
  • Shows excellence in wet/dry traction performance
  • Keeps the driving comfortable
  • Can sustain light winter


  • The noise level should’ve been a little low

5. Achilles MAA223519 ATR Sport


Achilles MAA223519 ATR Sport

It’s time for our final topper and it’s none other than the MAA223519 ATR Sport from Achilles. One of the best things about team Achilles is they’ve always pushed their tires not only towards uniqueness but also to a better performance too. Thankfully, they’ve repeated the same on this one as well.

The first thing they’ve thought pulling off is the perfection on wet traction. Thanks to its Silica Tread Compound that has done it beautifully. Like hunting two birds with one stone, it has also improved the fuel efficiency at the same time.

There’s one more thing that has got it better traction in both dry and wet conditions, and that is its Directional Tread design. Now whether it’s the brutal rain or dry sands covering your road, you won’t lose the grip for sure.

On top of that, the wider ribs left no scope for having any hassle with the water channeling. From now on, all you can expect is better drainage performance, nothing else.

And then comes the common source of irritation in tires – the noise. But that ain’t going to be the same scenario in the case of MAA223519 ATR Sport. Thanks to 3D-Surface Block Technology, which has taken the noise down and the comfort higher.

Now, last but not the least – its Solid Center Rib. If you’re a fan of tires that can deliver straight-line stability, then you’re simply going to love this tire. It has made the handling so good that you’ll even forget your best tires after putting it on.

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  • Ensures perfect dry/wet traction
  • Improves the overall fuel efficiency
  • Makes the water channeling efficient
  • Lowers the noise level
  • Improves the handling


  • Pricey compared to some of the competitors

What to Look for Before Buying Tires for BMW 335i?

Looking for the best tires for BMW 335i of yours? Well, forget getting that if you’re planning to pick up any random one with name tire written on it. So, here’s the deal. If you want to get the perfect one, just check out a few things as well as a professional checkup before installing new tires and you’ll get your tire in no time. Let’s get started with the “check-out” list then?

  • Type of the Tire

If you’re thinking that any type of tire with a round shape will be okay for your ride, then you better get ready for a mess up. So, understand first what types of tires will serve your ride the best. Usually, the All-season ones are considered perfect for cars like BMW. So, you can give it a shot if you want the best outcome.

  • Tire Code

The tire code will say almost everything that you need to know about the tire. You’ll see the numbers and alphabets written on the tire, which indicates different specs. Tire type, tread width, aspect ratio, construction, diameter, load rating, and speed rating – you’ll get all of these from that one code.

  • UTQG Code

Treadwear, traction, and temperature resistance – these are what make a tire a perfect one and the best way to know them is the UTQG code. So, check out the UTQG code to make sure if the tire is good enough to make your ride rule the roads or not.

  • Fuel Economy

It has always been believed that only the right engine can push the fuel economy to a higher level. But the truth is, the right tires can contribute to that as well if you want. All you have to do is check the tires the fuel efficiency grade. And yes, picking a tire that offers low rolling resistance can be helpful too.

  • Noise

Tires will make noise, and you can’t help it. No one makes them with feathers. So, you’ll have to deal with that noise. But picking a tire with lower noise can pull that noise bar down too. So, before you make your next purchase, check out if the tire you’re getting won’t torture ears whenever it starts rolling.

FAQs: Best Tires for BMW 335i

How the traction quality is evaluated in a tire?

The quality of traction is basically evaluated through UTQG code. And the grades are mainly AA, A, B, C. Here the AA indicates the best, and the C indicates the worst traction quality.

What are the major advantages of all season tires?

The three major advantages the All tires offer is comfort, longer life span, and all-year grip. As they can run for 40,000-100,000 miles in a lifetime, they usually don’t get torn apart that easily.

Which specs can be identified from the tire code?

Every tire comes with a code that indicates all the major specs of it. Usually, the number shows specs like Tire type, tread width, aspect ratio, construction, diameter, load rating, and speed rating.

What is the major drawback of putting a smaller tire in a vehicle?

As the tires are what keeps the vehicle above the ground, choosing a smaller tire puts extra pressure on its rubber. This way there can be an accident too.

Can a tire influence the fuel efficiency of a car?

Yes, it can. Usually, tires that offer low rolling resistance can do it better.

Final Words

You agree or not, but the 335i you’re driving is a piece of excellence. So, it deserves the best tires for BMW 335i to enhance the performance to a greater level. We’ve got you all the finest options that can do so. Now, it’s your turn to make the move. But don’t make the roads wait too much for a thrill!

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