Best Glue for Making Cards – Recommendations For 2023

3Crafting is always fun! More specifically, paper crafting is always something really joyful! And in that case, a perfect glue is the key material for the ultimate beautiful outcome of paper crafting.

If you are thinking of making beautiful cards with cardstock papers, we are here with the best glue for making cards. And obviously, the relation between the cardstock paper and the glue is complementary to each other. That is why it is very important to have good glue for your easy paper crafting.

There are many kinds of glues in today’s market, which may puzzle you for a while. But in this regard, we will help you choose the best glue for your convenience.  Ready or not? Let’s explore!
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Best Glue for Making Cards Reviews

We have researched and finally found the best glues for trouble-free paper crafting. Now you can simply choose your favorite one from the list! Let’s dive into the reviews.

1. Adtech Glue for Making Cards | Crafter’s Tape | 35 Yds

Key Features

  • Very much persistent
  • Provides great adhesion
  • Easy to place and carry
  • Very much affordable
Adtech Glue for Making Cards Crafter’s Tape 35 Yds

Looking for the best glue for card making that can be trusted for years? Then Adtech glue is perfect for long-lasting service.

The Adtech Company offers you the most trustworthy glue for easy paper crafting. It comes with the quality to be persistent for years without spoiling cards or other stuff. Especially the glue is also very much amiable with photos so it can be easily used in attaching photos to somewhere too!

Besides, the glue also offers you to have a comfortable working as it doesn’t contain any runny ingredients that may drench the cards or other stuff.

Instead, it is completely adhesive, and so it positively protects the cards from being watery because of those runny ingredients.

Don’t be worried about taking the glue for paper crafting with you! The glue is very much handy and comes in a packet of four pieces of tape which can be easily carried in bags or boxes. The smaller, the easier, right?

Now the good thing is, the Adtech Glue comes at an extremely affordable price in stores! The glue is very much budget-friendly for beginners who have just started crafting card papers for making various kinds of cards. The price is also attractive for professional-level crafters too! Then the glue is obviously the preferable one, right?

2. Glue Dots Glue for Making Cards | Mini Dot Roll | 300 Dots

Key Features

  • Perfect for miniature crafting
  • It comes with 300 pieces of dot glues
  • Stunningly invisible
  • Long-Lasting bonding
Glue Dots Glue for Making Cards Mini Dot Roll 300 Dots

Are you a miniature crafter? Then for easy miniature crafting, the dot glue is the most significant material for attaching mini-items to cards or other stuff!

The Glue Dots Company has created the amazing dot glue, which has been very much popular among the miniature crafters. The packet contains 300 pieces of dot glues which can help you attach small things to cards, books, tables, household items, etc. The dots are simply needed to be attached to the crafty things, and then those crafty things will be attached to cards or other stuff!

Though the glue comes in small dots, its cohesiveness cannot be ignored. All the dots are very much adhesive to papers or any strong items, and so you can simply rely on the dot glue for making cards while attaching something.

Planning to make cards? The dot glues are here! If you are planning to make cards, then it is the best glue for cardstock paper. As the glue comes in transparent condition, it will not ruin your card with any kinds of runny ingredients, and it will be positively invisible.

Don’t think about its consistency! The dot glue for paper crafting is long-lasting and will not get ruined even in years. So, without any doubt, just bring it home for your perfect miniature crafting.

3. Aleene’s Original Glue for Making Cards | Tacky Glue

Key Features

  • Minimum level of odor
  • Extremely adhesive
  • Will never get faded
  • Maintains consistency

In case you think of getting odor-free glue for your paper crafting, the tacky glue by The Aleene’s will never make you disappointed. It is really comfortable to use for its natural scent.

The Aleene’s Tacky glue is basically a crafting glue for all-purpose. Especially the glue is perfect for making cards, attaching photos and lots more. It comes with extreme adhesiveness, which ultimately secures the attachment of things.

The glue is truly refining! It doesn’t contain the common odor like all other sticky glues. Instead of that, it contains only the natural scent, the minimum odor that glue should have.

If someone got issues with the smell of glues, without any doubt, it is just the most appropriate glue for paper crafting.

Many types of glue become faded in the passage of time. For obvious reason, it no longer looks good then. But the good thing is, the Tacky Glue of Aleene’s will not change its color!

Though it comes in a glassy texture which might turn into yellow after some days, the Tacky glue for making cards is very much stable, and thus it keeps the card or other stuff exactly the same after years!

So, undoubtedly the glue is absolutely perfect for any long project or easy daily works.

4. Tombow Glue for Making Cards | MONO Multi Liquid Glue

Key Features

  • Perfect for multi-purpose use
  • Comes with two different kinds of tips
  • Liquid yet adhesive
  • Gets dried up in the lowest possible time

Tombow Glue for Making Cards MONO Multi Liquid Glue

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A multi-purpose glue is always the most desired one, right? In fact, depending on work, the application area may differ every single time. So, a multi-purpose glue can be helpful in different kinds of crafting for all.

The Tombow MONO Multi Liquid Glue is a multi-purpose glue. It offers different kinds of service, depending on the location and application style.

On the one hand, the glue will help you attaching pictures or cards. On the other hand, you can simply continue crafting miniatures too!

Sometimes, it becomes troublesome to work on cardstock paper with sticky glue. In that case, the MONO Multi Liquid Glue is the best glue for making cards. It is liquid yet perfectly adhesive. The glue positively gets dried up in the lowest possible time, which ultimately lessens your hassle of waiting for long.

Thinking about the tube leakage? Not to worry, because the tube is strictly packaged, which will never get leaked and release a single drop of liquid glue anywhere.

Amazingly the glue tube got two sides, one is for the leaner line, and another one is for the broader line. It allows the glue to be used in all types of application on almost all kinds of surface, which is incredibly the best thing about glue! And all these extraordinary qualities have made the glue so different!

5. Art Glitter Glue for Making Cards | Metal Tip | Standard

Key Features

  • Perfect for DIYer
  • Comes with a flexible tip
  • Very much surface friendly
  • Gorgeous glittery

If you are a DIYer, then obviously, it is your desired one. The Art Glitter glue is perfect for DIY crafting and making beautiful cards and scrapbooks!

A DIYer always wants glue to work like a color pen which simply flows with every touch. And the Art Glitter Glue is something that functions like a pen and eases your work with the ultimate smooth tip of the bottle.

The tip is made of metal which allows the glue to become out perfectly without any hassle. The fine tip also helps to design as per your desire to do.

The surface-friendly glue goes with almost all kinds of surfaces, whether it is paper or glass or wood or leaves. Everywhere on everything, the glitter glue can be used for easy crafting. The glue simply flows with every base.

Not only the glue can be used to attach something; it can also be used to illuminate a surface. The glue for making cards comes with glittery ingredients, which simply make things gorgeous! A little effort turns the surface to be shiny and attractive. Just make sure the temperature is below 40 degrees Celsius and bring it home today!

Things to Consider Before Buying Glue for Making Cards

There are certain key features that are very much important in choosing the best glue for cardstock paper and other stuff. Let’s find those significant features to be noted. Besides, you can choose some silicon for undermount sink.


While making cards, it is very important to choose a good glue that is perfectly adhesive. Every glue for paper crafting contains a certain amount of cohesiveness which helps to join or attach things to cards. So, the glue for making cards must be carefully chosen, which contains a good amount of adhesiveness for easy application. Make sure you also check our guide for glue for 3d printing bed.

Easy To Carry

In case you want to take your glue with you somewhere, the glue must be handy. There are so many brands in the market that offer glues in different sizes of bottles. But if you want to carry the glue in your bag, you need to choose a handy bottle or tube or tape, which will remove your hassle of carrying it somewhere.

Odor-Free Option

Most of the time, the glues contain smelly ingredients, which ultimately create fusty smells. The odor may be a bit awkward for someone while applying. In that case, the low odor or odor-free glues are mostly preferable. The glue only contains tolerable natural smells, which barely creates discomfort among the users.

Color Guarantee

After years of using the glue for making, cards may become pale. Most of the glues cannot keep the transparent condition for years. And so they become yellowish. To avoid such conditions, the glues that assure to be the same even after years are the preferable ones. They can be simply applied over a surface of a card or other stuff without being discolored.


While choosing a suitable glue, the first thing that comes into consideration is the budget. For crafting a purpose, a DIYer has to buy so many things and, of course, within a limited budget.

So, there are some glues which are very much affordable for all and come with good quality too! As long they are budget-friendly, they are obviously the preferable glue for making cards and all kinds of applications.


If you are looking for glue for paper crafting that will be permanent for years, then you should consider the most consistent ones. The consistent glues are permanent, and once you apply them on a surface, the surface is secured for years without any change! So obviously, the consistency of a glue matter, right?

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Can I attach photos to a scrapbook with the glue?


You can simply choose the long-lasting glues for attaching photos to your scrapbook.

2. Which glue will be the best for miniature crafting?

The Dot glues will be the best glue for miniature crafting. In this case, the dot glue will be your reliable glue for miniature crafting.

3. Which glue does not contain any bad smell?

There are tacky glues that offer low odor and contain only natural smells. Actually, it is good for health and environment friendly as well.

4. Which one is the best glue for cardstock paper?

The Dot glues are the best glues for attaching small things on cardstock papers. Sometimes tacky glues do the job very well. In this case, you could choose any of them.

5. How can I illuminate my crafts?

There are some glittery glues that can simply illuminate your crafts. So, if you really want more than adhesion in a single glue, then you must choose the glue which contains some glittery substance.

Final Words

Perfect glue can make your crafting fun and easy. So, you should choose wisely the best glue for making cards or attaching things to stuff. It will not only ease your work, and rather it will beautify your craft too!

Hopefully, the above reviews and buying guide section will help you to find your desired card-making glues.

Happy Crafting!