Lights For Pole Barn

5 Best Lights For Pole Barn in 2021 | [Reviews & Buying Guide]

None can compromise with the safety and security of their personal property. That’s why people are maintaining a lot of safety measures for their properties by setting CC Cameras, Burglar Alarm, Surveillance Dog, etc. But what about your barn light? Is it good enough to illuminate your surrounding areas?

Quality light can simply give you much security than anything else. It can save you from any unexpected danger such as burglary or some sort of evil acts. Besides, it can boost up your confidence in the dark moments.

LED pole barn lights are perfect for outdoor lighting. So, if you are looking for the best lights for pole barn, then you have to consider the LED lights first due to its huge advantages than any other lights.

In these reviews, we picked up some advanced quality pole barn lights for you to keep your barn more illuminates as much as daylights.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

CINOTON 42W LED Barn Light
CINOTON 42W LED Barn Light

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SZGMJIA 100W LED Barn Light
SZGMJIA 100W LED Barn Light

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UPGRADED 70W LED Dusk to Dawn Light
UPGRADED 70W LED Dusk to Dawn Light

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Bbounder - LightPRO 120W LED Barn Light
Bbounder - LightPRO 120W LED Barn Light

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Best Lights For Pole Barn Reviews in 2021

In this part, we are going to demonstrate some top-rated lights for the pole barn so that it can help you to choose the finest lights for the barn at your next buying. Let dig a little deeper for your desire products.

1. COTON LED Lights For Pole Barn | 42W | 5000K | 4950lm

By considering its product quality and extra-ordinary performance alongside cost efficiency, it got the top position in our list. Due to built-in Philip COB, CINOTON 42W LED pole barn lights emit 4950 brightest lumens and a prolonged lifespan up to 50,000 hours.

According to CINOTON, this dusk to dawn LED’s photocell sensor able to cut down 87% energy consumption and saves 70% electric bills as well. The body of this hanging barn lights made of aluminum, which reduces heat and extends the shelf life of LED.

COTON LED’s got mass popularity due to its extensive application. You can simply install this barn lights in your backyard, sideways, barn area, alleyways and can be used as led garage lights as well. As a result, these LED pole barn lights can take over other fluorescent and incandescent lights.

This barn lights have compatibility with multiple surfaces. It includes 2” lag screws, by which you can mount it on a pole, wall, or a wooden post. By any external elbow arm stand, you can easily mount it.

COTON LED barn lights have advance IP65 waterproof features, which give maximum protection from any adverse weather effects. It can resist corrosion and dissipated extra heat due to its die-cast aluminum housing.

Key Features

  • Prolong lifespan
  • Brightest lumens
  • Cost-effective barn light
  • Multi-surface compatibility
  • Advance resistance features

2. SZGMJIA LED Lights For Pole Barn | 100W | 15000lm | 5000K | IP65

SZGMJIA brings 100W energy-efficient barn light that can save 80% of your electric bills. The led has the ability to perfectly replace 600w Halogen bulbs, because of its high brighter lumens.

SZGMJIA used CREE LED features, which brings 15000 lumens outputs. By using Kelvin daylight features, it seamlessly matches the brightness in day times and illuminates a wide area.

One of the unique features of this barn Lights is the dusk-to-dawn photocell sensor, which automatically turns ON and OFF at night and daytime respectively. Its AC 110-277 output ensures the wide-application and reduces voltage fluctuation.

Die-casting aluminum body gives extra durability for working outside and helps to resist corrosion and heat dissipation. SZGMJIA pole barn lights have resistance to work on any environmental conditions, because of its professional IP65 waterproof features. Besides, the led can endure temperature between -40 to 104F.

If you are looking for the high-featured pole barn lights without hesitation of pricing, then this would be the best LED lights for pole barn. Because some of the features make it distinguished to others.

Key Features

  • 100W LED
  • CREE LED for high brightness
  • 15,000 lumens
  • IP65 weatherproof protection

3. Superior Lights For Pole Barn | 70W | 10,000lm | 70,000 hrs Life

This ultra-bright LED is perfectly designed for the parking lot, storage yard, barn, commercial building, and services roads, etc. If you are looking for heavy-duty barn lights, you can grasp the light because of its bill saving efficiency.

Compare to other pole barn lights, it is a bit costly. However, this commercial led got 50000 hours lifespan, as well as gives up to 70,000 hours of maintenance-free operation. Apart from you will get 5 years product warranty.

The 70W barn light emits 10,000 lumens to illuminate your surface area as daytime. In addition, 5000k daylight features can adjust brightness in the sunny days.

It includes with twist-lock photocell sensor for better performance on dusk to dawn lighting function. To reduces mounting hassles, it provides a bracket and mounting arm for mounting on building or lamp-post.

Polyester powder coating and die-cast aluminum housing made it resilient to fight with extra corrosion. As it is weatherproof barn light, it is preferable for wet locations.

According to their testing reports, this led to pole burn lights that can replace 250W sodium lights and 250W vapor lights. It is able to provide extra brightness if it is mounted on 20 feet high above the ground.

Considering its features, it is especially suitable for heavy-work loaded and commercial areas. But you can prefer it for your personal properties as well, because of its high-resistance and huge lifespan.

Key Features

  • Up to 70,000 hours
  • 70W LED
  • 10,000 lumens
  • High resistant housing

4. TORCHSTAR LED Lights For Pole Barn | 35W | 3500lm | 120° Wide-angle

This led is comparatively lower in price. However, if you think in terms of product quality and performance, you will see how it can replace other incandescent bulbs in the market. TORCHSTAR barn lights are ETL enlisted product, which ensures the durability and safety measures.

This 35W led light consumes a very low amount of energy, that’s how you can save your electric bills up to $1182 per year. This pole barn light can easily replace 250W incandescent bulbs as well.

Due to the dusk to dawn sensor, the led turns on automatically at night and turn off at day. It has 3500 lumens output. Plus the 120° wide beam angle floodlight can illuminate the wide-area.

This barns light gives you maximum light-coverage (82ft*82ft) if you mount it at 20ft. Its 50,000hours lifespan ensures its durability. So, it got 10 times more prolonged lifespan than the old incandescent barn lights. Surprisingly, you will get 5 years official warranty.

TORCHSTAR barn lights compatible with multiple mounting arms and can easily be installed.

The rugged aluminum body prevents it from corrosion and can easily dissipate extreme heat. IP65 waterproof feature makes it able to work in any weather conditions especially in wet areas.

Key Features

  • 120° wide-angle floodlight
  • IP65
  • High energy efficiency
  • Easy to mount

5. Bounder LED Lights For Pole Barn | 120W | 15,600lm | IP65

Bounder – LightPRO led lights are one of the energy-efficient lights which can save you energy bills up to 88%. 120W led light is made for the outdoor setting where need maximum brightness during night. Therefore, to light up your garage, backyard, commercial space, and sideways, these would be the best lights for pole barn.

Dawn to Dusk feature provides you hassle-free self-operation during day and night. 120W led lights can produce 15600 lumens, which is quite enough to brighten your properties.

Bounder ensures extensive safety measures and durability as it got approved by DLC & ETL. IP65 waterproof feature allows it to work on any adverse weather conditions.

This pole barn light is the epitome of heavy-duty because the rugged aluminum housing ensures a prolonged lifespan by resisting corrosion. As a result, it becomes more vital to saving itself from outsides attacks.

50,000 hours of lifespan and 5 years of warranty indicate an extended lifetime. Compare to outdated incandescent bulbs, it has 10 times more shelf life.

The barn light includes good enough features to compete with existing products in the markets. That’s why we brought it to you.

Key Features

  • 120W LED
  • 15,600 lumens
  • Heavy-duty housing
  • Cost-saving light

Things to Consider before buying the Lights for Pole Barn

Best Lights For Pole Barn

Though you have enough information about the pole barn lights, you have to consider some factors before buying. These few factors can prevent you from future frustration and give you mental satisfaction before finalized your best LED lights for pole barn.


Lumens are referring to as the total numbers of lights that are visible to human eyes. Lumens measures the brightness of a light. Moreover, the more rating of lumens, the better brightness.

The first consideration for barn lights is lumens, which is significant because it measures the total brightness of your led lights.

When it comes to evaluating the lumens, it should not be compromised with the brightness of the light, because it ensures the performance of the light. That’s how a simple led light with higher lumens can emit maximum brightness.

A higher lumens rate does not mean that higher energy consumptions. It has no impact on energy. The lumens are directly related to the brightness.

Therefore, you should consider lumens based on your working space. For instance, industrial or commercial sites demand intense brightness.

Energy efficiency

The energy is a limited but profound resource. So, in every sphere of our life, we should be more conscious of energy consumption.

Brighter pole barn lights do not mean huge energy consumption. So, you can produce higher lightness by using simple led barn lights. Plus, they ensure maximum lightness with very low consumption of energy.

Since the barn lights have to work for the entire night or for a very long time, so you have to make sure energy-efficient lights for your properties. By doing this, you can cut down your extra energy bills.

Therefore, you should think about it once before purchasing barn lights. It gives you double benefit by cutting down extra electric bills and keep you away from energy wastage.


The life duration of pole barn lights is crucial while buying. It is not a regular product that you have to buy every day. So, the lifespan of a red light should get your attention before making the final decision, because it is part of the safety measures of your properties.

If you are indifferent to the lifespan of your barn lights, it would be a nightmare for you because it would be a complete waste of time and money.

Therefore, we have reviewed those products which give you maximum life duration. Every single product can make light up to 50,000 hours and ensure the 5 years of warranty.


The resistance of a product measures its durability. It demonstrates the light’s quality and performing capabilities in any adverse situation.

As pole barn lights work on the outside, it demands huge resistance capacity to protect from any adverse weather and extreme corrosion.

From the very beginning of the purchase, if you are conscious about the resistance level of the product, it will keep your product safe and give you a hassle-free operation.

Therefore, to get the best lights for barns, you must consider the above factors before buying the barn light.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. What is the ideal height for the installation of the light?

It varies on the product to the product.

The ideal height for installing these barn lights is 12 to 25 feet. It will not give you maximum performance unless you install it out of the recommended height.

2. Are LED bulbs replaceable?


LED (‘Light Emitting Diode) does not consist of the bulb. It is a semiconductor device that creates light through electric conversion.

Generally, LEDs are set into a fixture, which can work up to 50,000 hours. So, you don’t replace the bulb for a long time.

3. Can I use a switch to turn it on and off?


Basically, it does not require a switching system to turn it on or off because it has a photocell sensor for automatic switching at day/night.

However, you can set a manual switching system if you use it indoor as a led shop lights or workshop lights.

4. Is the photocell sensor replaceable?

It cannot be replaced.

This Photocell sensor builds in such a way that it can survive as much as LEDs lifespan. However, if it makes some trouble, then you can fix it.

5. What is the longevity of these lights?

The official’s lifespan of these pole barn lights up to 50,000 hours. Besides, these lights can smoothly work for more than 5 years by keeping the same level of performance.

6. If two lights are installed, which are facing each other’s, then are they make any trouble duration operation?

Yes! It may affect each other.

These pole barn lights include photocell dawn to dusk features, so it may affect each other if it is set up face to face.

Thus, it is recommended not to set these lights to face to face, but if you have no options, then you should keep distance 22ft between them.

Final Words

Perhaps, buying barn lights would be easy if you come across with the right led for you. As much as you get the product information, it means that you are about to pick your desire pole barn lights.

For buying a LED light, if you consider the above factors, then you can come up with a better decision on whether barn lights would be suitable for you or not.

In this buying guide, we mentioned all crucial information about pole barn lights. Hope that you can pick the best lights for pole barn.

Till then, Stay Good!