Top 5 Best Towing Hitches In 2023 | [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Are you a wanderlust traveler or you are looking for a better tool for towing your trailer? Then a towing hitch would be a wonderful back fitting for your vehicles, which can ensure a more convenient journey during hauling.

Though a towing hitch is a simple but profound gear for numerous vehicles to carry heavy trailers such as bike, Canoe rack, Cargo Carrier, or other trailers.

Best towing hitches are able to provide countless benefits whenever you fit it into the hitch receiver of your car. From sports stuff to various trailers, you can effortlessly pull a trailer with this most supportive gear. In a word, a towing hitch will provide you more than its monetary value.

Finding the trailer hitch would be easy if you examine hundreds of existing products. But who cares? Don’t be fret! We have discovered some top-notch towing hitches for you after having a mindful analysis.

So, keep reading to get your intended trailer hitch.

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The Best Towing Hitches Reviews

In this segment, we will be demonstrating every single specification of the towing hitches, so that you can have a better understanding of these hitches. That’s how you can choose your desire hitches. Let’s dive into the reviews.

1. CURT Towing Hitch with 2-Inch Ball 7,500 lbs

Key Features

  • Capacity 7500lbs for the trailer, and 750lbs for tongue
  • 2” x 2” shank and 2” ball’s diameter
  • Fit with 2” industrial standard receiver
  • Option for Customized hitch ball
CURT Towing Hitch with 2 Inch Ball 7500 lbs

Curt has designed the trailer hitch especially for light and medium towing. Its maximum carrying capacity for the trailer is 7500lbs and its tongue can bear up to 750 lbs. However, the hitch allows you to function a dependable strength so that you can transform the hitch ball for increasing the carrying capacity.

For multipurpose use, CURT is a perfect choice since the hitch can compatible with most vehicles. However, you should check your vehicle model before buying this trailer hitch for seamless operation.

You can install this hitch with 2” industrial standard receiver because it comes with   2” x 2” shank. Along with that, the hitch ball has 2” drop and rise as well as 2” diameter.

CURT ensures the product qualities for providing the ultimate performance on this towing hitch. Due to the black powder finishing, the hitch can fight with any adverse weather, because it got extreme corrosion-resistance.

CURT’s installation process is quite simpler for all. You can easily mount the shank on the 2” hitch receiver of your car with the included hitch pin.

This versatile towing hitch ball can be customized if you want to enhance weight capacity. So, for choosing your next towing hitch, you can consider this as it is one of the best hitch for towing travel trailer.

2. Great Day Towing Hitches – Lawnmower Special (USA Based)

Key Features

  • Brings innovative design for lawnmower
  • Composed of aircraft aluminum
  • Compatible with multiple trailers
  • Easy installation process
Great Day Towing Hitches Lawnmower Special

This Lawn Pro towing hitch comes with an innovative design for the mower to turn it an effective carrier for hauling your daily necessary trailers. In addition, I would be a perfect solution to repositioning your utility trailer, ski boat, trash trailer, and transport some other trailers.

Lawn Pro ensures the maximum product quality for seamless operation. They formulated this Hi-Hitch towing bar with strong aluminum, which is basically used in air industries. As a result, it can pull the maximum weight-holding trailer.

The Hi-Hitch is able to maintain a well-balanced trailer and performing well for long hauling. Whenever you install this little gear in your vehicles, it gives you an extra horse-power while towing any sort of trailer.

It has come with all parts separately, don’t be fret! There is no complex installation process. You can simply install it by putting all parts together. Therefore, to transform your single mower into a multi-tasking vehicle you can grab this Hi-Hitch towing bar.

3. MAXXHAUL Towing Hitches – Triple-Ball Hitch – Up to 7500lbs

Key Features

  • Giant 10” shank for maximum towing support
  • Multiple hitch balls for carrying various weight
  • Accommodate numerous vehicles capability
  • Got high resistance due to fine black powder-coated
MAXXHAUL Towing Hitches Triple Ball Hitch Up to 7500lbs

Are you frequently towing a heavy-weighted trailer, or Looking for a sturdy towing hitch? Then this is the epitome of the heavy-duty trailer hitch is for you. MAXXHAUL has formulated the towing hitch in order to bring flexibility for the long hauling.

MAXXHAUL ensures the product quality for this tri-ball hitch as it has specially made for the long towing. This towing hitch performs equally on the multi-vehicle and maintains a well balanced for every trailer during towing.

This tri-hitch is the epitome of versatility. Because it can harmonize with most of the vehicles and add extra horse-power while towing.

This hi-hitch bar comes with 10” shank and it could be perfectly suitable for 2” hitch-receiver. From left, the measurements of 3 hitch balls are 1-7/8” for 2,000lbs, 2” for 5,000lbs, and 2-5/6” for 7,500lbs respectively.

You don’t think about the durability of the towing hitch. They ensure maximum product protection by black powder coating. In addition, the resistance ability of the hitch is simply awesome, because it can save the hitch from extreme rust or corrosion.

The easy installation process makes it more user-friendly gear. As a result,  you can effortlessly mount it in your vehicles without hiring the expert.

The price of the hitch is harmonizing with the quality and performance of the hitch. So, if you are looking for towing a medium or heavy trailer, it would the best towing hitches for you.

4. CURT Adjustable Towing Hitches | 14,000 lbs | Weather Resistant

Key Features

  • Design for heavy-trailer towing purpose
  • Perfect for multi-purpose use
  • Towing capacity up to 14,000lbs
  • Perform 247 due to extreme weather resistance
CURT Adjustable Towing Hitches

Are you looking for a giant weight-holding towing hitch?  Then, you cannot overlook it for its incredible quality and performance. CURT brings some innovation on the hitch’s shank, which makes it more smooth for controlling swing movement during long towing.

Afterward, Versatility’s of this product makes it distinguished from the other towing hitches. Its compatibility rates are as high as it can adjust with most of the vehicle’s chassis.

Both two robust-bulbs have added extreme horse-power for pulling weight in between 14,000lbs. The 2” ball is capable of 10,000lbs and the 2-5/16” ball for 14,000lbs. Plus, the tongue can hold 1,400lbs which is always 10% of total hitch-pulling capacity.

In addition, this towing hitch comes with a standard shank that is easily compatible with 2” standard hitch receivers. Plus, it is suitable for class 3,4,5 hitches.

This towing hitch has extreme weather resistance, because of its black powder coating. That’s how it can ensure the durability and hitch longevity. As a result, it can work for 247 in any environmental conditions.

As compared to the others, the price of the hitch is pretty higher. Although if you want to use it for industrial purposes, the hitch would worthy of your money.

5. Reese Towpower Trailer Hitch – 6000lbs | 9″ Shank Length

Key Features

  • Suitable for light/medium towing
  • Maximum towing capacity up to 6,000lbs
  • Black powder-coated high-quality steel ensures longevity
  • Highest resistance in any weather conditions
Reese Towpower Trailer Hitch 6000lbs

Reese trailer hitch is most suitable for light to medium towing. The quality of the product is quite excellent, as it is performing at its utmost level. For towing your personal Canoe rack, small cargo-trailer, or another household trailer, you could effortlessly use it.

If you would like to assess the quality of the product then you have to look for its shank’s quality. This 9” shank can simply accommodate with 2” hitch receiver. The 2-5/16” hitch ball can perfectly tow 6,000lbs. Plus the maximum tongue capacity would be 600lbs.

This towing hitch can withstand extreme adverse weather and functions well for 247. Besides, it will give you maximum resistance due to its powder-coated finishing.

Reese is a user-friendly trailer hitch, that’s why anybody can easily install it by using the included pin and clip.

Therefore, at the same time, if you want to get a budget-product with the highest performing capability, then you can consider this in your next buying.

Things to Consider Before Buying Towing Hitches

A towing hitch is able to provide numerous benefits whenever you fit it in the car hitch-receiver. For transporting sports stuff to various trailers, you can effortlessly pull the trailer with this tiny but more supportive gear. In a word, it will provide you more than its monetary value.

That’s why we put together some factors for your consideration while buying the best hitch for towing travel trailer for you.


The capacity of the towing hitch is one of the significant aspects you have to think before buying the towing hitches. Because it measures the quality and overall performance of the product. These products are performing based on their towing capacity.

For instance, these towing hitches come with different pulling capacity such as from 2,000- 14,000lbs. So, in terms of carrying weight, you have to opt for the hitches. That’s how it will provide you the ultimate performance. However, before finalizing your decision, choose a trailer hitch that capacity is higher than your intended trailer’s capacity.


Resistance is always measuring product durability, so you have to be much conscious on these aspects. The towing hitches have come with the ultimate level of resistance. As a result, they can survive for a long time and enhances the resiliency of the trailer hitch.

These all towing hitch come with extreme resistance since they are coated with high-quality black powder to provide maximum resistance.


A towing hitch is an essential gear for a vehicle. None can buy this sort of gear regularly, so if you confirm the compatibility of these towing hitches, it will provide numerous benefits. Because after purchase it, you can use it on any type of vehicle which has the same chassis.

Mounting Process

If you are buying these towing hitches for personal use, you must consider the mounting process. If the product ensures a hassle-free installation process, that will save you after-buying harassment. Otherwise, you need to hire an expert to install it.

By the way, the industrial purpose is different, but for personal use, you have to look it twice.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Is the towing hitch easy to mount?

Yes! It is.

This is a user-friendly gear, so anybody can install it. The pins and other mounting stuff are included with these packages. So, you have to insert the shank into the 2” hitch-receiver, that’s enough, now it is ready to function.

2. Is it enough to keep the hitch secure or I need to buy two locks?

This is enough secure to go.

When you installed the hitch, it is difficult to unmount without a proper instrument. So, in some cases, if you feel that it is not secure enough, then after using it, you can unmount it and mount it whenever you need to use it.

3. Can I use to reverse the hitch ball in any case?

Yes! You can.

First off, you have to make sure why you need to reverse the ball. Ball measurement is set up according to their carrying capacity. So, whenever you feel to turn them up or down, you can effortlessly do that, but you have to make sure individuals ball’s capacity for which purpose you are using.

4. Is it difficult to install it for new users?

No! Not Really.

It is a plug & play device. You no require specialized knowledge to install it. Simply put the shank into your car towing hitch-receiver then lock the pin. After that, it is ready to go.

5. Hitch balls are hard to remove. How can I take it off when needed?

First, you need a hitch ball wrench according to your ball measurement. To keep it unmoved, you first set it in the car, then apply the wrench to unplug the ball. Or you can go through by a vise. Turn the ball face down for sticking it in the vise, and apply a wrench to off the nut of the ball.

Final Words

As you can see, the towing hitches are how effective for the vehicles to pulling a trailer. This hitch adds an additional feature to the vehicles and makes it more functional for doing multi-tasking. So, this mini-gear has a profound impact on every vehicle, since it can transform the vehicle into a giant puller by mounting the hitch.

These days, towing hitches are hard to overlook, as people are becoming more wanderlust. Furthermore, it becomes a necessary product for pulling their travel stuff or other trailers. So, you should not compromise with the quality product by not choosing the best towing hitches.

Wish You Convenient Towing!

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