Top 5 Best Turbo Scavenge Pump Reviews with Buying Guide In 2023

While lubricating your car engine, it’s essential to make sure the lubes come back to the oil tank once done. If there’s a turbo installed inside, that’s one more reason for you to clear off oil from inside the turbocharger.

As most of the turbos are placed below the engine oil level, pulling out the oil appears to be a difficult task indeed. But thanks to scavenging pumps, it makes the job easier than you can think. However, using the best turbo scavenge pump is a prerequisite for the whole process to be a success.

We are here today to make it easier for you to decide which pump you should go for. Fasten your seatbelts to explore the top 5 most useful scavenge pumps in the market!

5 Best Turbo Scavenge Pump Reviews

Placing the most efficient pump in your engine is crucial. A slight mismatch in consolidated function can damage your car-engine as well. So, we had to do turbo pump reviews and dig deep to find out the most suitable options for you that promise performance and safety equally. Here’s what we found.

1. Amarine-Made 12V Oil Extractor Pump


Amarine Made 12V Oil Extractor Pump

Our first choice for the list is the Amarine-made 12V pump. This one is self-priming, which means that it makes sure the stuck air inside can safely get out of the tubes.

Being a self-priming oil pump, the device plays a great role in safeguarding the inner part from damage while starting off. Thanks to its automated priming technique, it is absolutely suitable for any type of lubricants and liquids.

This highly functional machine is actually pretty small and light. It weighs only 5.5 pounds, and comes with a mere 3-inch diameter.

This is the very reason the device can be installed and mounted on nearly any position in the vehicle. Plus, it has soft rubber mounts, so that you can comfortably place it anywhere you need.

What’s so surprising from this little fellow is its flow capacity. This guy can pump around 14 liters of liquid in about a minute. That’s nearly 3.7 gallons every sixty seconds. Impressive, we must say!

As for its build-quality, the device is as safe as it gets. Made from robust bronze material and a reliable stainless steel shaft, you can expect it to survive and persist for a long time under pressure.

One thing that needs to be taken care of is its intermittent use. The machine is designed to be used for 30 minutes straight, and then it needs a break. If this method is maintained and applied well, it’s going to be one of the most satisfying purchases you have ever made.

Thus, this short review of the Amarine-made turbo scavenge pump will sure help you to choose the best 12 Volt oil extractor pump. If you are still in confusion, the following pros and cons will help you to narrow down your choice.

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  • Self-priming gear is suitable for any lubricant.
  • Made from rugged bronze and stainless steel material.
  • Works great on cars and other vehicles.
  • Comes with a couple of brass holes for easy installing.
  • Can be mounted at any position.


  • Can’t be used over 30 minutes at a stretch.

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2. SEAFLO 12V Self Priming Impeller Gear Pump


SEAFLO 12V Self Priming Impeller Gear Pump

If Amarine-made 12V pump has impressed you, wait for another surprise! Say hello to Seaflo 12V impeller pump! For the size, this one comes closer to the Amarine-made but with a lesser weight to carry.

Weighing only 5.46 pounds, this one is one of the most powerful scavenge oil pumps you can find on the market. It’s functional, it’s powerful, and it’s self-priming! So, take out those risky gas inside the turbo to make sure nothing in the machine is endangered.

Use this one for any lubricants or viscous liquids you might come across. This champ has all it takes to move any aquatic substance from a place to another. From saltwater to freshwater, diesel, and machinery fuel – you can pump anything with this one.

If you are dealing with gasoline fuel, you may not want to use this one as it doesn’t perform quite well in that case.

Prepare yourself to be amazed at the flow capacity of this machine. It can support the pumping of 3.2 gallons of liquid, which is kind of equivalent to 12 liters every minute.

This is all possible because of its high-quality motor placed inside which can support the unit intermittently. The engine is thermally protected as well. Nothing gets better than this, does it?

Installing it is as easy as pie. Thanks to its easy connecting system and the rubber mounts that come with it, you can hoist it anywhere you like within a short time.

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  • A self-priming pump supports most types of liquid.
  • Made from rugged bronze and stainless steel.
  • Can be easily installed.
  • Flow capacity is more than 12 liters per minute.
  • Thermally protected powerful motor.


  • Can’t pump gasoline fuel.

3. CXRacing Electric Scavenge Pump for Turbo Oil Feed


CXRacing Electric Scavenge Pump for Turbo Oil Feed

Carrying on the legacy of lightweight scavenge oil pumps, we have the CXRacing electric pump on number three. This one is also a 5.5-pound pump that is suited for any vehicle type.

If you have a turbo that’s mounted on the bottom of your vehicle, the CXRacing pump is the one you are looking for. This unit is just the perfect fit for such turbo positions for smooth scavenging of oil between engine and oil pan.

This perfection is accompanied by a great flow capacity of 3.2 Gallon per minute. With a flow like this, the machine can pretty much support your scavenging job quite impressively.

Those of you who have a large turbo installed or are even going for a twin-turbo inside, stop worrying about a suitable scavenger pump. The CXRacing 12VDC suits perfectly for such turbo types and works perfectly as expected from a top-class product.

As for the build quality of this device, it’s more than what we anticipated. With a stainless steel body outside, this machine is here to last. No matter how much pressure and heat it needs to absorb, it’s highly unlikely for it to give up.

That means you can continue using it for a long time in your vehicle without any major complaint.

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  • Lightweight and compact-sized pump.
  • Made from durable steel material for longevity.
  • Flow capacity of 3.2 GPM.
  • Works perfectly on large and twin-turbo setups.
  • A thermally protected motor inside


  • A bit noisy when in operation

4. Yaegoo 12V DC Electric Fuel Transfer Pump


Yaegoo 12V DC Electric Fuel Transfer Pump

The Yaegoo DC 12V electric pump is just as efficient as the Amarine-made 12V pump that we have reviewed at the very beginning.

It’s a self-priming heavy-duty scavenger pump that makes it easy for the user to deal with multiple types of liquids inside. As it doesn’t have any manual intervention for priming, the product makes sure that the pump’s inner build-up is protected.

Complying to its safe design, the Yaegoo DC 12V comes with a thermally protected motor. It can endure liquids with the highest temperature of about 140-degree Fahrenheit.

So, no matter how hot the liquid gets, it still can’t do any harm to the machine in any way. Three cheers for the highly-functional thermal protection!

The device is pretty compact. Similar to the pump from Amarine-made, this little champ is also around 3 inches in diameter and weighs exactly 5.5 pounds. It’s easy to fix it on any given surface and place in a vehicle.

Being a rather compact fuel pump, it doesn’t cease to surprise us with its flow-capacity. The incredible machine efficiently pumps liquid amounting up to 14 liters per minute. That’s enough to get you going every single day.

In addition to all the impressive functionality of this device, the build quality of the pump is simply marvelous. If safety is your first choice, then this one has to be on your shortlist.

It is crafted with tough bronze material along with a stainless steel shaft inside. This makes it a pretty decent contender to last for a long time even if it has to go through a lot of heat and pressure.

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  • This one is a self-priming device.
  • A thermally-protected motor can undergo temperatures up to 140-Degree F.
  • Crafted with bronze and stainless steel.
  • It can be fixed and mounted anywhere.
  • Fits perfectly on cars and similar vehicles.


  • Doesn’t work with gasoline fuel

5. Turbowerx Exa Pump Mini


Turbowerx Exa Pump Mini

We wrap our reviews up with the Turbowerx Mini Exa Pump. If you have ever used the Exa-Pump before and have been satisfied by it, you will definitely find the ‘mini’ version of it pretty exciting, as well.

This one is just the Exa-Pump itself, with a miniature appearance. But as they say, looks can be deceiving. Being a little device, this Turbowerex oil pump performs better than many of its larger counterparts in the market.

Its temperature-management is something you can’t just look away from. The device can allow fluids to flow inside with a staggering temperature limit of 350-Degree Fahrenheit. That’s, hands down, one of the most impressive heat-endurance capacities we have seen so far.

This means, when you need to use the machine continuously throughout the day, you don’t need to worry about the heat issues at all. It even takes care of the liquid’s temperature inside, too.

If the temperature of the liquid is quite low, the Mini Exa-Pump will start to consume as much as power possible to warm the liquid up. Impressive, huh?

You can find mounting brackets with weatherproof connectors with this device. These come with heavy-heat enduring power wiring to prevent any unwanted issues.

One of the most impressive parts of this device is its circuit-breaking system. If any foreign debris is found inside the machine during operation, it will automatically cut off the connection to safeguard the device and the vehicle as well.

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  • This device is a perfect fit for narrower spaces.
  • Can endure liquid temperature up to 350-Degree F.
  • Automatic circuit-breaker safeguards the device from damage.
  • Suitable for continuous work throughout the day.
  • Automatically heats up liquid if found in low temperature


  • A bit on the heavier side with around 15 pounds of weight.

What to Look for Before Buying best Turbo Scavenge Pump

Before you finally decide to move on with a scavenge pump, here are some pro-tips for you to look out for.

  • Build Quality

A scavenger pump has to go through a lot when it is in full operation. The device needs to deal with liquid pressure, intense heat, and also a high-speed flow of oil. If the unit is not well-made to withstand such multi-dimensional pressure, it won’t last long, unfortunately.

Make sure you are going for the one that is crafted with stainless steel and robust bronze. The latter will provide the required toughness, and the former will make sure no damage is done inside.

  • Mounting Position

Due to different sizes and shapes, the scavenger pumps don’t mount the same way on different vehicles. Try to locate the one that can be mounted on any position. It will make it easier for you to operate and troubleshoot, as well.

  • Flow Capacity

If you have spent a lot of bucks for a scavenger pump, and it doesn’t flow liquid at the desired speed, it’s a nightmare. If you want a truly functional machine in your car, make sure the device can pump at least 12 to 14 liters of liquid per minute.

  • Thermal Protection

Although the machine has to deal with heavy-heat, it’s not quite expected that it would safeguard the inner build-up of it. The unit needs an additional feature of thermal protection for that.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, there are a number of pumps in the market right now with thermal protection. Make sure you find one of these.

FAQs: Turbo Scavenge Pumps

Which One Is The Best – Self-Priming Or Manual Priming?

Priming is a crucial part of a scavenger pump. It has to be there without a doubt, be it manual or automated. Nonetheless, the automated priming will save you from the extra effort.

What Is Intermittent Use?

Intermittent use refers to the fact that you can’t use the machine continuously. Most devices come with an instruction that mentions the highest period you can use the device at a stretch.

Is It Hard To Install A Scavenger Pump?

Not at all. All you need are a number of brasses and mounting gear to mount the device in a suitable place.

Is There Any Protection From Foreign Debris?

Some machines have a provision for circuit-breaking in case of any identification of foreign debris inside. It automatically switches off the operation to safeguard the pump.

What Is The Ideal Flow-Capacity Of A Scavenger Pump?

If the machine is pumping around 12 to 14 liters of liquid, it’s a pretty good deal.

Final Words

It’s not that hard to choose the best turbo scavenge pump for your vehicles if you can list out the factors you prioritize. We have tried to gather up some crucial features you never want to miss in our buying guide in this article.

Plus, you can find that the devices we have reviewed here fall pretty much in the ideal category of best turbo oil scavenge pump. If you are impressed, give one of these 5 machines a try, they’re definitely worth it!

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